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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by nondancer, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. nondancer

    nondancer New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Isn't it great how so many of you poured out your whole hearts and souls in helping my wife and I with our problems, and I just popped up out of nowhere.

    I sincerely believe the advice we received was far more significant than a marriage counselor could have offered (unless she also was a dancer). What are BM's credentials? It took me sometime to analyze some of her advice but it was significant. But as you can see by our decisions we took all advice into consideration to see what would work best.

    My wife has always told me that the people at her dancing classes are very friendly and caring, but then again, my wife is also like that.

    Initially, I did some searches on this forum for anyone with a similar situation and came up empty. I then decided why not do a post and I am certainly glad I did so. You "DANCERS" surely came through for a "nondancer". Thank you.
  2. BM

    BM New Member

    Glad that my verbose posts were handy to a degree. :) I am a Communication major at Boston University, specialising in Public Relations. I am also considering a Psychology minor. In addition to that, I have experience in maintaining relationships through my experience in event planning for collegiate ballroom competitions. Perhaps not the most exciting resume, but I know how to take what I've learned and apply it to new scenarios.

    I sincerely hope that you both have the opportunity to differentiate in the healthiest manner possible. ::grins:: Fancy terminology aside, the best of luck to you and your wife. I'm glad that you posted here! It not only demonstrates that you have the drive to fix what's not spot-on in your life (and props for it), but it also introduces you to our community, and we are very happy to have you!
  3. BM

    BM New Member

    ::laughs:: Thank you, reb!

    EDIT: Oh, and I absolutely LOVE Knapp's model, and would be more than happy to discuss it with those who exhibit the curiosity in another thread or via PM, if they wish. ;)
  4. Easy

    Easy Active Member

    So Cool :cool:
  5. Laura

    Laura New Member

    It very accurately modeled my own experience.
  6. Zhena

    Zhena Well-Known Member

    Although your searches may not have found a thread specifically about this situation, this issue is actually an underlying current to a significant number of discussions here. I think much of the advice was not just/merely/simply a response to your question, but a re-evaluation and re-statement of conclusions reached on an individual basis. As you can tell from the stories and examples, a lot of us are concerned about the effect our dancing has on people we love who don't dance or understand dancing.

    It's not as spontaneous as it may have appeared to you ... you just touched a hot button ... yes, we (if I may include myself in the group) are happy to help a nondancer understand the world of dance ... but the depth of the discussion comes because the question is NOT new, but one that is very real to us in our own lives.
  7. dance234

    dance234 New Member

    Nearly every married middle-aged-or-older woman of my acquaintence who began dancing after the age of 40 has a very, very similar story to nondancer's - with varying outcomes, of course. i hope it works out!
  8. oh don't hold your breath. I don't think they'll have any men working in those clubs except maybe the own I've heard.
  9. Easy

    Easy Active Member

    Why they're still referred to as gentlemen's clubs is beyond my understanding
  10. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    so that the men who go there can live in a state of denial about the kind of men who really go there
  11. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member

    You mean their husbands have similar stories.
  12. nucat78

    nucat78 Active Member

    B/c Boobie Bar doesn't sound as good?
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  13. Easy

    Easy Active Member

    What are boobies?
  14. BM

    BM New Member

  15. Easy

    Easy Active Member

    BM I can't believe you put that nasty link on here ;)
  16. nucat78

    nucat78 Active Member

    Collect valuable prizes!
  17. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    ;)hmmm...and what does it say that you were the first to go there?
  18. Easy

    Easy Active Member

    That I was really curious?...but that doesn't mean I was the first to click on the link...just the first to post about the experience. Kidding of course.

    You can't have your boobies and eat them too...they're probably on the endangered species list :)
  19. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    lol....I am just going to look the other way and pretend I did NOT read that post
  20. etp777

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