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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by Paula M, Jul 29, 2010.

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    Not sure if i would call it political, more good manners. Tbh i find the idea of going somewhere where the norm is that everybody is entitled to make me dance with them irregardless of what i want to be not that appealing. I mean, in other threads we are discussing how uncomfortable it can be to dance with some people, with reasons ranging from hight to the presence of absence of SO's. So having norms in place that allow us to not dance when things are uncomfortable is in my opinion a good thing. A milonga is not a place to practice a social dance as a performing art, a milonga is a place to do social dancing.
    To some extent i think the difference in culture with ballroom parties is that ballroom parties are closer to what would be a practica in tango - from what i have read about ballroom dances when they were still social events independent of teachers or schools there were very similar structures - the proverbial dance card is a very efficient tool to only dance with people one wants to.

    YMMV, and all that
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    Words of wisdom from Gssh: "A milonga is not a place to practice a social dance as a performing art, a milonga is a place to do social dancing." But I have no idea what YMMV means. Please translate for me.

    Tango is a performing dance for many young couples who hope it will be their key to success abroad. The milongas have too many exhibitions which are always recorded by someone and uploaded to YouTube so the world can see the latest products to buy. One choreography doesn't mean a couple knows how to dance socially in a milonga or teach tango because they were born in Argentina.

    I was in the ballroom scene years before tango. Studios hold regular dance parties for the students to socialize. They form a bond that way and continue with lessons. There are perhaps a handful of ballrooms in the USA that still operate. They were big in the 1940s when everyone danced. My mother told me about using a dance card when she went to the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago.
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    1. She is very light and athletic, close to 50kg or 110lb. Then it's so easy to do any step together. She needs only a small movement of the hand to follow directions.
    I don't expect to do anything complicated, even volcadas, with a woman heavier than that.
    2. She heats up and starts breathing heavier when we are together.
    3. She goes to classes with me and doesn't avoid me when partners rotate in a class.
    4. She doesn't mind when I experiment with her trying new sequences.
    5. She is healthy and strong. She doesn't block turns, etc because she feels dizzy.

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