Dancers Anonymous > What (if any) instrument/s do you play?

Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by flashdance, May 30, 2010.

  1. dancelvr

    dancelvr Well-Known Member

    Piano here......years and years ago........used to love it.
  2. pr

    pr New Member

    Piano, violin and whistling. :p
  3. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

  4. katherinejh

    katherinejh Member

    I never played an instrument, but I used to be very involved in singing in high school. I was pretty good, but I haven't done any serious singing in ages.
  5. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    can't remember if I have ever posted here...a basic working capacity in oboe, cello, and piano...also professional voice lessons for a year
  6. ireniecat

    ireniecat New Member

    I've always wanted to learn piano. Tried in middle school. Failed miserably. Perhaps in another life.
  7. yagottabelieve

    yagottabelieve New Member

    Voice and piano as a hobby. (I no longer take lessons for either.) When I was younger, I learned recorder and saxophone.
  8. sambanada

    sambanada Active Member

    I play guitar a little
  9. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Maybe there are more "I use to play" instruments then currently playing?
    I use to play the Clarinet. Previous to that instrument - which turned out to be my favorite, the guitar, some drums, organ.

    My family and cousins are top notch musical. When I retire - I plan on playing the Clarinet again. Looking forward to it.:cool:
  10. bia

    bia Well-Known Member

    Viola! Until a few years ago, I found an orchestra to play in wherever I went. But during grad school, I decided that my schedule only had room for either dancing or orchestra. And I've never particularly loved playing just for myself, so I've hardly picked it up since. It's letting the whole orchestral sound wash over me, and knowing that I'm part of it, that I love. I'll get back to it someday.

    In childhood, I also had many years of piano lessons. That made a good basis for my musical education, but I never managed to reach myself emotionally with my piano playing, so I don't feel any urge to play again.
  11. Phil Owl

    Phil Owl Well-Known Member


    Fretted and fretless 5-string bass guitar

    Some keys
  12. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    The piano, my favorite...

    NURDRMS Well-Known Member

    Piano and trumpet
  14. Active Member

    Used to play a little piano, guitar, violin, drums and gu zheng(Chinese zither). Really only focusing on vocal all this while. Might pick up piano and/or violin/guitar again some time in future.
  15. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    saxophone.. tootle level 1.
  16. GGinrhinestones

    GGinrhinestones Well-Known Member

    Voice, piano, and a very little bit of guitar. Gave up the violin in 2nd grade after learning to play "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."
  17. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

  18. Lioness

    Lioness Well-Known Member

    I bought a piano today!

  19. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    Heart be still...
  20. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member

    How are you gonna move that sucker around with you? Don't you change houses frequently?

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