Why Do Dancers Smoke?

Discussion in 'Dance Articles' started by BodiesByBija, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. Simi-Lanjiao

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    I got into salsa because I smoke cigars. LOL.

    Turned out that there were people having salsa classes at one of the cigar lounges in town... and the rest was history. Nobody could tell me off for puffing away after class because it was a cigar lounge in the first place. :D
  2. Bailamosdance

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  3. SpiritBoy

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    Sadly, many dancers and athletes in general use smoking as a means to control their weight. Cigarettes contain some very addictive substances that are very hard to over come. I myself have never smoked and never will. I hate the smell of cigarettes.
  4. Shane Parkins

    Shane Parkins New Member

    There are actually some really good forums out there to help you quit too ! I know a few people who quit using quickmist and several forums
  5. toothlesstiger

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    To all who say "never": I am old enough to have known many people who had to eat their words on many versions of "I will never...". I was certainly in that category when I was young. And when we are in difficult circumstances, emotional or otherwise, it's a prime opportunity for "never" to become "now". Sometimes it's comical, sometimes it's tragic. In my case, it was on the heels of a painful divorce.

    Yes, smoking is unpleasant to non-smokers, and unhealthy to all that come in contact with it. But a little understanding goes a lot farther than demonization.
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  6. Alexandar Spassov

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    I don't know where is the problem. Everybody decides if he want to smoke or not. That discussion is very difficult becouse the both sides have there vision about this question. But you definitly cant judge some who want to be a dancer and who smoke. Its there decision.
  7. Leon

    Leon New Member

    Why get a high (actually it's a low) from smoking when we can dance!

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