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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by Suaveson, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. Suaveson

    Suaveson New Member

    Good evening all,

    Ok let's be honest, we are at different skill levels and to acheive those
    skill levels we have had to work. In all your years of dancing, (Be honest!!) can you recall the most embarrassing moment you've had while dancing or while trying to learn? :roll: :?:
  2. dancin_feet

    dancin_feet New Member

    Last night was quite funny and embarrassing at the same time.

    Doing laybacks in lambada you are basically dancing the whole thing with legs intertwined, and I bent my knees too much and ended up, crunch on my instructor's knee! :shock: :oops: We both ended up in hysterics, and trying to recover I pretended that he was Santa and told him what I wanted for Christmas! :lol:

    Fortunately nothing is really embarrassing with my instructor, he is really cool. 8)
  3. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Two. (Man. I am so committed to telling the truth here -- humiliation notwithstanding.)

    1. The time I was overwhelmed by personal issues and burst into a sobbing fit in the middle of a dance lesson. :shock: :cry:

    2. The time a former dance teacher decided I wasn't doing my following properly and walked me off the dance floor in the middle of a dance ... in front of all his students and a couple hundred other people at a public dance. Oh! :oops: :cry:
  4. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Mine was the first time when I went onto the social dance floor in 2002. It was months after I had taken a beginner swing class at the university, and I went to a place where they predominantly did lindy!! I tried ECS, but did not know how to start, kept on wandering off and on was horrible!
  5. KevinL

    KevinL New Member

    I hope this is at least part of why he is now your mormer teacher.

  6. KevinL

    KevinL New Member

    Most embarrassing? I doubt any of you will think this was embarrassing, but it's the "worst" I've got.

    One day during lunch at the 2001 Oakland Swing Dance Festival I saw a woman sitting alone near the little lake. I new she was a dancer because she had a wristband, and I thought that she was alone and new to dancing just like I was, so we started chatting. We introduced ourselves, and I tried to be supportive and encouraging of her getting out dancing. I found out later that "Ravitte Gall" is a well-known Lindy teacher (from Boston?), and probably knew half the people there personally. She was trying to spend some quality time with herself and I interupted her. I think it's funny now, but I was embarassed when I found out "who" she really was.

  7. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    :wink: well, embarassing for the woman in question. i turned up early for a milonga while the beginneers class was still going. A woman short of a partner invited me onto the floor.A s there was a shortage of men I obliged. I was met with encouragement like 'oh you're picking this up quite well.' and ' oh you'll get the hang of it soon I'm sure.'
    I smiled politely and said nothing (grinning inwardly to myself as I thought it was very amusing.)

    She didn't know that I'd been dancing tango for two years and that I teach beginners. Later after I'd been dancing for a while, I overheard her say to a friend '........and he didn't say a thing.' :wink:
  8. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    PS I also hum along qto the music quietly, and unconsciously. Some dancers find it amusing, others irritating and some don't seem to notice.
  9. MapleLeaf Salsero

    MapleLeaf Salsero New Member

    Hmm... That wasn´t very nice. :roll:
  10. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    No. It wasn't nice at all, but that's not why I stopped studying with him. I decided to view the walking off the floor incident as a lapse in judgment, which we all have from time to time, and I forgave him. After I told him that he hurt me, and that I deserve to be treated better, no matter how badly I dance. I got over it.
  11. Tasek

    Tasek New Member

    This was more embarassing for my dance partner than for me, but I felt really (really really) bad about it;

    The girl I was dancing with wore a bareback top which was tied up with some laces at the back (you can probably already guess where this one's going), as I was leading her through a spin my hand got caught up in said laces and the resulting tug left her 'uncovered' :oops: :oops:

    Her top didn't completely come off; sort of hung around her waist, so she pulled it up, I quickly escorted her to the nearest bathroom and after she had laced up again I apologised profusely; fortunately she was cool about it though.
  12. Phil Owl

    Phil Owl Well-Known Member

    While dancing:

    At a Hustle event in Boston, I noticed this one lady who hardly danced at all the whole night, I asked her, she accepts and then about 15 seconds into it, it becomes obvious why nobody asked her, SHE WAS THE MOST RUDE ARROGANT CONDESCENDING B&%$# I EVER MET IN MY LIFE! :shock: :roll: :headwall: :evil: I couldn't do ANYTHING right by her at all, she's trying to teach me a basic step while dancing, never did a 3 minute song seem to go forever!

    Needless to say, I never asked her again (I'm sure I'm not alone in that one).
  13. d nice

    d nice New Member

    I've had this happen to me.

    I was at a huge dance which was the kick off for a workshop weekend, and there was a begining lesson. I stepped in rotation to help out and I got this girl who was trying to teach me the basics of lindy hop.

    I didn't say anything, just laughed, apologized, and kept doing what the instructors were saying. It was the last part of the class so there wasn't anymore rotation by the time I got to her.

    To make things more amusing the instructors had everyone form a a circle and they pulled me into the circle and introduced me as the instrucotr that was teaching the workshop that weekend. The girl turned beet red, and hid as a jam in my honor was thrown. I just laughed and smiled the whole time.

    Oddly enough I didn't see her the rest of the night. I went looking for her... I wanted to aske her to dance.

    I can't help it, I'm mean.
  14. d nice

    d nice New Member

    That said, I embaress myself pretty much every night I go dancing.

    Last night I was dancing on a horrible floor, even my magic shoes couldn't get a decent slide... I tried a double heel slide and either the heels were just what I needed, or I hit the one slick (read: normal) spot on the floor, but I slid half the distance of the floor and fell on my keister. Hoots, applause, laughter...

    SO I did what I had, stood up smiled, executed a perfect sweeping bow and then started dancing again... thankfully when I fall I never bring my partner down with me. Which is especially good since my motto is...

    If you aren't falling you aren't trying hard enough.
  15. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    It's good to know that we lowly peons aren't the only ones who embarrass ourselves. Did I ever tell you about the time I fell flat on my butt in the middle of a formation rehearsal? I mean splat!! At least forty people watching. What could I do? Just stand up, pretend my elbow wasn't throbbing (it was) and keep dancing. *shrug*
  16. Hank

    Hank Member

    1. During a latin competition, the back seam of my pants split wide open.
    2. At a ballroom dance, I walked up to a woman I'd never seen before and asked her to dance. She jumped backwards, put her hands up as if to protect herself, and shouted, "NO!" Everyone turned and looked to see who was assauting that poor woman.
    3. At a swing dance, I was dancing with a woman I didn't know, and she began screaming. I couldn't hear what she was saying over the loud music, so I stopped dancing and asked her what was the matter (everyone was looking at us because she was screaming). It turned out she was screaming, "THIS IS THE MOST FUN I'VE EVER HAD!"
  17. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    I'm probably late of the bat as you already have 6 posts, but welcome to df Hank. I'm glad to have you with us. :D (Anyway I have a good excuse as I am just back from dancing.!!)
  18. Swing Kitten

    Swing Kitten New Member

    mine was being lead (it's my fault too though) into the bandstand-- I felt bad for the saxaphonist.

    it's not too bad at all but I'm still relatively new at this and I'm sure I'll have plenty more.
  19. ShyDancer

    ShyDancer New Member

    I havent had any yet!

    With the exception of my story in another thread regarding the guy I was talking about without realising he was behind me (all good things , but none the less embarrassing!) And I mean why would I notice anyone near me in a room full of mirriors right?? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    And special thanks to the 2 ppl who shared their stories about the halter tops coming undone! I shall NEVER wear mine out dancing again! :wink:
  20. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    accidents will happen....... :oops:

    the dangers of shoe laces:

    at a crowded milonga my shoe lace came undone and somebody from another couple stood on it so my right leg was pinned down until they moved so I improvised on the spot!! sorry terrible pun.

    Another time my partner caught the loop of my shoe lace in the strap oher shoe so our feet were pinned together. We had a three legged hobble to the edge of the dance floor to sort it out. :(

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