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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by flyhere, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Terpsichorean Clod

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    Based on that, I think she's almost certainly a graduate of the Ballroom Dance Teachers College (16 month American Style Bronze training program).

    You can get a good idea of the program structure here:

    I don't agree with everything they do and hope you won't see them as truly representative of the ballroom community. :)
  2. flyhere

    flyhere New Member

    Sorry, the confusion is on my part. I was mixing two different things.

    There are drop-in CLASSES here which are stand-alone lessons and usually precede a milonga, they are unstructured in what the materials taught.

    You of course were refering to drop-in RATES, where the classes are a series of progressive lessons but I pay for each class as I take them. Yes, most schools here offer drop-in rate or pay-for-the-whole-4-weeks rate, the drop-in rate is only a couple of dollars more per lesson.
  3. hbboogie1

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    Fly Beware… I can tell you that in Orange County and Los Angeles there are quite a few wannabe tango teachers. Some of them have only been dancing for a short time and can’t dance basics let alone teach them. If you’re serious about tango and want to be a good dancer privates with Martin and Alyssa Vaccaro is well worth the money and one private lesson is worth five group lessons. Martin will teach you the basics and how to dance he won’t teach you show or stage moves. I can’t think of any other teacher in So Cal that is as good as Martine.
  4. Lui

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    In my experience good teacher will..

    • offer a test lessen for a reduced price or for free.
    • don’t need a certificate to proof their ability. Interested clients can judge them by test lesson, existing students and the dance they expose at the milongas or shows.
    • are seldom the cheapest deal. The most experienced teachers do only tango. You usually have to get good at teaching/dancing when you want to pay all your bills with it - but you can’t give it away for free. Moreover, low prices often means large classes. Large classes means little individual help.
    • work as couple, so that both followers and leaders see their role in action.
    • will teach you the technique behind the steps. They use the steps as an example and an aid to get you started on the dance floor.
    • are worth an hour drive ;)
    Unfortunatly you’ll have to test several teachers to find one you like.
    If no suited teacher is around and you don’t want to travel, how about forming a group and invited a teacher?
  5. flyhere

    flyhere New Member

    Thanks for the warning. From my searching, I notice there are quite a few instructors of other dances, salsa and what not, giving AT lessons as well, can blame them for diversifying into other things I guess.

  6. flyhere

    flyhere New Member

    sorry, I meant CAN'T blame them...I type too fast

    Also, I emailed Martin & Alyssa previously, but did not hear back, will try to call. They advertise on their website classes in Tustin Mon and Tue.
  7. Gssh

    Gssh Well-Known Member

    Edmundo and Elizabeth have started teaching at dancesport california in garden grove. It might be worth to check out their group class to see if they resonate with you - i personally like them a lot.

  8. flyhere

    flyhere New Member

    Oh, definitely good teachers are always worth the drive, I used to drive 1.5 hours each week for lessons. I see you're in Germany, then may be you haven't experienced Los Angeles freeways during rush hour, 40 miles can take you 2 hours of frustrating start-and-stop driving. I drove a 4-hour drive from Hamburg to Brussels in winter, it was a lot less stress, we don't have well-educated and autobahn-efficient drivers here.
  9. Dave Bailey

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    I knew I'd seen a syllabus somewhere :)

    I'll have another look at this one...
  10. hbboogie1

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    Martin and Alyssa are your best bet. Check out the link I posted.

  11. flyhere

    flyhere New Member

    hbboogie1: This is an old thread. I got your suggestion the first time, and started lessons a couple of months ago, still going every week. Thanks.

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