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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by famfam, Sep 10, 2012.

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    So I have been thinking that I want to become a 9-dance guy over time, and hopefully becoming half of a top couple in 9-dance at the amateur level. I have been under (a perhaps false?) assumption that USADance Nationals would be the biggest and most important competition if I wanted to be a champion in 9-dance. From what I understood, I would want to compete 9-dance at an NQE, qualify for Nationals, and win there.

    But now I'm understanding that there are other events that might be more important/prestigious in the USA for 9-dance? From what I get, NDCA has other "National" events, including USDC and Grand Nationals, and BYU holds a National event too...and these are more prestigious than the USADance Nationals?

    Can someone who is knowledgeable about these explain which of these events have amateur 9-dance, and what is the order of importance of these comps in regards to this. It doesn't really matter (I'd not be competitive in this for years to be honest), but I'm curious so I can figure out what I am gunning for.
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    You do not need to qualify to dance 9-dance at Nationals. 9-and 10- dance events are not required to be held at NQEs.

    To be blunt--why are you interested in doing this? You and whomever is competing for whatever 9-dance title there is will probably be the only ones who care.
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    Actually, you do have to qualify for Nationals in 9-dance. You have to qualify in both Smooth and Rhythm at the Prechamp or Champ level. Even if you dance an NQE offering 9-dance and place in the top 75%, that doesn't qualify you. The same thing goes for 10-dance, just substituting the appropriate wording.

    From the Nationals 2012 website: "Since many of the NQEs do not have 9-Dance or 10-Dance events, even if an NQE offers one or both of these events, they will NOT qualify you to compete in the 9-Dance/10-Dance championship events at Nationals. In order to qualify to dance in either of these events at Nationals, competitors must qualify in both styles (Standard/Latin or Smooth/Rhythm) in at least Pre-Championship at an NQE. In order to qualify for 9-Dance/10-Dance Championship events at Nationals you will have to have qualified by dancing in either Pre-Championship or Championship Smooth/Rhythm or Standard/Latin in an NQE."
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