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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by elisedance, Jan 1, 2009.

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    I am glad that you have found it useful. I have sometime felt that I am talking to a door and there is nobody behind the door. You have given me hope and energy to continue the quest of getting information out into main stream. Thank you for letting me know.:)

    However ... it had taken some time between conversations and postings to put what you were saying into positive action.

    Alot IS the EGO. Once I could FINALLY (with the help of Malawaka, Casey and Samina - yes ALL 3 of you have been a tremendous help to me and I can not thank you enough!) let it go and realize that it was OK to do that without losing myself as a person, things felt like they kicked into another level tonight.

    It is great to have friends like Malawaka, Casey and Samina to help and support you. I am fortunate enough to also enjoy their friendship.

    I am sure, you will be more sure and confident with yourself once you let go. It is funny that the more you let go, the more you are in control. It is like trying to grab water. If you let go of tension and hold the hands open like a bowl you can hold some water. But once to try to grab it, it sips out between your fingers. I think letting go in dancing is much the same way. If you try to hold onto it slips away and if you let go it stays. I hope this make sense to you.

    If you do slide back let us know. We will help you get back on track;)

  2. dancepro

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    I am glad to be of service and I am glad that you have felt that. Keep up the good work. :)

  3. dancepro

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    My teacher gave me a great piece of advise on this subject of how to get to the right-brain awareness.
    He said that most of the body actions that you do (at least in standard) you have do at one time or another in you real life. Find out where you do the action that the teacher is asking for and then do that daily action in the step.
    Say flexing the hip in the standing leg when going backward; when you sit down you are flexing the hips. Just stop before you get all the way down on the chair and feel the action. Going forward in dancing is like walking up on a staircase. I am sure you are not analyzing those actions to bits (for the most part I don't think you ever really did analyze them). You have done those actions for a long time and they come automatically. Use the training you have already done. When I started dancing standard I had to find ways of improving fast. When I started thinking this way, I started thinking that I actually started dancing when I was less then 2 years old learning to sit, stand and walk. In many ways your body are already conditioned to dance, you just need to apply what you learned as a child into your dancing.

  4. Angel HI

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    They are all the same as Dancepro has mentioned, and again in her latest post above this one. It is the concept that all of dance by definition is "natural movement" put to a particular rhythm, timing, and styling. If/When one changes either of these elements, one changes the dance. We should not approach dance/dances from the outside-in (as a prescribed/syllabutized book of steps/patterns), rather from the inside-out (a sense of natural movements that we must "first/foremost" become aware of from within, and most commonly found in our everyday, normal motion/s. Dance learned in this manner is acquired; more quickly, more easily, more profoundly.
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    Well said.

    Interestingly, this is easily seen if you watch a video upside down. If you take a right brain drawing class, this is what you will do to your subject in order to draw it on the right side of the brain. To watch a video this way, you can either turn your laptop upside down, or lay on the floor in front of your TV with the back of your head towards the TV. Put something under your neck to prop it up so your head then falls backwards with the top of the head aiming towards the floor. It doesn't have to be 100% upside down. I watched Fabio Selma and his partner. I didn't do it with the intent to analyze, I just observed, and what I observed was how easy and natural it all was. It really looked like he was just walking!

    Geez! All those thousands of dollars to learn how to walk!

    I've taught a dance class on occasion, and the first thing I have them do is walk across the room. I have them be aware of the feeling so that they can find it later because I tell them as soon as they start to dance, they'll forget how to walk!
  6. Angel HI

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    It has become a standing joke w/ my students b/c I say constantly, "Just walk!" They get so irritated. :)

    A monday a couple arrived for their lesson, and were laughing very much. I asked, of course, "What's so funny?" He said, "She just spoke with her mother [on the phone], and told her that we were paying you lots of money to teach us something that she should have taught her [the daughter] long ago. We were learning how to walk." The following monday, they arrived, and I jokingly asked, "Talked to your mother, lately?" They both laughed out loud, and he said, "Yes, as a matter of fact. Last week, we told her that we were going to learn how to walk. Tonight, we told her that we were learn how to count."

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    Voila - a quote! (thanks to Warren & Angel) -- Katandmouse, on the subject of left-brained research, I was just referring to the incredible database the developer of has constructed. He has it set up so that it picks up new partnerships from the results of comps. He only tracks international style, so he might say so and so is no longer dancing if that person has switched to smooth, for example. And a couple of times, he has picked up some pro-am results. But he is happy to fix things if you send him an email. And you can see that all these long time dancers who have grown up together and danced with and against each other are an amazing community.
  8. elisedance

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    [this site really is incredible and i could add something to the discussion - but I think DF will agree that it deserves its own thread C - want to start one?]

    AI point taken in general - but can you really describe an international rhumba walk as a 'natural movement'? If it was why does it take so many years to perfect?
  9. fascination

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    well childbirth is natural as well...doesn't mean it's easy
  10. emeralddancer

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    No truer words could have been spoken .... funny thing is, it ISN'T easy, but we tend to forget because AFTER we realize the joy!

    So like dance, the journey is not going to be easy, with pitfalls, speed bumps, falls, bruises, etc ... but the end result, when it all comes together, makes it the greatest ride. (because without the heartaches and pains how would we even know the joy!)

    Kinda reminds me of the movie Parenthood with Steven Martin. The grandmother says to him, (paraphrasing here) Some people like merry go rounds, but all they do is go round and around. I like the roller coaster, you go up and down, twist and turn. He looked at her like she was crazy and didn't get it until towards the end of the movie.

    I liken that to dance as well as ... Life. Give me the roller coaster any day!
  11. Ithink

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    I haven't contributed to this discussion but have enjoyed reading it very much! A special thanks to dancepro for her insights, especially those into the world of a follower. Several things you said in previous threads, I have tried with good outcomes, especially the one where you said the lady is always looking at the floor when dancing. When I make that my one task to concentrate on (I am a firm believer that, even in practice, a few tasks are better to work on than a multitude) and do it consistently, it feels so balanced and open! So thank you so much for coming on here and sharing your expertise and tricks of the trade:).

    If my partner and I are ever on the West Coast (that is where you said you are based, right?), I hope we get to take from you (I will be sure to find out who you are then:)). It sounds like our coach and you are on similar tracks!
  12. samina

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    to be honest, for some it actually *is* quite easy...i've known them. i would say they probably have minimal resistance to what they have put into action in their life. a powerful thing, with application to dancing...
  13. skwiggy

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    I also have very much enjoyed reading this thread -- and particularly dancepro's contributions. I would absolutely love to study with her.
  14. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    :rolleyes:okay, some...all sorts of things are in theory natural, or natural when a bunch of other impediments can be curtailed...but most folks have impediments that they have to let go of in order to percieve how natural it all is
  15. katandmouse

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    I'd be interested in reading that post. Can you tell me where it is?
  16. Ithink

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    Someone could, I am sure. I have no idea what it was called though:( Sorry!
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  18. dancepro

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    It is actually only the Body and Square school that are the schools that are working from the inside-out. The Round and Traditional school works from the outside-in. I personally prefer the inside-out concept, but there are others that believe in the other way around. I have found that many of my students tend to learn faster working from inside-out rather then from outside-in.

  19. dancepro

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    My teacher used to always say that good dancers walk. He said, it should feel just like walking in the park. After working with my teacher for about 5 month I hit a barrier. He told me to "just walk". For three month that was the only thing, he would say to me "just walk". It was driving me nuts, but he kept going with "just walk". I would ask him, if he wanted coffee or tea, his answer was "just walk". I had to have my partner ask him to get answers other then "just walk". After three month of 5 lessons a week it was becoming very, very frustrating. One day my partner and I had a disagreement and decided to stop the practice. I wanted to get some fresh air and think about it, so I walked back to my apartment. As I was walking home, I was thinking of my teachers words "just walk". I suddenly understood what he had been telling me for the last three month. I got home, called my partner and we went back to the studio to practice. After 10 minutes of practice my teacher came up to us and said "it looks like you finally understood what I have been asking for". From that day on I "just walked" and the results started happening with very rapid pace. It was just amazing what I was able to do from that day on.:D

  20. samina

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    i agree...and how effectively one is able to shake those impediments out is probly the very crux of how to achieve a quantum shift, like the sculpturist who releases the work of art within.

    i think most people concentrate on the impediments, which creates resistance to "what is", which creates so much frustration that we usually seek to medicate it out of our awareness. (following the birthing analogy...)

    focusing unswervingly on a vision of what we feel compelled to express seems a faster path to find the bridge to it.

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