Dancers Anonymous > What (if any) instrument/s do you play?

Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by flashdance, May 30, 2010.

  1. SwayWithMe

    SwayWithMe Well-Known Member

    Years of piano, cello and voice. Dabble with guitar. Piano is the only one that gets proper practice time these days.
  2. cornutt

    cornutt Well-Known Member

    Welcome to DF, Sway!
  3. tonitas

    tonitas New Member

    Love the piano.. I play guitar though.
  4. tequila

    tequila Member

    Used to play the sax but quit as our school band rehearsals were on the same evening as ballroom lessons and never got around to starting again. Toying around with my didgeridoos sometimes (spent a year in Australia studying abroad... )
  5. Indiana_Jay

    Indiana_Jay Active Member

    My major instrument when I was an undergrad music education student was tuba. I "minored" in voice. I also play bass guitar. I played pianoforte as an undergrad but only well enough to barely pass the proficiency exam required of all music students. Now, I can't even play piano as ... ahem ... well as that (as if "well" ever accurately described how I played!).

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