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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by Mambo Americano, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. UK Open starts today....
  2. Michael and Joanna defend 5 back to back pro latin titles
  3. Pro Latin Adjudicators:

    Bryan Allen
    Cheryl Beresford
    Donnie Burns
    Alison Fulham
    John Knight
    Pamela McGill
    Nicola Nordin
    Graham Oswick
    Richard Porter
    Hirotada Torii
    Michael Wentink
    Hidemi Yamamoto
  4. Arunas and Katusha go for number 4
  5. limni299

    limni299 Member

    Looking forward to seeing Martino & Michelle in the Pro Latin field. And of course, go Riccardo and Yulia!!!
  6. ajiboyet

    ajiboyet Well-Known Member

    I didn't know Martino and Michelle had turned pro...just found out they did 1st of January. Apparently they won the Pro RS event this year.

    And, go Riccardo & Yulia!!!
  7. bluebereft

    bluebereft Member

    Go Victor Fung and Anastasia! Keep that number 2 spot!
  8. ACtenDance

    ACtenDance Active Member

    Yay! Andrea and Kristie won Pro RS Std :) and Gianni and Arianna took 3rd! GO USA
  9. ajiboyet

    ajiboyet Well-Known Member

    What if Victor and Anastasia came first? And A&K came second?
  10. bluebereft

    bluebereft Member

    I would love that... doubt it'll happen though!
  11. limni299

    limni299 Member

    Looks like the day's results went as "expected". I'm hoping for more excitement in the Pro Latin!

    Excerpt from below:
    UK Open 2013 - Day 2
    Another exciting day in Bournemouth. Today we watched the best couples from Amateur Latin and the Professional Ballroom categories. The Amateur Latin final was just fabulous and everyone was eagerly waiting for judges decision. Finally we have learned that fantastic couple from England Neil Jones and Ekaterina Sokolova won the title of UK Open Champion. Right after they were called the winners Neil and Ekaterina announced that they turn Professional tonight and will be representing England in the Professional events. They said goodbye to the Amateurs with their awards dance: the Jive. Second place went to Troels Bager and Ina Ivanova Jeliazkova from Denmark and Russians Kirill Belorukov and Elvira Skrylnikova were third.
    The professional event shown that top three couples of the Professional Ballroom were predicted very well by the dancesportinfo own rating system. The first place went to Arunas Bizokas & Katusha Demidova from USA, second place to Victor Fung & Anastasia Muravyova also from the US. The third place was awarded to Andrea Ghigiarelli and Sara Andracchio who represent England.
  12. Professional Ballroom

    1. Arunas and Katusha (USA)
    2. Victor and Anastasia (USA)
    3. Andrea Ghigiarelli and Sara Andracchio (England)
    4. Domen Krapez and Monica Nigro (Slovenia)
    5. Valerio Colantoni and Yulia Spesivtseva (Russia)
    6. Sascha Karabey and Natasha Karabey (Germany)

    Semis: (US)
    Mikhail Avdeev and Olga Blinova
    Marat Gimaev and Alina Basyuk
  13. ajiboyet

    ajiboyet Well-Known Member

    I'm in love with Andrea and Sara. Congratulations to them.
    And I wish Neil and Ekaterina good luck as their career takes a new direction. Really didn't like them at first but I'm warming up to them now.

    And, A&K came first, and V&A came second. Big, stunning prediction, DanceSportInfo.
  14. bluebereft

    bluebereft Member

    Wonderful that Neil and Ekaterina are turning pro! I got the chance to watch them when they did a show at a comp I competed in. Neil's character and personality in dance is simply amazing. Very likeable! Also, I'm glad the Karabeys are in the final. I'm not enamoured with their style, but they are wonderful dancers.
  15. theAnnelis

    theAnnelis Active Member

    I've been really curious to hear UK Open news, but mostly my reaction to everything is "Jones and Sokolova turning pro, freaking finally". Not saying at all that anyone should instantly throw themselves into a higher level, but once you see someone so easily dominate their competition so many times, you start to wonder why they stay there. I don't know, maybe it's just me.

    Anyway, these results are really exciting! USA doesn't usually do this well at these comps, does it?
  16. Michael and Joanna win sixth consecutive UK Open title!!!!

    Pro Latin Final:

    1. Michael and Joanna (England)
    2. Riccardo and Yulia (USA)
    3. Sergey and Melia (Russia)
    4. Maurizio and Andra (Canada)
    5. Andrej and Melinda (Slovenia)
    6. Emanuele Soldi and Elisa Nasato (Italy)

    Semifinal (U.S.):
    Yegor Novikov and Yana Blinova
    Nikolai Voronovich and Maria Nikolishina
  17. limni299

    limni299 Member

    Congratulations M&J!

    Oh well, there's still Blackpool :p
  18. limni299

    limni299 Member

    Just saw the early pics on dancesportinfo. Love Joanna's look... fierce!!! I appreciate the change as her recent dresses been a little same-old, same-old.
  19. Bailamosdance

    Bailamosdance Well-Known Member

    Well the USA has held #1 for the past 4 years in Standard, and there have been USA in the finals most years...
  20. ajiboyet

    ajiboyet Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have the breakdown of the Pro Latin finals? Or maybe a link to it?

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