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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by elisedance, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. latingal

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    In my opinion, this is how some people describe some of what is being attributed here to RB dancing (not learning, dancing!). Don't think ahead or behind, and just trust your body's automatic responses to take care of action. Your job at that time is sensing what is in you and around you, and how you will use your energy to respond to it.
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    Well, I was kinda peeking in and out of this thread. If I wasn't posting on it, doesn't mean I wasn't reading it :)
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    yes, this thread is like chocolate... you think you only licked it but in actuality you just ate the whole bar.... :lol:
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    i beg you're pardon... i always eat the whole bar quite on purpose, thank you.
    <snort... *licking*... what a waste. heh>
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    I understand how a quantum leap can happen now -- I think


    So many things in my dancing changed in the past week. And it's all happened in my head, which makes things happen in my frame, my body, my legs, my feet...

    One small 3-step for a woman, one giant leap for a dancer.
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    you should make that your signature line!
  7. etp777

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    Agreed. :)

    Almost wish my mind worked way rest of y'all in here. Have looked at this thread several times, but have eperimented with stuff like this before, and jsut doesn't work for me. Will have to continue sticking with slower methods that I know work for me.
  8. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    If it were always true, I would! Thanks for the suggestion. I'm thinking about it...
  9. Cheery

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    To Think, or not to Think--while dancing?

    Sometimes when learning a new routine and having difficulty getting a position or step, pro says to me, "Stop thinking, just do it. You're thinking too much."

    Surprisingly, when I let go of thinking, and just forged ahead (I guess like a child would! Unlike an adult, processing everything)--it worked!

    When pro complimented me on doing some routines very well, I said it's because my mind was empty, NO THINKING, DUH!

    Anyone go through this as well, during lessons?
  10. Larinda McRaven

    Larinda McRaven Site Moderator Staff Member

  11. wonderwoman

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    lol What uh oh.

    My teacher always said that to me as well starting out, but he could tell I was thinking of something totally different, like work. You just need to be able to relax and you can't if you're too much in your head.
  12. waltzguy

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    See the quantum leap thread, this has been discussed to extruciating detail, over 1000 posts IIRC.

    Short conclusion for me: I analyze less than before, and utilize just-do-it and feeling-based more now.
  13. dlgodud

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    Give us the answer Larinda!!!!:shock: We are desperate!!!!1 :p
  14. Cheery

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    It's like, ok, he shows you the routine. You think about it in your head, (rehearsing the steps in your head). He gets you, ready to do it again, and as you start the routine, you're PROCESSING IT IN YOUR HEAD AS YOU GO.

    I suppose because my face tells all, he knows when I am thinking too much--or perhaps there is some hesitation in my body (hesitating, because of not wanting to make a mistake?).

    Letting go of that thought process, and just DOING IT worked! I felt more in the moment, felt the music more, and was able to do it with more confidence as well.

    It's pretty hard to explain this but he laughed when I said I totally emptied my brain! I suppose he laughed because it worked.

    When I used to ride horses before, my teacher told me that I had to really visualize getting over the jump, or doing the inside shoulder turn on the horse (dressage) and communicate this to the horse...there was also a point where instead of thinking too much how to do it, I was just able to finally do it (and the horse felt this too, no hesitation).

    I can't compare myself or my teacher to the horse (!) but it reminded me of how I learned then as well.
  15. Cheery

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    A thousand posts? Where??!! Tell, do tell...:rolleyes:
  16. waltzguy

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    I'm not good at finding old posts, but search on "quantum" in the Ballroom area should do the trick.
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  18. waltzguy

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    crap! etp just beat me to it! :D For once I found an old thread! :D
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    It comes with muscle memory. When I was first starting out, I'd go home and find a song that worked for a certain dance and put it on repeat play. I'd do the basic steps until after a while I'd realize I wasn't counting my steps, I was singing along or maybe wondering what I was going to cook for dinner, but my feet still did what they were supposed to.

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