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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by elaine, Aug 25, 2004.

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    Thanks for the help latingal. Like you, I wear regular width street shoes, so this is sounding more like the right shoe to get. Thanks.
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    I wear the Ray Rose Blizzard in the M+ and they're perfect. The satin straps are not lined, and they do stretch a little bit, but not very much. But what I like about the Blizzard is the straps all come together in a big "knot" on top, which actually allows you to somewhat regulate the width! (I am between a Regular and Wide in street shoes.) Hope this helps!
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    I thought of another question about the RR shoes. How many sizes down from the US sizing do you suggest?

    I currently am wearing a 5 1/2 US but am beginning to think this may be a bit big because even though my toes hang off the ends of the shoes when standing, when I go to point the bottom of the shoes then sticks out past my toes by almost an inch. Shouldn't the toes still be at the end of the shoe when the foot is pointed?
  4. ireniecat

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    I wear a US size 6 for my street shoes, and 3.5 in my RR. I used to wear 3 thinking I wanted a super snug fit, but I was having a lot of foot pain. Finally, my chiropractor told me to go up half a size and it's made a huge difference.

    I personally don't like it when my toes hang off the edge of the shoe more than a tiny bit. And I definitely want my toes to stay inside the shoe when I point my foot. Just as an example... try doing a press with a hip roll barefoot and see how painful it is for your big toe. That's essentially what you'd get if the toe is at the end of the shoe when pointed. But if the toe is "inside" the shoe, you have that extra support from the shoe!
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    Thanks ireniecat for the help.
  6. latingal

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    I wear a street size 6.5 in US sizes and a 3.5 in RR UK size. My toes hang off a bit when standing, but not much. When I point the shoe extends slightly past my toes.
  7. I'm not sure if anyone still needs help with this but I have wide feet and I've had a ton of shoe drama since I started dancing. In a very very short time, I've been through 4 pairs of international shoes! I realized that whatever shoe your dancing in makes a HUGEE difference in the way you dance so choose wisely!!! And if possible, go to a dance shoe store and try on as MANY shoes you can/want. That's what the stores and sales people are there for.

    I went to Worldtone Dance and was there for about 2 or 2 and a half hours. I finally settled on Supadance 1401. The truth is, I bought a half a size smaller than what I needed bc my feet sweat a lot a satin stretches a lot. The top portion of the shoe KILLED my feet for the first 2-3 weeks. I was taping my toes to prevent blisters almost everyday. Despite that, I loved the snug fit and felt very grounded in them. Now, after wearing them in, I love them even more. I even bought the same pair (as an extra pair) and instead of killing myself for the first 2 - 3 weeks, I put a shoe stretcher (the ones that stretch the widness of the shoe, not the length) in the shoes (5 days for each shoe) and they've stretched enough so they won't cut off the blood from my toes.

    Also, I wear 2.5" (which I recommend to be the shortest heel for international latin unless you have knees,ankles,feet problems) but I'm looking to move up to 3 inches. Since most Supadance 3" heels don't come in W (doesn't make sense for them money wise), you have to put in a special order for it.
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    I tried searching, but I couldn't see that this was addressed specifically (if someone else finds it in 5 seconds I'll feel pretty stupid). I have a student who has REALLY wide feet. I don't know what size, but I know she's looked around a lot and the only shoes she's found that work for her are latin shoes that have a strap across the top (over the ball of the foot) that makes it adjustable. Given that she's mostly interested in smooth dances, it's a bit of a problem. Does anyone have recommendations for a smooth shoe or a practice shoe that will fit a very wide foot?
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    ...And shoes for men as well??? I have a lot of trouble finding wide style shoes for Latin and Standard... Help!!
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    No guarantees for her, but I've had success for my own wide feet with shoes made by SoulDancer USA -- you can get them various places, but I generally use the Dance Sole website. I think all of the styles come in wide sizes; I also use a shoe stretcher on them before first wear. Not the highest level brand, obviously, but I've found their standard shoes to be perfectly acceptable quality for me, and the affordable price is nice, too.

    Another thought: I just checked the "Dance Connection" website, because DH just bought a pair of shoes from them at a comp, and he raves about the comfort in comparison to any other dance shoes he's ever had. (He doesn't have wide feet, but I thought the vendor might have something appropriate, since they appear to really focus on fit and comfort.) According to their website, all of the "Comfort" brand shoes come not just in wide, but also in double wide. (That said, the brand's own website doesn't list the double wide size for all styles, so I don't know what's up with that.) Maybe worth looking into.
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    For a practice shoe, you might try Sienna by Freed of London. They are lace-ups and have a good stable heel. Onstage Dancewear has the best price on them. They aren't the cheapest but are very durable, and comfy for the most part (I do eventually add an extra pit of padding as they wear down).
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    Really wide smooth shoe: Supadance smooth shoes, either the T-strap (very, very wide) or the ankle strap (wide). I could not wear either, and I have wide feet. They swam on me. I tried putting in insoles. No good. Tried heel cushions. Nope. Kiss that $300 goodbye.
  13. twnkltoz

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    Wow! Great ideas, everyone...thanks! keep them coming.
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    I have wide feet and had trouble looking for standard shoes for the longest time, but I settled on Supadance style 1008 in gold co-ag and they work great for me - not only they come in wide fitting, but the leather-like material easily stretches to the shape of the foot. I could wear them for a full practice new out of the box without any discomfort.
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    Have you tried Dance Naturals? You can order the shoes from their site, and they are quite customizable in terms of width proportions to shoe size. A little bit pricey though.
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    a word on post padding; our requirements to reach the point of being able to post an ad or link are so high that it is futile...please read our guidelines...thanks
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    They do fit a wide foot, but I gave up and started dancing Standard in my Smooth shoes because I have worn midrange figure skates that were more flexible than the 1008s (for reference--figure skates have leather thick as plywood in the soles.) I feel like I'm trying to dance with no range of motion in the foot. I wear...I want to say they're a 15-something, the t-strap Supadance smooth shoes with the multi-strap vamps. They're the only Smooth shoes I've found that are wide enough for my foot.
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    Check out I have ordered extrawide from them and was very pleased. If you can't find your shoe on the site then contact them directly.
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    Please PM me your Edmonton and any other custom makers as I havr a size 12/13 womens shoe in N to Med and cant find a thing.
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    WildE, you're responding to an old thread, and the member you are quoting I don't believe has been here in some time. I take it you are in Edmonton... anyone else here from Edmonton who can help our new member out?

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