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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by Angelgold45, May 22, 2012.

  1. Angelgold45

    Angelgold45 New Member

    Hi all ,Today i was thinking about my new years solution which was to learn how to dance actually always wanted to dance i took ballet class when i was younger for 3 consecutive years but quit because my mom never signed me up for the next year then later lost interest , but ever since i seen ABDC (America's best dance crew) every season I've been inspired by atleast one crew to get back into dance again but never had the courage to get out there always thought i couldn't do it but now i think im ready to learn (im 15 now as of this year )

    The Genres that i want to learn are .....
    ~Hip hop (like poping & such also like's Chachi's style but not completely like hers don't wanna be a copy cat)

    ~Electronic (like tutting and dubstep dancing i listen to electro alot)

    ~Belly dancing (Shakira's song & music videos inspired me alot when i was younger and still does)

    if possible can you find these tutorials online if not then whatever , doesn't matter that much just the effort thanks :)

    ill be replying tomarrow i have to go to bed
  2. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

    Hi Angel, and welcome to DF. Perhaps DF may be the wrong address because couple-dancers gather here. There are also forums for line, square, counter, and solo dances, but sorry, I do not know those urls.
  3. mjnemeth

    mjnemeth Member

    Just go to youtube and search! Like: dubstep dancing tutorial , which works. Also
    try the site ehow , here you'll find complete tutorials on things.
  4. Angelgold45

    Angelgold45 New Member

    oh ok thanks you guys !
  5. mjnemeth

    mjnemeth Member

    You're welcome. It's probably really not a good idea to kearn just from videos.
    Why? You cannot ask videos questions! While you can replay them
    you cannot always see what you want too. An instructor can tell you what you're doing wrong and right and what you need to do to improve. I would advise you look at more than video on a step. You might get tips or notice different things in different videos.
    Might be a good idea to practice with someone for those reasons too.

    Not sure where you're located but if it is the US you can find cheap classes. I have seen both belly dancing and hip hop. Usually given
    by community adult ed. sometimes the Y and other groups.
  6. Wolfgang

    Wolfgang Member

    You can't learn how to dance just from online videos.
    They can be of additional help, but depending on where you are, there should be classes held somewhere.
    Dance studios are often too expensive for young people (they're pretty expensive for older people, too....), but to give you an example, in my area, there's at least one community center where a Hip-Hop group gathers in the evenings and does their thing, sometimes they have classes for newbies.
    Fitness centers sometimes offer belly dancing classes.
  7. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    fitness centers also often have ballroom dance and zumba...

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