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Discussion in 'Videos' started by jantango, Sep 13, 2012.

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    Why do only elderly people dance at that place? Has it got to do with the music, the opening hours, the usual segregation of generations, or the style of the organizer?
  3. jantango

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    If it wasn't for all those "elderly" people who dance at the milongas in Buenos Aires, tango would not be as popular as it is in the world today. They have kept the dance alive by going all their lives to the milongas. I don't think of any one of them as "elderly" because their vitality and energy are contagious. You see lots of happy faces at the end of a tanda. We'll be celebrating a 93rd birthday next Wednesday in lo de Celia Tango Club. Roberto Segarra dances nonstop in the milongas every day of the week! The milonga has two of the finest DJs in Buenos Aires and it's proven week after week by the dancers who come for the music.
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    Tango is popular in the world today mainly cause of travelling teachers who are younger. :cool:

    I would come to visit that kind of milonga, but I doubt I would stay cause of generations gap.
    Regardless of DJs and dancing quality.

    It's only me. Others may differ. ;)
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    Maybe once you get older.


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