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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by elaine, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. poopy

    poopy New Member

    9 US in dance shoes, or 9 in street shoes? I still don't get whether its 2.5 off your dance size or 2.5 off your street size.
  2. thespina13

    thespina13 New Member

    Is there a dance shoe specialist in your area? I have a lady here in Edmonton who'll measure your foot and put in a custom order for you that goes to England. It takes a long time to get the shoe, but many people have odd feet. She's over 6'5" and is well acquainted with ballroom dancing in big big shoes. Im also very tall, have wide feet and long feet (I'm 5'11"), and wear three inchers. If you can find someone to help you get custom shoes you shouldn't have a problem.
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  3. noobster

    noobster Member

    Most of the dance heels I've had have had this type of buckle. I love it as you can slip it right on and off in about half a second, rather than having to futz with putting the pin in the hole each time.

    I have one pair of shoes with a regular buckle and it always seems to take ages to get them on when I really just want to be dancing!
  4. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    Maybe there was something wrong with mine - perhaps the strap was too soft as the hook kept getting tangled. It may also be that I like to have the strap fairly tight - none of my shoes fit very well - and these buckles are not very good with a bi of pressure.
  5. poopy

    poopy New Member

    I ordered some Supadance! I am excited, they are coming this week.
  6. noobster

    noobster Member

    Was the buckle too big? If the buckle is large enough the hook can go through the square opening in the buckle instead of hooking around the strap behind the buckle. It's a little annoying but it doesn't take too much care to prevent it from happening.
  7. poopy

    poopy New Member

    My Supadances came! Even though they were "wide" they were still quite narrow and I had a very hard time getting the front of my foot in....they are really do I know if they are too tight? There were marks after I took them off just after 5 minutes. Not sure if I should just keep them and hope they stretch out alot
  8. danceislove

    danceislove New Member

    Which style did you buy? You may have order a style that runs narrow to begin with so that the "wide" version is still very close to a regular width.
  9. poopy

    poopy New Member

    [​IMG] Got these---they weren't as wide as I hoped! I don't know if I should keep them or not. My foot is really smushed. But it may be the best I can do since ordering from the UK site to get an XXW would be risky.
  10. danceislove

    danceislove New Member

    I have those in a regular width and they are a bit tight on me in the width, but i have wide feet. I didn't find them to run particularly narrow. Maybe you should try going up a size?
  11. poopy

    poopy New Member

    maybe i should just keep these and see if i can stand them. hopefully they will stretch out......i mean at least i could get my foot in without cracking any bones.

    i can't go up a size, it will be too loose on the length. i got the 2s in Supadance they are even slightly large on the length **tear** but narrow on the width **tear**

    i'm tempted to get these Capezio Brenda's in wide because they are so pretty...but I'm sure the quality is not as good as Supadance. Showtime didn't sell any black ones in Wide that I i am considering these. They come in wide and offer more spice on the side of the foot since there are only 2 skinny straps. has anyone tried these? is the quality too crappy for $100?


    oh and i like your makeup in your avatar danceislove :)
  12. poopy

    poopy New Member

    when you get a new pair of shoes, is it normal to have to struggle to get your front foot to fit?
  13. earline

    earline Member

    Yes i have the same problem .could anyone tell where I can find 2 inch latin shoes in wide width. Thank you so much

  14. Corne

    Corne New Member

    Someone wrote about "comfort dance shoes" (obvious URL) and that they are made in wide widths. Did anyone try these shoes ? How long do they last - hopefully not a practice or two like my current practice shoes (ordered from outside USA) ?

    Apart from ordering wide widths and lower heel - 2 inch - from supadance UK website......anybody else got any suggestions on court and practice shoes in wide widths ? Any US supplier of supadance shoe in these requirements - i looked left and right on web but to no avail.
  15. bastet

    bastet Active Member

    you might try ordering shoes with an adjustable front buckle since "wide" has a variety of meanings from "a little wide" (like the next half size up in width but not length) to "I-need-to-have-my-shoes-handmade" wide.

    I have a friend who has a short, very wide foot- with foot width being something like a full size up from the width associated with her foot length....( I guess she'd be something like a double wide width or a "D" or something). She has to be very careful what shoes she gets or get handmades for dancing. But there are some adjustable front shoes out there in several brands- Supadance and others- that might fit the bill.
  16. Corne

    Corne New Member

    Thanks for reply. I am in need of standard court and practice shoes since i only dance standard. A lot more choices for latin adjustable width shoes... thanks again.
  17. bastet

    bastet Active Member

    well- no problem- I dance mostly Argentine tango now so am not up on all the ballroom shoe availability. For practice shoe- I know there are adjustable front shoes, usually mesh with lace up- which will accomodate a wider foot. For closed toe shoes- I"d say your best bet is too see what may be out there that has a very rounded toe area. The pointy toes are going to fit narrower. Sorry I don't have more info- best of luck in your search! Maybe they'll start making something soon, but I thought I had seen some buckle type fronts on standard shoes a year or so ago. ???? Can't remember where.

    For tango practice, I use my Aris Allen Rugcutter's. They are super comfortable, all leather and have a small flexible platform so I can stay on my feet for a long time. They have a lace-up front that will accomodate most feet unless very wide or very narrow and becasue they are suede, will last a long time.
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  18. danceislove

    danceislove New Member

    Ok I've already searched the old threads and didn't find anything. I desperately need to find some shoes that fit my feet. I have fairly big, wide feet and a high arch. I wear a size 10 street shoe, typically a 9.5 dance shoe (haven't figured out my correct UK size yet). My feet are wide across the toe box and I have a high arch. I'd like a flexible shoe that is really bendy and easy to point. To make things more complicated..I would prefer a 2.5" heel or lower, but I would wear any size heel if the shoe fit correctly!!

    Ok I suppose that is my criteria, does this ring any bells for anyone? Pleaseee share your shoe suggestions for me. :notworth:
  19. dlgodud

    dlgodud Active Member

    I just ordered and received a pair of shoes from www.zem. I actually ordered two pairs with wrong size, but sent them an email to change the size. I have wide and short feet, so it's extremely hard to find shoes that will fit on my feet.

    I received one pair which was made with the wrong size, but I think I can wear them. The other one they will remake with the correct size. I am waiting for those. I ordered Extra large size of International.

    If you are willing to take risk, I would suggest to take look at the website. They make XXL size as well.
  20. danceislove

    danceislove New Member

    I'm assuming you mean www. dancesport .uk .com?
    zem is a software company...

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