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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by jantango, May 7, 2012.

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    There are many radio stations broadcasting tango via the internet for your listening pleasure. The latest program addition is Cumbre de Tango on 106.5 FM.

    Three milongueros have joined forces to play two hours of their favorite recordings, some of which are unpublished. April 29, 2012 was their broadcast premiere.

    Juan Jose Beccini ("Pichi"), Clemente Hector Aquino ("Tito"), and Carlos Fanel can be seen, not only heard, at www.MundoSurFM.com in the studios across the street from Cafe Tortoni on Avenida de Mayo in the city of Buenos Aires from 10:00am to noon every Sunday.

    Carlos compiled the playlist for the April 29 broadcast; Tito, the one for May 6, and Pichi will play his on May 13. They want the audience to vote for their favorite. They welcome requests from their audience and will work them into subsequent broadcasts.

    At the website, you will see a video screen. Click to watch them in the studio during the broadcast. The studio space is small, however, they intend to move the table aside one of these weeks and dance during the broadcast for their worldwide audience to show how little space they need to dance tango.


    When you're in Buenos Aires, you will find these three milongueros dancing on Sunday and Wednesday at Lo de Celia Tango Club.
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    June 17 broadcast

    Cumbre de Tango has an international audience, thanks to readers of Dance Forum and Tango Chamuyo.

    I will be interviewed on Sunday during the second hour of the broadcast. I'll speak slowly and distinctly in my best Castellano and try to sneak in a few words of English.

    Tito Aquino is preparing the playlist for the program. He and I will dance during the tanda of Carlos Di Sarli in the studio, as we do every Wednesday and Sunday in Lo de Celia Tango Club.

    This is the only radio program I know of in Buenos Aires where you get a peek in the studio via ustream while listening to the live broadcast.

    It begins at 10:00am Buenos Aires time.
  3. newbie

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    Wow wow wow. Hearing Janis speak castillano, speak english, maybe sing something? Watching on the site live video Janis dance. Counting how many times we'll hear "a true milonguero".

    Too much a good thing.
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    After 13 years, I manage pretty well with Castellano and occasionally forget words in English.

    The playlist included many marvelous tango singers who are rarely heard in the milongas, especially Alberto Marino.

    It was their idea to dance in the studio. Tito started the interview at the beginning of the broadcast, and I participated during the two hours. It was interesting to learn more from these milongueros as they conversed during the broadcast.

    Photos dancing with Tito and Carlos are posted on Tango Chamuyo. I danced one tango by Di Sarli with each of them.
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    Any chance the program will be available later?
  6. jantango

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    At a later hour? No. The established hours for Cumbre de Tango are 10:00 to noon every Sunday morning. That's 9:00am Eastern time, 8:00am Central. Even friends in Europe weren't around in the afternoon to hear the program. The program isn't recorded for rebroadcast.

    This is a low budget radio station set up in a little room on the fourth floor at Avenida de Mayo 822, across the street from Cafe Tortoni. The milongueros hire an engineer to handle the broadcast for them so they can answer phone calls and emails during the program. They don't have to get sponsors which means no commercial interruptions except a station promo. The take turns creating the playlist each week. It's a cooperative effort by three men who love the tango, its singers, orchestras, and the dance.
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    problem with two sound tracks for the broadcast?


    First, turn off the audio track located below the ustream.

    Then turn on the ustream when you see the milongueros in the studio.

    Post comments about the program: www.facebook.com/cumbredetango

    Send questions, requests, or comments during the program to Pichi, Tito and Carlos at mundosurfm@hotmail.com.ar

    Today's program begins in a few minutes...
  8. jantango

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    Cumbre de Tango is recorded during the broadcast every Sunday morning from 10-12. Beginning today -- September 18 -- the program can be viewed at 10:00pm to midnight BA time via internet at www.MundoSurFM.com

    This gives tangueros in earlier time zones the opportunity to hear the program during the week. Eastern 9:00pm Central 8:00pm, Mountain 7:00pm, and Pacific 6:00pm.

    Go to the Mundo Sur site. Scroll down and turn off the AUDIO EN VIVO bar on the right side of the screen. Then click on the arrow in the ustsream screen on the left below VIDEO EN VIVO. You will see the program from the past Sunday morning. Three milongueros joined forces to present this program. And they named me the official godmother last week.

    Post your comments and requests www.facebook.com/cumbredetango
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    La 2x4 being offline for maintenance I looked for another stream radio and found la Radio Criolla - Rosario. To my surprise, instead of tangos I heard "Vuelve Peron, vuelve Peron", by Hector Mauré.
    Someone should tell them that Peron will not return.

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