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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by Chris Stratton, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Angelo

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    I never said you couldn't carry your weight forward on your foot with body alignment problems. If you do however, the movement quality is not likely to be smoothly even like the advanced dancers you alluded to.

    What is also true is that in a dance context, the inability to support the weight forward in the feet can often be caused by posture alignment problems. The common problem of leaving the hips behind in a forward movement is also often caused by some level of instinctual resistance to commiting to a forward movement when someone is standing directly in front of you, and may have nothing to do with inadequacies in the feet. The same people who might show this problem while dancing with a partner usually have no inadequacies committing their hips forward while walking.
  2. Chris Stratton

    Chris Stratton New Member

    That "instinct" to which you refer is their gut level awareness that their feet aren't yet strong enough to send their weight forward with the kind of control and support that would be polite to the person in front of them. Quite often they've even been scolded by teachers for making the attempt.

    This is one area where female students often have an advantage - a male teacher is often more safely free to encourage a female student to commit her weight forward past her present ability while he gives her some physical support so that she can exercise and build the full range of action, wheras a female teacher might be understandably more reluctant to encourage a perhaps larger male student to over commit on top of her.
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    Thought of this thread last night dancing a slow foxtrot with my pro--after a long day at work, a demanding technique class, and a two hour party.

    I kept getting just slightly ahead of the beat, so I said to him, "Sorry, I'm too tired to dance slow."

    He knew exactly what I meant and laughed.
  4. Angelo

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    No that is not what I am referring to. The instinct I am refering to is a more primal and visceral object-avoidance reflex. Even someone with extremely strong feet but no partner dance experience will show some resistance to commiting to a forward movement into another human being until they learn, consciously or unconsciously that nothing bad will happen.
  5. Chris Stratton

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    I'm not sure I am yet convinced that there are people without a partner dance background who have all of the specific physical strengths needed such that its only a mental hangup holding them back.

    A ballet dancer's feet are certainly very strong, but not it seems in precisely the way needed for ballroom where we need to create support from a foot that is not necessarily still under our body.

    But I would be prepared to believe that the mental hangup may remain even as the body has started to gain some readiness.

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