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With regards to competition appearance, what do you think of tattoos and piercings on ballroom dance

  1. A big no-no! Shouldn't be seen on competition floor

  2. They're okay as long they aren't very noticeable and don't affect your dancing

  3. They're good because they draw attention to you

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  4. Piercings and tattoos don't matter...its your dancing the judges are watching!

  5. Undecided

  6. Other

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  1. bia

    bia Well-Known Member

    Regarding piercings, I think there's a strong effect of how many in addition to what kind. I can't speak to what judges might think, but personally, I quite like the look of a small stud in the nose or the navel, and I could imagine either working for the look of a latin/rhythm dancer (still not for standard/smooth). But if someone had three piercings in each ear, plus nose, plus navel, the quantity would be distracting for me even if each individual one were nice.
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  2. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    agree...and I feel the same way about small tattoo on a woman in latin is probably not going to even raise an eyebrow for me....but if you are a walking body art display, I am going to have trouble focusing...I recently advised a lady with decent sized tattoos who doesn't want to tan to simply go for the sleek turtle necked design for latin, kills two birds....

    and in standard, I would have to say one can get away with even less
  3. cornutt

    cornutt Well-Known Member

    I know a couple of dancers who have a nose stud. To be honest, in both cases, the nose is not the most attractive part of their anatomies, and drawing attention to it doesn't seem to me like a good idea.
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  4. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    nose studs are so small and it is so easy to buy and use a clear stud if one was really worried
  5. middy

    middy Well-Known Member

    I remember Melissa Rycroft on Dancing with the Stars occasionally having rhinestones glued onto her lower back way to "ballroomize" it. It still looked a little distracting though.
  6. Smooth Dancer

    Smooth Dancer Active Member

    Now THAT's funny!

    But it gives me an idea. I, of course, have a manly, handsome, noble Roman nose (ha-ha!), so maybe I'll get a flashy nose-pierce (and maybe a nose-tattoo, also -- I'm thinking something Lincoln-esque) to distract the judges' attention from my sloppy, sloppy feet. Can't hurt. :rolleyes:
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  7. Fred

    Fred New Member

    Ladies I have to be honest. Tattoo's on the dance floor are distracting. Are you on the dance floor to show off your tattoo or dance skills?

    Why do people get tattoo's? To show it off. To draw attention to it.

    If you don't plan on making it to top then go right ahead.
  8. Fred

    Fred New Member

    Are you on the dance floor to show off your tattoo or dance skills?

    Why do people get tattoo's? To draw attention to it. To show it off. If they didn't they would get it in a place not to be seen.
  9. Bailamosdance

    Bailamosdance Well-Known Member

    Welcome Fred. It's 2013, tho, and tattoos are no longer the sign of the fringe.
  10. Fred

    Fred New Member

    Thank you. Glad to be here. Yes, it is 2013 but tattoos still have the stigma of the bikers and strippers. Tattoos are not accepted everywhere in the world as many people believe. The phrase "tramp stamp" still applies in many areas society. Perhaps in a few more years that may change. But in the next competition the dancer with the tattoo who should have won but didn't. Was the tattoo a distraction?

    In the Marine Corps it has been a long life tradition to have a tattoo. But things have changed. With the tattoo fad of sleeved and neck tattoos the Marine Corps has changed it enlistment and re enlistment policy. No longer acceptable. Shirt sleeves now required to be rolled down even in the summer.

    Maybe when the next generations of judges with tattoos it will be different. But until then the tattoo maybe a handicap.
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  11. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Here's one, at my last competition I watched the rounds before mine. And, with complete utter distraction from viewing other couples, caught a pro/am couple where the am lady had her gown designed and stoned to completely match all of her tattoos, so, while long sleeved, high collared and no bare skin,,,the mere brilliance of all the rhinestones in tattoo format,....although no skin was showing,,,wow.
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  12. Fred

    Fred New Member

    Ah, camouflage. Very ingenious. Make the tattoo or piercing part of the costume.
  13. Hedwaite

    Hedwaite Well-Known Member

    Competition floor or not, I just don't like excessive ink and metal. It looks unclean, it's distracting, and I dance ballroom to get AWAY from the element of people typically associated therewith. If I were okay with it, I'd be bumping around at any of the local bars to a bad cover band with an obscure and misspelled name like all of the other 'dancers' in the area. On a comp floor, it's a complete culture clash between refinement and elegance and a parole hearing to get a reduction for time served.

    Allow me to re-iterate that this is only my personal opinion. My opinion of excessive "body propaganda" will change when Victor Veyrasset gets a 1/4-inch ear gauge and a chain running from lip ring to nipple ring, and a tattoo of a winged tigercorn carrying a naked big-boobed "Indian" maiden over a rebel flag that says "Real Badasses Dance Standard".
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  14. Bailamosdance

    Bailamosdance Well-Known Member

    Wow, where do you live? Most of the time the people who have tattoos around here are either fashionistas, artists, or (most of them) simply folks who can afford to wear and think what they want. Usually ,folks with real money. People who show up at bars to watch bands? The are called aficionados....
  15. Wolfgang

    Wolfgang Member

    Personally, I'd say if you are a Pacific Islander, 18th century sailor or ex-con, tattoos and piercings are part of your cultural heritage.
    If not, you're just following a fad, except this fad you can't just donate to the thrift shop once you've realized how crappy it really looks.
    Around these parts, tats and body hardware are pretty much SOP, there seems to be a state law that every woman under 50 MUST have at least one somewhere.
    Nurse pull out the baby, sez, 'Yup, it's a gurl, off to the ink shop with her, she needs a butterfly on her behind.'
    As a consequence, I've gotten used to them and pretty much ignore them.
    Same goes for those people who find it amusing to adorn themselves with half a junkyard.
    Based on what I've seen of ballroom judges, they might take a somewhat less relaxed stance.
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  16. Fred

    Fred New Member

    To be extra honest I myself do not find tattoos actractive or appealing. I do not have any tattoos even though I was in a cultural that accepted it. I also don't find it appealing on a woman. It's an automatic turn off. But then again so does a woman who smokes. Vugarity is also a turn off. It's refreshing to look at a beautiful woman on a dance floor without tattoos. It's classy. I agree with an earlier post to keep the tattoos on the strippers stage.
  17. JudeMorrigan

    JudeMorrigan Well-Known Member

    I went to a competition a few years back relatively close to where I grew up. My dad came to visit, which was nice. One of the days I was there, I grabbed lunch with my dad, his girlfriend, my pro and her competition partner. At one point during the lunch, my dad's girlfriend made a comment about how terrible she thought tatoos were. My pro and her partner responded by pointing to the various tatoos they have between them. I'm fairly certain that the experience could have been replicated with rather a lot of the pros out there. Certainly my pro and her partner made a point of getting theirs where they wouldn't be glaringly obvious on the competition floor, but I think you're kidding yourself if you think ballroom dancers are somehow above them. And I'd be *really* careful about who you make that statement about stripper stagesto.
  18. Fred

    Fred New Member

    I'm not alone on this. You'd be surprised on many people actually feel this way. They may put on a smile to be *really* careful about who they might make the stripper stage reference to.

    Let me put it this way. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls you may not like it or want to hear it but "Tattoo's are the Emperor's New Clothes."
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  19. Hedwaite

    Hedwaite Well-Known Member

    I think that people associate their mental image of ballroom dancing with people who aren't a walking recycling plant. I reiterate "excessive" abuse of aforementioned ink and metal as a personal dislike, not "tasteful", and not "moderate". I also don't want to beat the topic to death, so I'm sorry if I dragged this out past its shelf-life with one last thought before moving on.
  20. Lioness

    Lioness Well-Known Member

    I don't think tattoos and piercings only belong with bikies and fact, I've seen way more "ordinary" people - students, office workers, etc. with tattoos than I've seen strippers with them.

    It's silly to view tattoos as dirty or unclean...most tattoo and piercing studios are incredibly professional, very hygenic, and staffed by really cool people.

    IMO, it's just another form of body modification, like dyeing or cutting your hair. You have to be mindful of whether they complement your costume, but you have to do the same with hair. I have bright red hair, so I'm not going to wear a bright red costume. That would look terrible. Similarly, if I've got a single-piece tattoo, I would make sure it's not partially covered...if I had a sleeve (and there are some sleeves I've seen that look beautiful) I would make sure the colours complemented the dress.
    I can understand a large amount of facial piercings distracting from the "look", but one or two shouldn't be a problem. OTOH, if someone has every facial piercing under the sun, stretched lobes, and a split tongue, but they dance really well, then that shouldn't be an issue.

    Agreed with some previous commenters that it should only really come into it where two couples are almost equal in placings...and even then the judges should be looking at whether it's the concept of tattoos and piercings they object to, or the way they fit in with the costume.
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