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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by bjp22tango, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. bjp22tango

    bjp22tango Active Member

    I'm looking for a medium slow tempo Salsa that a beginner couple could dance at their wedding reception.

    I've got lots of these on my mP3 player but I don't know Spanish so I don't know what's appropriate.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. bjp22tango

    bjp22tango Active Member

    For instance, I like Fin de Semana es la Cita by Adalberto Alvarez y Su Son but I don't know what the lyrics are saying besides Weekend Date? or the Weekend is the time?
  3. Albanaich

    Albanaich New Member

    Are you teaching them for a wedding dance?

    If you can get some DVD's of the internet Ceroc looks much better and is much easier for total beginners. . . .

    Ceroc (aka Modern Jive) - if you've not encountered it is a sort fusion of Salsa and ECS which can be danced to popular music.

    Do a search under 'Modern Jive' on Youtube
  4. bjp22tango

    bjp22tango Active Member

    They are into Salsa and Tango (American) so that's what we are doing, but I'm flying blind with the Spanish language. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    For instance, if I was choreographing a hustle for a wedding celebration I wouldn't pick "It's raining men" for the brides first dance LOL I just want to make sure I don't use anything inappropriate for the Salsa.
  5. Albanaich

    Albanaich New Member

    That's fine. . . .I just thought they might be total beginners, if they were Ceroc is the easy option, you can look very good very quickly.

    My son recently got married and I thought WCS (which is my dance), would look better, but my teacher, said no, we'll do Ceroc, it is easier to teach and they will look much better in the short time available - she was right.

    Have taken a look at Jerry Rivera's stuff, its very popular and lyrics are easy to get. . .if needs be just paste them into Google to translate

    Not exactly appropriate for a wedding - but it could be:)

    This is better. . .
  6. bjp22tango

    bjp22tango Active Member

    Thanks for the suggestions Albanaich. I'll see what they think.
  7. Albanaich

    Albanaich New Member

    Most of Jerry Rivera's stuff is slow and romantic - and all the lyrics are available on the internet.

    Just copy and paste the lyrics into Google translate and you get an approximate translation. . . .
  8. tj

    tj New Member

    Jumping on the Jerry Rivera bandwagon here, Amores Como El Nuestro would be a good song for a wedding:

    Here's the (auto) translation from one of those lyric sites.

    From the same site, you can listen to the song here. YMMV, to some the song might fit into the "overplayed" category. To others, the familiarity might be nice.
  9. Larinda McRaven

    Larinda McRaven Site Moderator Staff Member

    Well if they are into Salsa and Tango... and it is the Wedding Dance(!!) I say they should dance to music they love, not just something that is "easy so they can look good fast"

    The first dance is about them, not about the audience thinking they "look good". Go with Salsa.
  10. Albanaich

    Albanaich New Member

    Weddings are always a comprise between what the couple want and what the guests expect.
  11. Larinda McRaven

    Larinda McRaven Site Moderator Staff Member

    Bjp.... Weddings are stressful enough for them. Why put them through having to change yet another thing just to make a bunch of other people, who show up for free food and drinks, happy. Especially over something that they have probably never heard of, seen, or will use again.

    Its not about others. It is about what they AS A CUSTOMER asked for, and you as a SERVICE PROVIDER to give them what they want.
    Its a Wedding Dance, a memory that they hope to cherish for the rest of their lives together. Just give them what they asked for.

    Now back to the original topic... does anyone have a recommendation of a good salsa song with beautiful loving lyrics???
  12. Merrylegs

    Merrylegs Well-Known Member

    Mark Anthony has a bunch of love songs that are Salsa music. I don't have time to do a search right now but it shouldn't be too hard to check on this.

    Several years ago Tito Nieves covered a bunch of 70s songs and turned them into Salsa. I think the album is called "I Like it Like That".

    I also have a compilation CD where a lot of Beatles songs were remade the same way. I think on this CD there are some Bee Gees songs on it too. I can check on this tonight and report back. All would be appropriate to dance to. And a really fun idea!

    And, yes, I DO listen to authentic Salsa music not just other music styles turned into Salsa. :D
  13. Albanaich

    Albanaich New Member

    If you say so Larinda. . . . .

    I think we just recommended Jerry Rivera and provided a few samples.
  14. bjp22tango

    bjp22tango Active Member

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Yes, I just want to make sure they have something fun to dance to without an obviously inappropriate lyric for a spanish speaker. They are having their wedding in Mexico. They don't speak spanish, but some of their friends might. I would have a really red face if music we picked that had good energy was about someone looking for a one night stand or something equally inappropriate.
  15. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

    bjp22tango, think it's great that you're concerned about that. Especially as I could see myself making that same mistake, so glad you're doing the legwork to avoid it. :)
  16. Me

    Me New Member

    Yes! I would like some appropriate suggestions for romantic salsa music as well, for I certainly would be the one to pick the most inappropriate of them all because it "sounded good." (The extent of my Spanish is "piso mojado.")
  17. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

  18. Big10

    Big10 Member

    It seems like this thread is long on discussion and short on specific suggestions so far....;)

    So, here are a few Salsa songs I would recommend, with good energy and the appropriate romanticism for a wedding:

    "Idilio" by Willie Colon

    "No Me Dejes De Querer" by Gloria Estefan
    (Description alongside the song includes lyrics in Spanish and English)

    "Tu Amor Me Hace Bien" by Marc Anthony
    (Description alongside the song includes lyrics in Spanish and English)

    "Betcha By Golly" Salsa remake by Ray de la Paz (sung in English)
  19. Captain Jep

    Captain Jep New Member

    Yes would suggest Marc Antony too

    esp Me estoy enamorando de ti (nice lyrics)
    (Cant find on YT unfortunately - but there are some nice upbeat versions - not just slow romantic ones)

    Also maybe Frankie Negron? ...

    Comerte a besos (Eat you with kisses)
  20. tangotime

    tangotime Well-Known Member

    Will make a list and mail... have both male and female singers.. Lupe probably the " Queen " of them all

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