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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by MilenaSpain, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. tangomaniac

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    Virtually all the time in ballroom and Latin, the partners are on the OPPOSITE foot. In tango, there are many times the partners are on the SAME foot. I had to pay MORE attention to the woman's footwork in tango than in ballroom and Latin.
  2. Mario7

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    I wish that when I started I could have distinguished the difference between the social dance movements and performance movements... it took two years before I realized that the social dance only needed a few figures; walking, back ochos, walk to the cross, giros... to be a complete and beautiful dance... it was watching a performance done by social dancers who didn't change what they would normally do in a rhonda.

    since the great majority of youtube Arg Tango videos are of performance artists I was dazzled by sooo much unnecessary and complicated figures...also since, the teaching I was experiencing was focused on step sequences and more and more complicated figures.... the dance as a whole was more and more distant and mysterious ..
  3. Desert Diva

    Desert Diva Member

    I have to smile when you mention "tango bullies." There are some very inadequate dancers who pride themselves on their dancing but are totally clueless. Since I'm a follower, I'm talking about leads. However, I realize it works both ways.

    If you live in a "small pond," you're definitely at a disadvantage UNLESS you have caring and genuine dancers in your community who are more concerned with sharing the joy of tango instead of showing off like a peacock.

    A friend of mine has summed it all up perfectly: "I'm not a good enough dancer to dance with a bad lead." Some leads I've experienced in my community like to "bully" by saying "I lead that - why didn't you respond?" I say nothing, but seething up inside me I want to say, "Well, you must have done it incorrectly or sloppily because I didn't feel it."

    I asked a follower in my community what she does with she dances with a bad lead. Her reply: "I just dance around them." Her tango is full of showy adornments and embellishments, and she's thought of in my small community as a good dancer.

    To a certain degree, you do have to "dance your own dance" in tango and decide what's right for you. I travel 100 miles round-trip twice a week to take group lessons (and one private). However, one can never have too many "beginner basics." Your tango walk can always be improved, as can balancing on your axis, and your partner embrace.

    I've gone to many lessons, practicas, and milongas in different locations when I travel. I've also gone to a couple of tango festivals and am going to one at the end of this month.

    Everyone dances (and teaches) differently. I've learned that you have to decide what's important for you and leave the rest.
  4. Desert Diva

    Desert Diva Member

    I totally agree...
  5. tangomaniac

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    The Argentines only know 7 figures and they use them over and over and everybody seems happy. Besides, there are only three steps in tango. Think about it.
  6. Desert Diva

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    Absolutely! :)
  7. Kpacota

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    Don't be discouraged. There is always people, who know social Argentine tango and rules of the milonga inside out. We instruct beginners and we always take time to talk about what to expect at the milonga.

    Our dance is not show, but everyone can learn how to dance this and this makes it very enjoyable. Cheers!
  8. Brewmistress

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    As a follower, I wish more of my early lessons emphasized the importance of finding one's axes rather than steps and foot work I think I had been dancing six months before anyone talked about that. Also I wish I had known to ignore the mini lessons some men felt compelled to give at milongas , just because someone has been dancing tango for five years and are better than a beginner doesn't mean they are any good. unless they are teaching a class or you ask for advice they should not say anything and lead things a beginner can fallow or end the tanda.
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  9. dchester

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    Let's see:
    • Left foot
    • Right foot
    • ? ? ?
    OK, what's the third step?

  10. tangomaniac

    tangomaniac Active Member

    Back. Side. Forward.
  11. sixela

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    dchester, would you kindly include sarcasm tags for any post likely to be read by tangomaniac? ;-)
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  12. Mladenac

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    And one ET step, a pivot ;)
    (ET - extra terrestrial)

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