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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by peachexploration, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. motardmom

    motardmom New Member

    one hour ago I was sitting in a comfy (p)leather chair having my feet massaged, thinking it would be nice to have my back massaged also....

    10 minutes ago I emerged from the massage place to see torrential rain. I found my helmet full of water. UGH! As soon as the rain slowed down enough, I plopped my sopping wet helmet onto my head and drove my bike home in the rain. You know, I really do enjoy riding in the rain. I don't mind getting wet. I do prefer to have a dry helmet tho, and it kind of hurts to have raindrops pelting your skin at 50 kph.

    But my feet, legs, and back feels good, and for the bargain basement price of $2.50. 8) If I just rubbed some Tide all over myself, I wouldn't have to wash my clothes when I took them off at the end of the day, and I wouldn't need a shower either. Hmm....
  2. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    We have a detergent here called Tide... what is the Tide you refer to?
  3. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Isn't that when the oceans come in and out... you know, high tide/low tide? :wink:
  4. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Love the sea... I could just stay in water for hours on end (I don't know how to swim)
  5. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Need to pick up some more bottled water (for salsa practices, etc.)... went to grab some earlier tonight and realized that I was down to my last bottle! :shock:
  6. danceguy

    danceguy New Member

    I like turtles. They are cute. Just like dolphins.

    I also need some Vitamin C. Its good for a sore ear.

    I hear of a guy one time who lost his mind.

    Is it summer yet?
  7. motardmom

    motardmom New Member

    Did you know that pumpkins are very rich in beta carotene, which is converted to Vitamin A in the body?

    Additionally, beta carotene lowers the risk of cancer and decreases heart disease and protects against some of the degenerative aspects of aging.

    So on T-G Day as you lift that fork full of pumpkin pie to your lips, forget about your waist and think of all the good the pumpkin is doing for your body. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. MacMoto

    MacMoto Active Member

    I used to know a cakeshop that made this wonderful pumpkin pudding cake... yum! That's years ago though -- I've no idea if the shop still exists. Scotland is not a great place for cakeshops. In fact, it pretty much sucks when it comes to cakeshops. :(
  9. Sabor

    Sabor New Member

    women love shopping and talking alot.. men don't
  10. MacMoto

    MacMoto Active Member

    Tonight's my weekly shopping night. I HATE shopping. Then again, compared to what happened last Thursday (when it took me 3 1/2 hours :shock: to get home (which is 20 minutes up the road by car), including three bus rides and a stop to get greasy fish & chips for dinner, which meant I didn't have time for shopping), shopping sounds immensely more preferable...
  11. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    I know lots of men who LOVE shopping and talking! (Gossiping would be closer to reality)
  12. tj

    tj New Member

    Ack, here I should be driving up to NJ and instead I'm surfing DF!

    (hope there's still turkey left! :shock: )
  13. peachexploration

    peachexploration New Member

    I have a sister in New Jersey. :)
  14. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    When I was growing up my Grandmother (paternal) lived in NJ.
  15. danceguy

    danceguy New Member

    I hear there's a lot of drugs in New Jersey.
  16. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    I'm sure there are... aspirin, tylenol, nyquil,... the list *is* a long one! :shock:
  17. danceguy

    danceguy New Member

    Nyquil is like 40% pure Alkeehaul! Just a sip o' that stuff will have you hearing Elvis in no time! :lol:
  18. DancePoet

    DancePoet Well-Known Member

    peachexploration wrote: "Ever saw a topic and just had the conscious urge to hijack the dickens out of it? :lol: Well, here's your chance. There is one rule though. The previous subject has to be some how associated with your present subject. I know, aren't they all? :roll: :lol: But we'll make it official this time. :wink: Gonna be interesting to see what happens if anything at all.
    Example: Peachexploration may write: Gosh, I caught this big fish yesterday and had to throw it back because it didn't have any teeth. :lol:
    MacMoto may write back: You know that the enamel on teeth can really be damaged by coffee and tea. DancePoet, what's your favorite coffee?

    Get it? :lol: Your turn..... :lol:"

    Favorite coffee ... hmmm ... can't say I have a favorite coffee. I tried some deep dark rich French style coffee, and it was the best darn coffee I ever had. And coffee ice cream cam be heavenly! Not my favorite, but still very good. What's your favorite ice cream Peach? ;) :lol:
  19. DancePoet

    DancePoet Well-Known Member

    Pacion wrote: "... one should only drink coffee when wearing lime green socksies :twisted: :lol: :banana: :lol:"

    I don't have pair of lime green ones, but I do have a nice pair of gray wool one's that keep me toasty warm when I go fly fishing in my dark green waders! ;)
  20. DancePoet

    DancePoet Well-Known Member

    SD wrote: "Sheesh is Starbuck's expensive!!! :shock: :evil: :("

    I wouldn't get caught in Starbucks even if I had lime green socks! But I might get caught in Starbucks if I was on a date with Dancing_feet, MacMoto, or Peach! The operative word is might, because only if they really wanted to go. :)

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