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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by GJB, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. ajiboyet

    ajiboyet Well-Known Member

    Just found this video. Love, love, love Yulia's dress. And they had an interesting interaction with the other couple:

  2. llamasarefuzzy

    llamasarefuzzy Well-Known Member

    Love it! Its a little like
  3. ajiboyet

    ajiboyet Well-Known Member

    Teeheeheehee...Joanna Joanna...and then she had this "oops, it was over before I knew what was happening" look on her face...
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  4. Mr 4 styles

    Mr 4 styles Well-Known Member

    Joanna kissing Riccardo was awesome!!!
  5. theAnnelis

    theAnnelis Active Member

    It's incredible but still just a little bit freaky to me how Yulia moves like her body is made of rubber.
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  6. Sania

    Sania Well-Known Member

    That was awesome! And more cheeky personality than I've typically seen from her

    On another front, there were several fabulous costumes in that clip
  7. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Really? I was undewhelmed by both of her dresses at USDC this year.
  8. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    same here...believe it or not, I didn't see her at first..... GASP>>>>>>>
  9. llamasarefuzzy

    llamasarefuzzy Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hijack the thread but does anyone know who couple 20 is? I would love to be able to look up more of their videos
  10. GJB

    GJB Well-Known Member

    Maurizio Vescovo and Andra Vaidilaite.
  11. llamasarefuzzy

    llamasarefuzzy Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much!
  12. ajiboyet

    ajiboyet Well-Known Member

    I love seeing covered up upper halves. Like this one. Or Melinda's final dress at Blackpool. Or a lot of the dresses that Annalisa Di Filippo used to wear.
  13. TinyDancer109

    TinyDancer109 Well-Known Member

    Park West was the photographer again this year, correct? It seems they have not yet posted photos.
  14. legato

    legato Active Member

    hi td! park west has changed host sites, i think usdc photos are on their new page, the w's..parkwestphoto dot c o m. just discovered this recently when trying to find chicago harvest moon photos.
  15. TinyDancer109

    TinyDancer109 Well-Known Member

    thanks!! do you know... if we want to order photos from old competitions, do we still use the old site?

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