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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by canismajor41, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    because my former pro was very reasonable in his charges...I felt he undervalued his skill...I would, from time to time, try to make up for that by paying him what he was actually worth...I never saw it as tipping...I felt he deserved to make a decent wage.... I never publically slipped him cash as a tip...but I did feel he deserved to make a profit when he went to a comp and if what he asked for really didn't amount to that, I would have felt exploitive if I had left it at that...
  2. Me

    Me New Member

    From one Scorpio to another, I love the username. (The avatar is also great!)

    Oh, and welcome to the DF. :)
  3. Josh

    Josh Active Member

    I have been tipped maybe two or three times before, after teaching a lesson, but only by one-timers who did it as a pre-date gift for girlfriends/wives, something like that. Once it was given to me in cash along with my regular rate and I just accepted it, but recently it happened and he said "here, let me get you something as a tip" and I firmly declined.

    People are well-meaning who do this and don't really see the difference in dance teachers and other service businesses who customarily receive tips, because they're just new I think.
  4. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    Good point - its easy to jump to conclusions. Could have been a payment towards a pizza :)
  5. chachachacat

    chachachacat Well-Known Member

    Were they envelopes? Could have been holiday cards.
  6. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    hey, this speculation could get totally out of hand :rolleyes:
  7. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

    No, you leave that cash on the night...

    Nevermind. :)
  8. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    I knew someone had to go one step too far.... :rolleyes:
  9. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

    That's what I'm here for. :)
  10. _malakawa_

    _malakawa_ New Member

    this hapened tome to. i haven't accept.
    i just said that smile on their face is for me enough. :p
  11. canismajor41

    canismajor41 Active Member

    Thanks for all the comments. It was a free party so perhaps those individulas felt inclined to help pay for the food and wine/beer.
  12. Standarddancer

    Standarddancer Well-Known Member

    oh now that makes more sense, since party free people just feel more justified to reimburse the studio owner some expenses and showing appreciation for his effort.

    Usually not customary to tip teacher, I understand why a few teachers here don't feel comfortable accepting "tips"...Dance teachers are skillful professinals, should be treated same way as other skillful professionals such as your doctor, your lawyer, financial consultants or accountants; If you don't normally "tip" your doctor, then same thing should apply to your dance teacher.
  13. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    definitely the students in our studio seem to spend way more than that...

    i think tipping a pro-am pro, if one has the prosperity for that, would be a nice gesture after a comp... :)

    who knows what that "tip" was for. might've involved an agreement that lies outside the awareness of anyone who witnessed it
  14. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    that was my first thought.
  15. waltzguy

    waltzguy Active Member

    I also have never seen tipping before.
  16. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    Perhaps - I don't tip but I always treat pro to dinner after competing - its a great way to celebrate and get some closure.

    OTOH if we did really well at a big comp.... ;)

    [I did tip my seamstress after DP and I won our first competition in the maiden run of the dress - but that was also because her prices were so modest]
  17. waltzguy

    waltzguy Active Member

    Is this common, or expected?
  18. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    we would always all have dinner after a comp...someone would always treat...never really one person in particular just whoever grabbed the waitress first...and it was always nice...

    I tried, particularly when it was less expensive to compete, to make sure that I showed my gratitude to my I don't compete as much or know my pro as well so it isn't as much as an issue but I try to be thankful and appreciative as best as I can
  19. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

    VERY rarley happens with us, due to rules at the franchise studio about pros spending time with students outside of the studio/comps. But I certainly see students/pros from independent studios going out after comp and students paying.
  20. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    do you think you are missing out?

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