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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by GJB, Sep 2, 2013.

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    that's really uncalled for.
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    My laughter?
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    I apologise.
    But to be clear, I wasn't mocking you.
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  5. I still don't get this more emotional than physical, one or the other, I don't think you can delineate things along those lines in dance...I would say that's Riccardo and Yulia's rumba is the one that's more the raw, athletic talent (but, less polished, especially Riccardo) than Micheal and Joanna who are talented and athletic, but more artistic, smoother...R&Y are the ones that push power and speed with less 'dance' feel, that's why they show less well in Rumba than Cha Cha, Samba, and Jive, look at M&J in rumba: the flow, the languid actions, movement, motion (sharp but less jerky), their more together, connected even apart, R&Y look distant toward each other even dancing rumba, the romanticism looks forced, I see M&J so much better in Rumba, and the more danced looking as opposed to the raw less artful movement by R&Y specifically in Rumba
  6. youtube [dot] com/watch?v=Pi6szxTDUJg
  7. I didn't care for Franco in the Franco/Oxana rumba, Franco? I don't see any rumba?...and Riccardo the video from Embassy, it was poor to me, I can't think he would want anybody seeing it, it lacks some many things, but very weak body movement, smoothness, or finesse....but, then again I actually watched the videos
  8. SOLUTION: repeat Slavik & Hanna video!!!!!

    youtube [dot] com/watch?v=jZ6Xh0-ZyyM
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    Mambo, my post was in regards to athleticism vs. artistry.
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    What can I say, just not enough hours in the day to be spending my precious time watching every single video that gets posted. Not that I tried to analyse specific performances, anyway - I was speaking of the more general impression and overview that I get from the couples who I see / have seen very often.

    But I would say that I do agree with you overall on this, regarding the feel, the connection, the romanticism and the artistry as you stated.
  12. Yes, that is what I was responding to in more complex way, isn't this a false dichotomy? Athleticism versus artistry as an either/or proposition...I don't agree that you can frame it like that, but I don't agree with the boxes your using nor the conclusion either...I think M&J are athletic yes, but polished and in a more danced, styled way

    athletic versus artistic is a false dilemma, false dichotomy, someone says it's athleticism vs artistry, why? I don't agree with premise nor the conclusion that R&Y are artistic and M&J are athletic, if anything (if the premise were indulged) it seems it would be reversed
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    i am not saying you HAVE to be one or the other. Certainly all the top couples have both aspects or they would not be top couples, no? I am saying I am of the opinion that M&J's style is more athletic-saturated than art-saturated.
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    agree and that is why I prefer yulia and her man du jour
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    ...not verbatim...but yes
  16. I still don't think you can classify it that way, M&J are athletic "saturated" or focused or more athletic, I don't agree, as I said if anything R&Y are more athletic and less artistic (and even further with Riccardo having less command of technique: looking more raw, less polished, and less danced looking - and I would say using Yulia as a centerpiece or "the focus" helps to cover up his lack of polish, technique, or sophistication on the floor)...on the other hand M&J are more artistic, but also athletic obviously, but it doesn't predominate, because other things are present: technique, polish, artistry
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    It's all personal opinion! And it's good to have a diversity of it. :)
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    Hi guys and gals, I am new here, HUGE ballroom latin fan. Just wanted to jump in this convo, I have been looking everywhere for this world championship but cannot find anything :( As for Michael and Joanna, I can't understand why they wouldn't compete, I really hope for their sake it was not because they felt they couldn't win against Riccardo and Yulia. That is a BS excuse IMO especially since they seem to always be favored whenever they compete in the UK yet Riccardo and Yulia still chose to compete and go head to head with them in the UK and have never backed down. That is what being a competitor means, if you're only going to compete if you know you will be favored to win that defeats the purpose of competing IMO. But like I said I highly doubly M&J chose not to compete for that reason, I just couldn't imagine world class competitors being that petty and having poor sportsmanship like that.

    As for the comp itself, does anyone when it will become available to watch?
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    In fairness I think any man having to frame Yulia is going to appear less polished standing next to her, she is beyond breathtaking with her movements, I've never seen another woman move like her and I don't we will ever see another like her. I don't think Riccardo is less polished at all though, he holds his own, unfortunately for him because his partner is so phenomenal he is overlooked a great deal. It was the same when Max was her partner. Its sort of the double edged sword when you have a partner as flawless as Yulia. JMO
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    I hoped paradigmdvd would upload it; they usually upload Embassy. I waited. They didn't. I don't think they will. I don't know about the DVDs though.

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