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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by bordertangoman, May 8, 2009.

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    illegal dance book site

    Actually that's an unauthorized site which copied my web page. Totally illegal. It's also way out of date. Please stop referencing it.

    This is the correct link to the up-to-date web page, which includes a link to a Web page of music online which can be used for practicing. And a link to a page with lots of videos of many different kinds of social and show tango.


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    Oh sorry, but my post with that link is outdated so I cannot change or remove it. Better Angel or any other admin may erase it. Seems as if someone runs his private stuff on the web server of a well known institute.
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    That's a great performance, although I wish the camera work was a little better (chopped off some of the footwork).

  5. Steve Pastor

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    Am I the only one who missed out on "Canter Rhythm"?
    Oddly enough, I see the term in Skippy Blair's Dance Terminology Notebook from 1994.
    (1) Canter Rhythm is double rhythm in 3/4 time. It was a popular Waltz Rhythm in the 1930's, but is seldom used today except in pivots.
    (2) describes stepping on 1 3 4 6 for Canter pivots, and 1 3 for "double rhythm".

    No one has taught me the Canter pivot (now they don't have to), but I haven't been able to find many references to valse in the AT world.

    Canter rhythm

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Canter time, canter timing or canter rhythm is a two-beat regular rhythmic pattern of a musical instrument or in dance steps within 3/4 time music. The term is borrowed from the canter horse gait, which sounds three hoof beats followed by a pause, i.e., 3 accents in 4/4 time.
    In waltz dances it may mark the 1st and the 4th eighths of the measure, producing a 2/4 time overlay beat over the 3/4 time. In other words, when a 3/4 measure is cued as "1,2,&,3,...", the canter rhythm marks "1" and "&". This rhythm is the basis of the Canter Waltz. In modern ballroom dancing, an example is Canter Pivot in Viennese Waltz.
    In Vals (a 3/4 style of Tango), the canter rhythm is also known as medio galope[1] (which actually means "canter" in Spanish) and may accent beats 1 and 2 of the 3/4 measure.

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    Re: Canter Rhythm

    Cool, new word learned. Do you know the origin of it (Contra, Chanter, ... ??). I try to use double time elements in my dancing. Carminatas work well, still trying to do the quick mirrors to both sides properly. WR OD
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    When dancing vals I don't change the dance very much. I change the mood. Happier.
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    I had hoped never to have to hear the word Canter Pivot again in my life. :D That and the word fleckerel... :p
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    Though I´m german I´m not familiar with this austrian dialect word fleckerl . Fleck is a spot, or patch, and a fleckerl is a little patch.
    As far as I heard are fleckerls serveral turns on the spot in VW.

  10. bastet

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    exactly...and Canter Pivots are something I learned in VW.
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    I saw a lot of steps, not a lot of dancing.
  12. bafonso

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    I'm surprised to see all videos and not one from the greatest: Tete.
  13. bordertangoman

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    You cuold put one up if you like him. His vals dancing does nothing for me and he could do with losing some weight.
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    Generations in BsAs digress but what do they know about tango anyway... :)
  15. bordertangoman

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    but I would like to know how you dance or would like to dance vals; what qualities in Tete's dancing would you wish to emulate or find inspiration in? Greatness in itself is of no consequence.
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    There are plenty of Tete videos on Youtube.
    I've seen him live and I'm not too impressed. There is always a moment when he dances without the hands.
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    :rolleyes: - okay I feel a new thread coming on.
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    With or without him

    Back to tubing: My "YT best of vals collection" has 5 pieces each standing for a distinct style or way of interpreting the vals argentino. The focus lies on the interpretation, not on the dancing skills. And, Tete is among that list. Forgive me, but this is only my personal point of view:

    1) Eider and Luisa "Ilusion Azul"

    2) Pablo and Sally "Amor y Celos"

    3) Julio and Corina "Bajo un cielo de estrellas"

    4) Tete and Sylvia "Bajo un cielo de estrellas"

    5) Osvaldo y Coca "Noche de estrellas"

    Had the same idea, but my title would be "Amor y Celos - Reloaded" : Tete and Pablo share the same set of movements, but only Pablo has this unique ability to use the centrifugal energy. And that makes them look totally different. And, there are some citations of VW, too.

  19. Peaches

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    Technique aside, I have to say that I very much disliked the interpretation in clip #4 (Tete, since he's the recent topic of conversation). I didn't care for the phrasing, or the emphasis, or...well, pretty much anything. It almost looked to me like he was totally disregarding the music at times.

    Apologies, of a sort, to the Argentines who disagree.
  20. bordertangoman

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    I think this is a nice couple:

    On the other videos the first is amazing but they are stage dancers and you would expect nothing less; but I like the fact that they are dancing in a fairly small area.

    Pablo Veron and ~Sally Potter is also a favourite; I like the way you can see him use his whole body weight to creat some of the turns: the guy is a genius and it flows; it looks like how I think a vals should feel.

    Julio & Corina is similar in its use of steps as Pablo Veron and I think Tete is dancing the same way but in a more compact fashion and thats why I dont like it so much;

    the last does nothing to inspire me.

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