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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by SDsalsaguy, Mar 24, 2004.

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  1. etchuck

    etchuck New Member

    Part of the difference is that there is a certain egotistical machismo in many Latino cultures (at least in that as I perceive it, it's very heavily emphasized that the man be "the man"), so I guess since salsa is the popular style of dance of the current day, that could have something to do with it.

    But otherwise, I do agree that the advanced salsero/as tend to dance only with those dancers in the clubs, and the rest of the beginning or insecure crowd tend to just stare and watch. It's not that I'm that intimidated, but I know I do more "ballroom salsa" and consequently I will ask people standing on the sidelines to dance, even if they don't know much. Probably if I started to take the intermediate salsa classes or start emulating more of the moves the salsa folks will do in many of the video clips you have pointed out (for which I am very grateful), maybe someone will notice and actually figure out I dance pretty decently, even if I don't do the multiple spin/hip bump thing.

    Of course, that sort of social casting will occur in any dance that I've gone to. It's just a question of how willing someone is to dance with me. If they only do one type of dance (swing or salsa or even just "ballroom"), they tend to refuse more often than if they were more broad in their dancing (do more than one club dance or integrate with ballroom).
  2. Genesius Redux

    Genesius Redux New Member

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    Brevity is indeed the soul of wit!
  3. aragonh

    aragonh New Member

    Dont u just love it . . .

    Trying to lighten up the mood but dont you just love it when you ask a lady (or guy for those ladies brave enough) to dance and they look at you up and then say no.

    Before I would have felt rejected, but now that Im more confident in my dance, I just laugh those people off!
  4. borikensalsero

    borikensalsero Moderator

    Re: Dont u just love it . . .

    I think the best is when they look at you up and down for a few seconds before they accept. DAMN!!! wat'up, this is just a dance you know.
  5. aragonh

    aragonh New Member

    I agree w/that!

    I agree. Whats even better are those that think about it, say yes and then dance with you with an feeling/attitude that screams 'Im Bored here!!"

    Then Im thinking
    "Oh man, im stuck here not having fun for 4 minutes!! I wish she did say No!!"

  6. borikensalsero

    borikensalsero Moderator

    Re: I agree w/that!

    I agree, it is best for them to say no than stand there looking like they rather be fly fishing.
  7. danceguy

    danceguy New Member

    The tough ones for me are people who make up lame excuses..I mean if you don't want to dance, just say "no" and I'll get the point. When someone says "oh, how about the next one?" or "I'm just resting right now, come back later" and then they get up to dance with someone else a minute later, that really shows bad character. :roll:

    At least be honest...I rarely turn women down, only when I'm getting ready to leave and I always very polietly tell them that I'm leaving, and then I do because its the truth. :?

    But yes...I'd rather someone say no than to be there looking bored out of their minds...then again when I'm having a bad dance, I just keep smiling and make the best of it...especially with a beginner.

    I'm getting better at reading body language though...there are many ladies I won't go near at all...*brrrrr* :shock:
  8. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    weeeeeell, interesting debate...
    to tell you the truth, i think SD is right, but others are right too...
    let me tell you how i see it.
    i used to be a lousy dancer, and got invited very little... i thought the guys were egotistic and wouldn't dance with me on account of my lack of skill, that they snubbed me a.s.o.... and then i changed my outfit (started to wear short skirts and tight pants...) and they were all inviting me... despite my lack of skill... but then it also changed 'cause i wouldn't get involved with them... some of them stopped inviting me even if i was getting better, and are still not inviting me now, when i am one of the best here and i even opened my own school! but others encouraged me and were nice, and for this i thank them!
    now that i am a better dancer, i do not refuse invitations from anyone, unless the guy is ripping my hands off, or has a bad smell or is hitting on me hard...
    of course i like dancing with those who have the same style as i have, it's easier, but i also enjoy the newcomers, with different styles, it is fun and even challenging...
    still, let me tell you most beginners or intermediates DO NOT invite me! some even confessed to me they are scared of me! that i am so good! well, i'm not as good as they think. and i even invited them myself... still they almost never come to me... and i know it for a fact that some people think i'm arrogant! why? because i'm a good dancer? because i'm sick and tired of inviting all those guys to dance and not being invited by them? because i enjoy dancing with women (beginners or not) since they never refuse me?!
    there are a lot of arrogant people out there, but i don't feel intimidated... i am dancing salsa to have fun! and they will never dissapear, no matter what we do... so why bother?!
  9. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    An interesting perepective on the salsa scene in your corner of the world squirrel! Welcome to df!
  10. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    thanks, sagitta... hope to be around for long... very long, and not be too boring for you guys and gals...
    and yes, my corner of the world is indeed fascinating... you'd be surprised if you came here!!! the most beautiful women in the world, some say... :))) - it's not a joke, i know many foreigners who moved to romania or are visiting it regularly due to the beautiful and interesting women here...
  11. borikensalsero

    borikensalsero Moderator

    Must go to romania! Who wants to join me? Romania has to be part of the tour! :D
  12. Mich

    Mich New Member

    What's wrong w/ salsa?

    Don't sell flyfishing short!

    Dear hubby and I dropped by a Salsa World Congress last weekend, attended one of the workshops on NY style and was blown away by the moves and styling that were presented. We also watched some other workshops. As a relative beginner, I appreciated seeing the new steps were laid out and how the more familiar steps were stylized. This was in Rome with instructors from all over, but most of the participants were young and talented Italians.

    But. In the various sessions I saw, there was very little presented on Connection. Without this skill, the leader and follower may stumble thru timing and steps, no matter what their level. That is my prejudice as a ballroom dancer where connection is constantly taught and re-taught.

    And as a follower, it makes a big difference in my ability to keep up with the salsa leader.

    Unfortunately, we did not have time to stay for the salsa shows and competitions. But I hope we can do so next time. It was a blast!
  13. danceguy

    danceguy New Member

    Let's go man! SD, Youngsta, what say you? As long as we can visit Vlad the Impalers castle as well, count me in! :D

    Hey, wait a minute've already got a leave all those beautiful women for us single guys! ;)

  14. borikensalsero

    borikensalsero Moderator

    Hey, I can go fishing as long as i don't reel one in. :D :p
  15. danceguy

    danceguy New Member

    Boriken, after seeing your posts and your picture, you don't need to even try to fish...I think you'd have a swarm of tiger sharks (aka Salseras) after you as soon as you walked in the club! :shock: ;)

    Then I'll introduce myself and say "My friend here is taken, but I'm not! How about it baby?!?!?!" :D :p 8) :D :kissme:

    Probably wouldn't work, but it'd be worth a try! ;)
  16. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Heck yeah, count me in! Obviously a crucial stop on the DF world tour!!!!
  17. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Re: What's wrong w/ salsa?

    Funny you should mention this Mich, as a WCS dancer made the same complaint to me at the Reno event this past weekend... her comment was that she noticed that salsa classes really didn't go into connection the way that WCS classes did.

    I pointed out that the classes she was comparing weren't exactly equivalent ones (i.e. all level WCS classes vs. Int/Adv salsa classes) and that it did vary from instructor to instructor, but she did have a point...
  18. borikensalsero

    borikensalsero Moderator

    hehe... You can always say like my girl has in the past. Oh that guy, he is gay, I wouldn't bother kicking it to him. :shock:
  19. Danish Guy

    Danish Guy New Member

    I was scared too. Not to make a mistake, but to get a no, ot to see the bored look in the eyes. But to being asked, wow. Then they asked for it! I was able to give it my best shot without getting a bad conscience for boring the lady. :roll:

    I still enjoy being asked, no matter the level of the dancer. And I do try to return the favour. :wink:
  20. Danish Guy

    Danish Guy New Member

    Sounds like a tour :D
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