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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by jerseydancer, May 22, 2009.

  1. jerseydancer

    jerseydancer Active Member

    We are taking our first flight to the ballroom comp. We used to go only to the ones that we can drive to. I do not want to pack the costumes into the luggage for many reasons, including my poor luck with check in luggage during business traveling. (Many times my bags were lost for couple of days and it is not something I need before the comp).

    Could anyone suggest on-line link to purchase travel bags for tails and for the ballroom dress that we can take with us as carry on. I have seen many competitors with those bags, but have troubles finding any on the common dance shopping sites. If possible in US (shipping from Europe takes forever)

    Any suggestion on the design and the quality and ease of use during the travel are very muh appreciated
  2. soshedances

    soshedances Active Member

    You might want to try looking at some sites that just carry luggage/travel bags...not sure if they're dance-specific, but would think that business travelers might use something similar to avoid wrinkling their suits.
  3. star_gazer

    star_gazer Active Member

    Place the tailsuit and gown each in seperate long dry cleaning bag. Put them together, roll them up and put them in a duffle bag. Put your shoes in there too and carry it with you.
  4. jerseydancer

    jerseydancer Active Member

    What does long dry cleaning bag look like. Like a long shopping bag?
    Do you hang them and then roll?
    Do the custumes need al ot of ironing after that?
  5. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

    http://store .

    Probably want to go with the longest bags for smooth/standard costumes, esp if it has a big full skirt. One roll will last you quite a few competitions/trips. :)
  6. jerseydancer

    jerseydancer Active Member

    Thank you. I have checked the sites and I am concerned that those bags could not fit a tail. They do not have anything that I can fit the ballroom dress into as well. I have seen many dancers carrying the dresses in duffle like big puffy bags, but I am not sure where to get those ones, also I have seen the tails in a bag slightly longer than the ones that would fit regular suit, and then the bag folds and makes nice carry on.
  7. jerseydancer

    jerseydancer Active Member

    Thank you. Is this the one that I would roll my custumes into and than carry in another bag?
  8. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

  9. star_gazer

    star_gazer Active Member

    Dry cleaning comes back in clear plastic bags...they are long enough for a tailsuit but a little short for a gown but thats okay. You can hang the gown and tailsuit and then roll them with the hangers in the middle but it takes less space without the hangers. The plastic cuts down on the wrinkles. My daughter has a nice bag that she got with her gown from Erica Ridgeway that is just the right size but any medium size duffle bag would work. Its easier than seperate bags when you are flying.
  10. jerseydancer

    jerseydancer Active Member

    Thank you. What size of the duffle bag would be the best to have, and where do you get those duffle bags.
  11. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

    Listen to star_gzer's suggestion on the duffel bag. I don't often have dresses to pack. ;)
  12. jerseydancer

    jerseydancer Active Member

    Thank you, star_gazer
  13. reb

    reb Active Member

    Star_gazers' team probably travels as much or more than most to comps - and they always look perfect on the floor - so I recommend her advice as coming from the voice of experience for both man and woman traveling multiple comps/month . . .

    DW does same as star_gazer recommends for her dresses - she amazes me by being able to carry multiple dresses in her carry-on bag . . .

    Early on, I also was given the advice of the clear plastic from dry-cleaners for my tailsuit. There are other options that work, but potential downsides include - a hanging garment bag seems nice until you carry it an entire trip, and a suitcase comes with little wrinkle gremlins.
  14. Laura

    Laura New Member

    Those "puffy bags" for the dresses are basically just big tote/shopping bags, they don't do anything special to keep the dress neat -- the dress just ends up sliding around as a wad of fabric in the bottom of the bag. But if you really want one check the Chrisanne web site. I've bought a couple from them in the past.

    I just fold my dresses and put them into a plastic bag or pillow case, then fold up the extra parts of the bag/case and put it into my little rolling carry on. (I'm going to try rolling them next time, as that sonds even easier.) There's enough room in there for my dress, my comp shoes, and a few other things that I cannot lose such as my fake hair and costume jewelry.

    My carry-on of choice is on the Brookstone web site, look for the "Dash Rolling Hardside Carry-on." I can get a lot in there, yet it's quite small and will even fit under the seat in front of me (depending on how the plane is configured).
  15. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    I will shock and horrify everyone by saying I just roll or fold them and stick them in my carry-on bag (the duffel bag they gave last year as the participation gift for Yankee.) Then hang them in the bathroom at the hotel. If I'm traveling "locally" and can haul them in a garment bag I do, but it's too much to deal with when flying or taking the train.

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