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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by cornutt, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. stash

    stash Well-Known Member

    Right... Cuz that's a great way to treat guests at the wedding you invited them too....
  2. mindputtee

    mindputtee Well-Known Member

    That's what we did for my sister's wedding, but we're a very DIY family. My uncle would have been offended if he hadn't been asked to help and my aunt asked to do the flowers as her bridal gift.
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  3. stash

    stash Well-Known Member

    My family doesn't work that way, and it would be rude to expect his family, who has to come down from buffalo and cali to do that as well.
  4. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    what is her excuse?....I would be worried that she had damaged it and was trying to get it repaired....or....wanted to dance more that the event she told you about in it.....
  5. mindputtee

    mindputtee Well-Known Member

    I've seen her a couple times at practice and she had said she just kept forgetting to bring it. I didn't care until I needed it back and she was being difficult about that. She hasn't danced at any of the events I can think of that she might have since then, I think she honestly did just keep forgetting, though the thought that it's been damaged definitely crossed my mind. She's been interested in buying the dress before, and I've even offered it to her at a discount since she's rented it at least 3 times. It looks like I'm going to get it back Saturday, just in time for the fitting Sunday, but it required some poking. I was hoping to get it in time to wash and dry and have it all fresh for the prospective new owner, but this may have to do.
  6. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    that would be the last time she wears it....very inconsiderate....
  7. mindputtee

    mindputtee Well-Known Member

    Or maybe I'll just raise the rental price... $50 is pretty cheap anyhow.
  8. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

  9. JudeMorrigan

    JudeMorrigan Well-Known Member

    For the quality of gowns you make? I'd certainly say so.
  10. mindputtee

    mindputtee Well-Known Member

    :shy: Thank you. I was afraid to ask for more initially because I made it and so I don't think others would pay as much as for a big name or "professional" gown, though now I've made enough for other people I could probably be considered a "professional".
  11. raindance

    raindance Well-Known Member

    Your rental fee should also be enough to make it worth it to you - for your time and effort (getting the dress to and from the renter, cleaning, etc), the general wear and tear to the dress, and the risk to your dress (hopefully minimal, but accidents happen). I haven't seen your gowns in person, but from the photos you have posted here, they look like they are worth a "normal" rental fee from a dress rental company.
  12. JudeMorrigan

    JudeMorrigan Well-Known Member

    I am sore and tired and am already stretch thinly enough that more caffeine would be a bad idea. Tempting though it is.
  13. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member

    Nevermind the hassle getting them back from recalcitrant renters. :rolleyes:
  14. mindputtee

    mindputtee Well-Known Member

    I am happy to announce the dress has been recovered from the renter and appears to not have been harmed in any way!
  15. Dancing Irishman

    Dancing Irishman Well-Known Member

    You've just described my least favorite feeling...possibly only surpassed by the dreaded caffeine jitters.
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  16. Hedwaite

    Hedwaite Well-Known Member

    I never had caffeine jitters, and I drink a slightly above-average amount of caffeine. I had one short Monsterccino of sorts one time, and didn't sip it. It was scary-feeling. I do NOT know how people can take drugs TO get that feeling for FUN.
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  17. stash

    stash Well-Known Member

    Scanner at work is not working.... And I have a giant pile of things to scan... Hopefully the amazing IT guy can come and fix it. I hate windows computers...
  18. Lioness

    Lioness Well-Known Member

    New internet company only gives bills about a week overdue before they cut you off...this is a huge difference from every other utilities company which gives a month before sending even the first overdue notice.

    Also I am so tired of working 6 days a week. I never see BF, I don't have time to finish the dress I'm making for my friend before august, and I'm mentally exhausted. Have expressed this to my manager and now he's gone and hired two new people, one of whom is on a 25 hour contract, so I'll probably lose all my hours.

    Not happy and life is not looking so great at the moment.
  19. mindputtee

    mindputtee Well-Known Member

    Mmm... really good mango. My face is probably going to break out from it (allergy) but it was worth it.
  20. llamasarefuzzy

    llamasarefuzzy Well-Known Member

    Had a really big spider that I successfully killed, albeit with quite the loud soundtrack. On the upside, none of my neighbors called the cops, which is good because it would have been embarrassing to explain that there was a spider and no murderer attacker/etc involved. OTOH, if said murderer was actually a problem, I now know nobody would call the cops.

    Going to go drink some tea and hope my hands stop shaking soon
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