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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by DanceGeek, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. DanceGeek

    DanceGeek Member

    Would any leads like to describe how they think about and dance the telespin?

    In particular I am dancing the telespin to telemark ending (basically starting from a same foot lunge position, doing the telespin, but ending with the open telemark ending in promdenade)

    I am having a particularly difficult time understanding how it is that I step first without the lady and then have her step after (without it look strange anyway). Also I find that I simply get over spun by her momentum as I try to come around her and get into a good closed frame in promenade position for the ending.

    Any input?
  2. Angel HI

    Angel HI Well-Known Member

    I typically dance (lead) this 1,2 and 3,4; 5. I teach the lady, however, to think 1,2 and 3,4 and. Without knowing further exactly what/which piece you wish to discuss, try thinking of the telespin as simply a double double reverse spin.

    Lead the first part as you would the Dbl Rvs. Set the lady off balance by flexing (most persons say lowering) while rotating to the left. Dance past her, and maintaining an opened left side (care not to leave her), allow her to dance past you into the crusada (cross). It's the second one (spin part) that will be a wee difficult b/c, though it is danced almost in the same way, there is a level change (a rise/lower in the body --feet, questionable). This will occur as you dance count 4 (counting 1,2,and 3,4) between the lady's feet. Very important to keep the rotation of the topline going throughout.
  3. Josh

    Josh Active Member

    So you're not dancing into it with the usual heel turn entry, but starting from a SFL position?

    Your left foot should be pointing to the side, with the toe on the floor. It needs to be a wide enough step that it gives you a stable base for what follows. You begin to transfer your weight to your left foot, and feel that you send your head weight to the left. By keeping your hands and arms with the lady, this creates a stretch, when then releases as you bring her in front by rotating your arms and torso leftward. Her momentum as she goes around you causes you to do your open heel pivot on your left foot (footwork should be changing to a heel as your weight is still split). You then follow her movement around her.

    Ensure that both of you are keeping your centers facing one another. As in a regular open telemark, you have to not turn your center away from the lady, even though you are opening yourself to promenade. Just turn your feet.

    You might try this in a very open hold to understand the mechanics of who goes and with what timing. Then later, after you feel that part working better, you might try it in a very closed hold (my coach called it the "hug hold") to focus on keeping the centers towards one another to avoid over-rotating.
  4. DanceGeek

    DanceGeek Member

    Josh, a followup question here...

    I am not following how one can turn on my left heel, after I placed my left foot on the side toe first. Am I going back in the opposite direction (to the right) as I pivot on my left heel?
  5. Josh

    Josh Active Member

    No, you're not going int the opposite direction. As the lady dances past you, this should naturally cause your left heel to touch the floor, and as she goes around you the left foot back/side step becomes forward as you turn to follow her. Your heel should already be on the floor and the weight is still split between the feet so this is where the turn begins.

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