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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by Suaveson, Feb 12, 2004.

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    Totally off topic, but what does "TC" mean?
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    Terpsichorean Clod, one of our members/moderators, with a really high "knowledge threads" skill.
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    I speculate he's half computer. EERIELY good at the search function.
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    i believe CANI may be able to give him a run for his money, tho. )
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    TC isn't just good at searches either, he REMEMBERS these things....*as lg backs away bowing backwards*
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    showcase video. discovered too late that dress lifted revealingly on turns. a viewer referred to his use of the video pause button at a certain point in the vid. the nature of his curiosity aside, that's my most embarrassing moment WRT dance.

    i will never again wear a cocktail dress for a standard least, not without fishnets.:oops:
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    ahh see i've done a few searches and i never find what i'm looking for...but i'm not good at searching for anything. case in point: i was researching alcohol/substance abuse...the topic shows up "parenting styles for raising children"...uhhh WHAT?!?!?! lol
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    thank you griffico
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    It was in a recent competition when I wore hoop earrings. I have yet to figure out how the earring managed to fly out while I was doing the Cuban breaks. So I walked around the floor after the competition trying to locate my missing earring to find people trying to help me and they were asking what I was looking for.

    They happened to be the same people that I was facing when I was dancing and they claimed that they saw what happened. Apparently my earring slipped and fell between my 'girls'. I looked down and true enough, there they were, nestled nicely against the 'girls'. I was embarrassed but thanked them before I hurriedly walked away with my earring.
  12. famfam

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    at a comp. partner stepped on other girls dress, falls flat on her back during the round. i help pick her up, and kept dancing for the rest of the round (quite horribly to be honest)

    was more embarrassing for her i guess, but i felt terrible. people did shout out our number and give us an ovation for continuing the dance however.
  13. itsthisgirl

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    Not sure if you figured out the earing trick. Well i've done other forms of dance, and after high speed spins you need to make sure those suckers are in there or else they peg someone in the eye or something. I NEVER use real jewelry (i have a hard time keeping up with stuff). So get some cheap earrings, a pencil eraser, jab the earing through it, and bend the back of the earing (this is why you get cheap that looks nice) over the eraser to give it a sharp hook sort of look. The only way those things are coming off is if your ear comes off. And that is a whole other issue!
  14. itsthisgirl

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    That was really great of you! I seriously doubt the dancers around here would help. they would turn that poor girl into ballroom roadkill.
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    Yes this was very much an off day. So i joked around with my parter as usual and said if he doesn't straighten up i'm going to beat him up on the dance floor in my special way. WELL i didnt realize i was so clumsy today (lack of sleep). I managed to lose my balance and CRUNCH right on his toe. While joking around with another instructor i wasnt paying attention and raised my arm to grab on to him for a closed hold and scratched his face with my nail (he still has a red mark), and the other teacher knows i'm ticklish so after shooting comments at him he snuck up behind me with lightning speed and began to tickle me, my knee shot up and BAM in into my partners man parts, my arm also shot up and clocked him in the nose. YEAH he gracefully finished out the remaining 5 minutes but i noticed he stayed a little further away from me than normal while we were talking. i seriously hope he knows i was joking when i said i would beat him up in my own private way on the dance floor. I shall never joke around like that again.
  16. danceronice

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    I just use clip-ons (oddly less likely to slip than pierced) and add eyelash glue. PITA to remove, but they stay.

    Most embarrassing--at Windy City last fall I had waited until the week of to color my hair. Big mistake. It was still slick from the dye and conditioners and I apparently did NOT put in nearly enough product and bobby pins (and yes, I had a hairnet over the bun!) On my single heats, I could feel it coming loose and in Jive it finally disintigrated. When I finished I was picking up pins off the floor! Insult to injury, that was my first comp with NP, so I came off looking extra-flakey in front of him.
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    This is the first time I've come to a 16 page old thread for the first time only to go back and read each and every post from page 1. Keep 'em coming guys!!!
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    *I was talking to someone I had just met, and she asked me if I was dating my dance teacher. I'm 18. He's 45. She also referred to him as "Tall, dark, and handsome". My brain just froze and I spat out my age (apparently I don't look like I'm eighteen).

    *once i was feeling dizzy and was just learning V. Waltz. my instructor danced it with me at a social, and i didn't trip once during the whole thing, but at the end he spun me out and I just fell over. Luckily he caught me by the arm XD Everyone went from "that was lovely!" to "oh no are you alright!?"
  19. Ray Sison

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    Dipping and dropping (oops!) a slender, lovely, petite girl to the floor--upon which she quipped, "Are you trying to tell me that I'm heavy!" (With a big smile on her beautiful face.) *ok, not really that embarrassing--but I'm hard-pressed to think of something*
  20. chomsky

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    We were dancing samba with a girl teacher at a party. It's something I haven't mastered at all and she tried a complicated step with me. I can't remember the name but it's a progressive step and we crossed the dancefloor. I lost my step and froze up! Everyone could see us as there were only 5 more couples on the dancefloor.
    That was a traumatic experience. I thought I would never be able to do this step again. Thank god another lead tried it with me and it went a lot better. I'm not stuck anymore!!!!

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