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Discussion in 'Dancing on TV' started by Big10, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. star_gazer

    star_gazer Active Member

    How have I survived three teenage girls without knowing that gem? I love it. Yes, ballroom girls can be a real...
  2. Medira

    Medira New Member

    *ahem* ...challenge. ;)
  3. DancePoet

    DancePoet Well-Known Member

    Ok ... teenagers in general. ;) :lol:
  4. DancePoet

    DancePoet Well-Known Member

    Hmmm ... there must be an idea for a new thread in this topic somewhere ...
  5. loveytango

    loveytango New Member

    be my eyes

    Hi there! I am new you the whole forum chatting thing. I live out of the US but was in the States for 2 months recovering from a major hurricane. I got hooked on DWTS. It's marvelous! I love it! I love seeing people with and with out natural talent trying to do something that looks so easy yet is so very hard and take alot of effort. I am back home now and we don't get ABC. I can bring up the DWTS web page but there is no video and no results! Help be my eyes! What are the costumes like! How did each pair do! Who got booted off! THey have a few photos on the web site but they are not up to date.
  6. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the DF loveytango! :D

    One of our members, rpungin, keeps a fantastic blog going that even includes clips of all the dancing and judges' comments!

    You can check it out at:

    HTH :cool:
  7. This site is great!!! I got all exited and downloaded Tia's tango. Now I cannot play it because the .RM extension is not a Windows Media Player format. How can I play those videos???
  8. Medira

    Medira New Member

    You'll need RealPlayer (-
  9. delamusica

    delamusica Active Member

    Too bad they're not showing commercials during DWTS advertising OSB . . . if they don't, I doubt that DWTS will have any effect on the viewership of OSB.
  10. For those of us who are not that much into TV shows, what is OSB?
  11. star_gazer

    star_gazer Active Member

    I might not have known what a PITA is...but OSB is Ohio Star Ball
  12. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    And segments of it will be showing on PBS as "American Ballroom Challenge," in two parts, on Feb. 1 and Feb. 8

  13. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    watch for sound asleep fascination in the first few rows of seats:rolleyes: (not the floor seats)...slept through most of it
  14. Big10

    Big10 Member

    Well, if I misunderstood something, then it was at least unclear to me. :) Here is my two-fold question then -- what other contests are "similar" to DWTS (other than the televised versions in different countries), and how are those contests "supposed" to be judged?

    Well, this thread has gone in multiple directions, needless to say. :p The only reason I mentioned George was for the issue of whether any particular competitor might "deserve to win" -- which was first mentioned by mamboqueen, later addressed by me, and also addressed by you. None of the competitors ever expected this "contest" to be purely decided by skill and everybody knew the rules from the beginning. So I still hold the belief that any participant who was invited by the producers and has the highest ranking at the end of the season "deserves" the final victory.

    Not necessarily in this thread, but the vitriol for Master P has been voiced many times in this forum, as well as other Internet forums.
  15. DancePoet

    DancePoet Well-Known Member

    Hi loveytango!

    Welcome to Dance-Forums! The best palce to be for dancing info and conversation in the world! :D

    Hope you enjoy and kind find our site helpful to you as well.
  16. DancePoet

    DancePoet Well-Known Member

    Other dance contests are similar to this and the similarities are far greater than I have time to review at the moment, but I encourage you to find an opportunity to view other dance contests, and I'm sure you will discover some. ;)

    "Suppose to be judged" I'm sure will vary depending on who you talk with regarding this subject. However, how do you mean Len would be "discouraging to the "average" person out there who starts with very little average talent"?
  17. waltzgirl

    waltzgirl Active Member

    I thought "So You Think You Can Dance" had a better judging system. The pros ranked the contestants, and viewers could vote between the bottom two. It wasn't perfect in terms of basing the results purely on the dancing. Once, a good dancer who nobody liked had a bad night and got in the bottom two, and he was voted off, though he may have been the best dancer on the show. But in general, that system weeded out the weaker dancers and protected the better dancers from being voted off early.
  18. Bradamant

    Bradamant Member

    That part of the judging on that show, I liked. I didn't like the fact that it went by the couples -- i.e. a really good man or woman would be paired with a terrible partner and end up in the bottom couples. THEN, they always insisted one woman and one man be voted off each week: a few weeks ALL the women in the bottom were good and landed there b/c of their partners. Of course, one good woman was then voted off. That was frustrating. Of course, that wouldn't be a problem with DWTS.
  19. waltzgirl

    waltzgirl Active Member

    You're right. I forgot about that. I also thought picking the dance styles out of a hat wasn't a good idea, since some people ended up dancing the same thing several weeks in a row. Good for the lyrical dancers who got lyrical every week, tough on the break dancer who got ballroom dances every week.
  20. Bradamant

    Bradamant Member

    Oh yeah. That poor kid! He had reaaalllly bad luck with his picks. QS, Paso, and a couple of others . . .

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