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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by latingal, May 3, 2009.

  1. architeuthis

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    This was a few comps ago, but if you're going to have a team stockpile of energy drinks (we always do), DON'T keep sipping absentmindedly while you're waiting for your heat - the amount I'd had didn't hit me until I stood up to stretch and warm up, and I felt like my heart was going to vibrate out of my chest. Did get me through 5 rounds of jive, though!
  2. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    I cannot drink that all
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  3. JudeMorrigan

    JudeMorrigan Well-Known Member

    A realization from my last comp: my happiness with my comp video is actually inversely proportional to how well I do at a comp. For example, I remember looking at my latin video from nationals and thinking "ok, that's not actually the complete hot mess that I thought it was. There are at least some good things going on there." On the other hand, I watched my video from Derby City (which went very well, with my partner and I winning silver and gold smooth), and it was full of "umm, erg, gah, why am I doing that?!?! Nononononono!"

    Expectations are silly things.
  4. Wannabee

    Wannabee Well-Known Member

    This!! This is so exactly me. And my last comp jolted this truth back into my memory. As a nice bonus, I was told my rhythm had improved to a point that no one would immediately know how much of a distant second it was to smooth. They have no idea what a complement that was lol
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  5. tanya_the_dancer

    tanya_the_dancer Well-Known Member

    I shouldn't bother wearing rings for anything except standard. They get in the way and can slip off. So much easier to not wear them at all.
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  6. MaggieMoves

    MaggieMoves Well-Known Member

    That happened to a couple from my studio last competition, but it was a watch instead. It flew off and almost hit her in the face. :beye:
  7. cornutt

    cornutt Well-Known Member

    I love watches, but I don't dance with one on. The only jewelry I wear while dancing is my wedding band.
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  8. latingal

    latingal Well-Known Member

    A nice reminder to continue to concentrate only on my efforts at improvement in my dancing at comps...placements are nice, but expectations are murder. LOL!
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  9. RiseNFall

    RiseNFall Well-Known Member

    Ditto this. And he did it with a breadth of students dancing well--i.e., none of us enter enough heats to be in contention for top student awards, though I entered enough that everything from the hips down hurts today. (I decided to take some advil and go back to bed until it has had time to take affect.)

    Throughout three days of competition, I was the most relaxed I have ever been able to be. It was noticeable enough that an instructor who I know from a neighboring studio commented on it. I was inspired by some of the other posts in this thread to do a series of competitions this summer to see if it would help how I deal with with them mentally and it seems to have works. (Thank you, dance-forums!) Moreover, I think it will carry over into all of my dancing, not just the competitions. It was actually a somewhat odd feeling, but it means there's now space in my head to do something else with while I'm dancing/performing/competing. I think I know what that should be, but it will take a while to develop.

    Also, I was very pleased with most of my dancing. I work primarily on smooth and I was particularly happy with some of my smooth heats. Unfortunately, not the championship--it was one of those, "uh, could we just restart this please?" events. Even there, I did some good dancing between some pretty bad errors. Of course, the championship is what I had videotaped on smooth day. :rolleyes: Not a fun way to end the competition, but I'm still pleased with my dancing overall and exciting to see progress.
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  10. dancerann

    dancerann New Member

    Hi! I think this is the right thread to post this in... I need help! I am a relative new dancer ( one year total). I have been very active in my learning process. I am at the studio daily and average 4-5 lessons a week. I did my first comp at 2 months in and got best newcomer award and placed 5th out of 9 couples in smooth 3 dance championship. I did a comp in April (smaller comp) obviously at a higher level (bronze 3). Did several championships and placed dead last in all. Figured that was okay because it was first real comp with 15 different dances.
    Just coming off my last comp and lots of prep and felt pretty good going in. Smooth was strong, standard somewhat shaky and international latin decent. Threw in some heats in am rhythm. Daytime championships were ehh but felt so good about my performance for evening rounds. (Open championships) Placed dead last again in all championships. Soooo demoralizing! I did a total of 130 heats (including championship rounds). I ended up with best bronze student award.
    This is where I need the help. I guess I should feel proud of that, but somehow I feel like I just ended up with that because of the number if heats that I did. I feel like it is more a prize for endurance than good dancing. If my scores were good enough for that then how is it that I come in dead last in championship rounds? It has really made me question my dancing-I am delusional in my abilities? (People tell me I look good, I get compliments, but maybe it is people just trying to be supportive) Is this something I should reconsider? I don't know if I can handle putting so much of myself into this and placing dead last every time. I am embarrassed and ashamed of the outcome. My instructor seemed okay and happy with all of it.
    Hoping for some perspective from people outside of my circle. Thanks.
  11. RiseNFall

    RiseNFall Well-Known Member

    When you say "Open Championships" do you mean "Open Bronze Championships" (which some comps have), or do you mean straight "Open Championships". Most people in those have been dancing, and working hard at it, for years. (Actually, most people in the Bronze Championships have been working hard for at least a couple of years, though there are exceptions).

    How the Best Bronze Student is determined should be available somewhere. It is usually a based on combination of number of entries and placements. How did you place in the non-Championship heats?

    What kind of competitions are these? NDCA, franchise, something else?
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  12. Bailamosdance

    Bailamosdance Well-Known Member

    Your scores do not reflect your dancing, they reflect your dancing compared to the others on the floor. One reason your entries are made in the levels and age categories you selected is so that you are competitive in those groups...

    You have only been dancing for a very short while in the Dancesport world, and it is not only probable that at this beginning stage you might do well at lower levels, but to assume that you will be competitive at higher levels against more seasoned and better dancers is not realistic. And I agree with you... I feel more heats than 5 or 10 IS an endurance contest and would not show anything more than how much you can dance.

    Good dancing is a long arc of progress.
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  13. dancerann

    dancerann New Member

    The evening was straight open. I realize some of the entrants are way above where I am, but there are others who are in my category. I had no delusions of winning, my biggest goal was not to be last. Of nine couples I would have been satisfied to be 8. I have a huge hangup about being last. The best bronze student is based on my total scores of all heats averaged. The event was franchise that uses NDCA format.
  14. debmc

    debmc Well-Known Member

    Hi DancerAnn. Being disappointed in results happens during the pro am experience. Sometimes we place better than other times based on a multitude of factors.

    Best bronze student can be won just by the sheer volume of entries. If you want quality over quantity I would recommend revisiting your goals and coming up with a strategy to be a more successful competitor as well as learning how to handle the times when your results are not as good as you had hoped.

    If you truly were doing open championships after one year of dancing, that is a category of very experienced dancers, so you may have simply been in the wrong category.

    How to get better? Make sure you are with a good pro ( do his other students do well?), and come up with a plan and some goals. You might decide to focus on one or two dance styles for right now,rather than four. Find a good coach in your area that can also give you another perspective of what you need to work on to improve. You might do smaller comps for awhile instead of the big ones, stay in closed bronze divisions until you are doing well in those, and make your dance goals more about what you want to see in your dancing improve, rather than how you want to place.

    Feel free to pm me if you'd like. I've experienced the entire range of placements during my pro am experience...both good and bad!
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  15. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    I would never expect to win a true open event at a non-franchise comp one year into competing and dancing 4 styles...I know franchise can be different but I think you need to re-assess your goals, and the quality of instruction...and attend some non-franchise comps...and yes, generally top student awards do mean "congrats, you are the gal who dropped the most coin" can help with placements if you have judges whose comps you attend or who coach you, but generally it is just an award for supporting the industry...figure out what you want to be good at, and do more research on how to get there...and you shouldn't be there in an year in any can get good at a franchise, but you are far too early in your process to truly know where you of luck
  16. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    there are very few places where top student correlates to quality...Ohio used to be a place where it meant something because they restricted number of heats that you could dance so it was more about placement and number of styles that you danced...but even they have now raised the number of heats you can dance....get a good instructor...make sure you know what that means...stop competing for 6 months and focus on the two styles that you love most...see if your pro has what it takes to teach you more technique before you go to a comp again...see if it pays off...learn how to practice...if none of that is helping, consider a move
  17. Cal

    Cal Well-Known Member

    Pay attention to decmc's statement. It's good advice.

    Having said that, if you REALLY don't want to place dead last, then if you happen to be at a competition where I'm competing and you enter the same category that I'm in - it doesn't matter if it's open or pre-bronze or anything in between - I can pretty much guarantee that if you can stand up straight, I will be the one who places dead last, not you!
  18. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member, that is not always true
  19. latingal

    latingal Well-Known Member

    I now have a good technical basis to work from, I spent more years then I want to admit learning to move my body with good latin technique in a coordinated manner. Enduring the years of awkward movement on the quest, while others looked amazing making beautiful lines and pictures was painful; hopefully now I will start to combine both and have the best of both worlds?
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  20. latingal

    latingal Well-Known Member

    Oh, and liquid gu is a life saver....

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