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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by brasilian, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. li

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    OK, so you've differentiated between tango music (which can exist without dancers) and tango dancing (which some consider inseparable from the music). Well, if dancers explore movement both with and without music, and really creative ones even explore their movements with very diverse music... then I fail to see your problem.

    To dance nuevo and call it traditional tango would be a bit cheeky and muddies the water somewhat... but to explore movements taken from traditional tango in the context of different types of music is just having fun isn't it? Nothing antisocial about that, so long as it is done respectfully and safely.
  2. JohnEm

    JohnEm Well-Known Member

    There's a limit to all things.

    A time consuming request for 40 tracks to be listed is beyond
    reason when the web is at the OP's disposal including even previous
    threads on DF. Help is best given to those who help themselves
    because it has more use and meaning.
  3. Steve Pastor

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    Dance Forum Guidelines

    1. Members make up the dance forums and members are the most important part of all, with friendly and active participation strongly encouraged. We want your experience here to be enjoyable and informative.

    2. The Dance Forums aims to provide quality information about partner dancing of all kinds in a friendly and supportive environment. We strive to answer every question or try our best to find the answer and, in order to ensure the quality of information provided on the Dance Forums, we strongly discourage speculation and gossip. In order to keep the Dance Forums clear of any controversy we strive to avoid being party to any unsubstantiated claims.

    3. All dance related topics and perspectives are welcome and we encourage a dynamic environment with debates, news, and personal stories. At the same time, all materials need to be appropriate for most readers including young dancers. Members of the Dance Forums may be as young as 13 and it is important that materials unsuited for children of this age not be posted on the Dance Forums.
  4. li

    li New Member

    yeah, 20-40 does seem a bit arbitrary, but then it's easily be taken care of with some links to existing lists.

    I'd never heard that Petru Guelfucci track before, so for me this thread was worthwhile just because of that.
  5. Mario7

    Mario7 Member

    Sure, why not and I'm just observing that Tango Argentino is one music/dance and Tango Moderno is another. Why not give it it's own forum and then when folks want a change of aire, they can go there and know that kindred souls are waiting, hungering for their posts!:p:p
  6. Ampster

    Ampster Active Member

    Hello brasilian! Instead of giving you lists of songs, how about artists that I know have good nuevo music. Click on the links below:

    • Bajofondo Tango Club

      1. Montserrat
      2. En Mí/Soledad
      3. Los Tangueros
      4. Mi Corazón
      5. Maroma
      6. Perfume
      7. Vacío
      8. Esperándote
      9. Naranjo en Flor
      10. Bruma
      11. Exodo II
      12. Duro y Parejo
      13. Forma
      14. El Sonido de la Milonga
      15. Av. de Mayo
      16. Ese Cielo Azul
    • Gotan Project
      1. Queremos Paz
      2. Época
      3. Chunga's Revenge
      4. Tríptico
      5. Santa Maria
      6. Una Música Brutal
      7. El Capitalismo Foráneo
      8. Last Tango In Paris
      9. La Del Ruso
      10. Vuelvo Al Sur
    • Narcotango
      1. VI Luz y Subí
      2. Plano Secuencia
      3. Otra Luna
      4. Un Paso Más Allá
      5. Toma y Daca Listen
      6. Mi Buenes Aires Querido
      7. Mejor Asi
      8. La Tropilla de La Zurda
      9. Trancetango
      10. Doble O Nada
      11. Que Onda?
      12. Humo
    • Otros Aires
      1.Sin Rumbo
      2. Percanta
      3. La Pampa Seca
      4. Barrio de Tango
      5. Milonga Sentimental
      6. Aquel Muchacho Bueno
      7. Rotos en el Raval
      8. De Puro Curda
      9. Amor Que Se Baila
      10. En Dirección a Mi Casa

    brasilian, I hope this helps. Or, at the very least point you in the direction you're looking for.
  7. Zoopsia59

    Zoopsia59 Well-Known Member

    A request is not beyond reason. A demand would be beyond reason. If you don't feel like responding to the request, then don't. Slamming a poster for making the request seems out of line IMO. There are others here who are more than willing to offer responses.
  8. Zoopsia59

    Zoopsia59 Well-Known Member

    Forum content is determined by the people who spend their free time laboring extensively to create and maintain the forum. ie: hosts and moderators. Frequently there is also cost involved to purchase bandwidth, which is hopefully recouped from advertisers or memberships of some sort. Content is not determined by a "voting" process of the posters.

    But if we did have a vote, would that satisfy you if you LOST the vote?

    If the ballroom folks can survive having America Standard Fox Trot and Viennese Waltz, which are different dances, different music, different origins, different time signatures, different.. well.. everything (OK, I think the dresses might be similar) discussed in the same folder, then i think we can handle several forms of tango in one folder.

    Especially when the thread titles are as self-explanatory as this one was. There was really no reason for anyone who doesn't want to see a discussion of nuevo music to even click on the thread.
  9. dchester

    dchester Moderator Staff Member

    I'd say the first flaw is that your posts here (thus far) belong in a different thread. Second, just because you believe something, doesn't mean that others do. Third, you haven't figured out that your whining, (every time someone makes a post related to nuevo), doesn't make a particularly compelling argument for your point of view. It just makes you come across as boring, simplistic, and rude. I always thought you were better than that. I'm hoping I'm not wrong.

    I'm curious, do you have anything constructive to add to this thread, (like names of songs applicable to the OP's question)?
  10. brasilian

    brasilian New Member

    I would never believe that my post and request for music would stir such a debate! Some of the nuevo songs I have heard are really nice so I am trying to find similar ones. That's why I asked for you help and suggestions for artists and songs are greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

    PS I am learning to dance both Tango Salon and Tango Nuevo. I like the techniques and the balance of the Tango Nuevo. I enjoy more the feeling of the close embrace of Tango salon and find it more practical to dance it in milongas when not in my school. While dancing I always have in my mind the word respect. I respect what others like and dance. Even Argentinians themselves are still debating whether tango nuevo is tango or not, so you think we can solve it for them here?!
  11. piimapoika

    piimapoika Member

    I just thought I would pour a little petrol on the flames. I'm not sure if this counts as nuevo or not, but it is definitely NEW, having been officially launched on 10th July 2010:
    It came second in the tango writing competition. Forumistas will probably not be interested in the winner, which was written and performed by a rap artist and is very ballroomy, but here it is anyway:
  12. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

    did not read the entire thread, but found this..

    Good post li, fully dacore with it. But I also would subscribe the first (shown) part of Mario´s post. Think the music moves us, induces and brings us to an interpretation. And the variation width within these reactions is really great. At least almost individual.

    Think tango dancers should recognize, if a piece of music belongs to a certain period or style. At least the following (which also created a reaction in the dance style of that respective period, always)..

    Guardia Vieja (esp. Canyengue)
    Guardia Nueva
    Edad de Oro
    Tango Nuevo
    Guardia Joven
  13. Zoopsia59

    Zoopsia59 Well-Known Member

    I'm still fuzzy on the difference between Nuevo, Neo, and "Alternative" (which you didn't list, but is a popular descriptor.)

    I've never heard of Edad de Oro or Guadia Joven. Are there other terms for them which might be more familiar in North America?
  14. AndaBien

    AndaBien Well-Known Member

    Sure you have, "Golden Age". And I agree, I've danced tango for some time, and I only know "early", 40s and "later". My dance changes according to the tempo and the feel of the music, but not according to the period it was recorded. Should I dance differently to various versions of La Cumparsita because of the year it was recorded?

    There are many various "ages" of "Rock and Roll", and I don't have to name them to enjoy them, nor do I even have to recognize them. A musicologist might, but that doesn't diminish my appreciation of them.

    In Swing dancing there are many ages and styles, but my Swing dance doesn't change from '30s to '40s to '50s. I dance to the tempo and the emotional feeling that I find in the music. Why does a tango dancer need to dance according to the age of the music?

    Mario, if a tango tune moves me emotionally in a particular way, and a Blues tune moves me in exactly the same way, why can't I dance tango to the Blues music?

    I think some of you guys are way too academic in your dancing, at least in your discussion of it.
  15. Zoopsia59

    Zoopsia59 Well-Known Member

    I guess I really should take a class in Spanish some day. :rolleyes:

    I have an entire CD of different orchestras playing La C. There's quite a lot of variation in the tracks.
  16. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    I don't get the difference between Nuevo and Neo, but I've always thought of "Alternative" as music which is great for dancing tango to, but was never intended to be associated with tango. Example: "All Mixed Up" by 311 makes a fun milonga, "Querer" from Cirque du Soleil is a great tango, "Fallin'" by Alicia Keys is a beautiful vals. As opposed to, say, Bajofondo which was definitely made with AT in mind, but it's very modern/electronic.
  17. dchester

    dchester Moderator Staff Member

    Like a lot of terms, there can be multiple usages. For me, I normally use "nuevo" for a dance style and not for music, (but I think some people use it interchangably with neo). "Neo", I use to describe modern (new) music that was written with tango in mind (Narcotango, Bajofondo, and Gotan Project would be examples). "Alternative" is a broader category, which would include Neo-tango music, plus other music that whoever/anyone deems it suitable for tango.

    Some people will dance nuevo style to songs from the golden era, and others may dance milonguero style to alternative music. It all comes down to how the song moves you, along with how much space you have.
  18. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

    Perhaps quiet a bit ! LaCumparsita is a Canyengue piece. So if the recording underlines these characteristics, one could try to dance this way. I have never studied Canyengue in detail but roughly I have an idea what it should look like. The majority of the recordings are in a Salón style manner.
  19. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    And there are surprisingly some musicians Alive in Argentina who like to compose music in the hope that somebody might be inspired to want to dance to them, and also elsewhere, as well as musicians who have composed music that dancers want to dance to even if the intention that they be dance music.

    eg Apocalypica's Nothing Else Matters
    C'est pas d'lamour; Rupa and the April Fishes (vals)
    Lhasa de Sela;De cara a la pared
    Tango de Nephelis; Haris Alexiou
    Mariposa en Havana; Si*Sé
    Joven Desaparecido; Orchestra Industrial Automatica; Welcome Tanos
    Last Drive In Marseilles ; Nougat; Illusions
  20. AndaBien

    AndaBien Well-Known Member

    I agree that one could dance to the characteristics of the music (my preference), and by that I mean how it sounds, not when it was recorded or by whom. That is academic information - it's not your emotions of the moment.

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