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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by LordBallroom, Apr 30, 2013.

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    Are you under the impression that most teachers run every private lesson for every student the exact same way? If that's what you think, you are not being trained well. A good teacher designs his private lessons around what each individual student needs and wants...or rather, a balance between what the student needs and wants since those two things are not always in alignment.

    To me, a good teacher who wants her students to progress evaluates the student and their goals, then helps them understand what they need to do in order to meet those goals. Sometimes that involves drills, but you go about it in a way that satisfies the student (unless A. the student won't be satisfied because he's so intent on what he thinks he needs without regard for those more experienced than he or B. the teacher doesn't really want the student..which could include A).

    You can often sneak stuff into a student's education without them even knowing it. A lot of social dancers think they "don't need technique" because that's only for competition. BS. Everyone needs technique. So, you slip little bits of it here and there into their education, presenting it as a necessary piece of the social dancing puzzle, and they learn to be good dancers despite what they think they want/need.
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    First of all I said "heavily focused on technique and drills" not "devoid of them". The art of teaching dance to generally middle aged and elderly people who do this for fun, relaxation etc. means that, if the student wants to move beyond basics, the teacher must walk the fine line between making the lessons "challenging" at times but not too challenging. I'm asking if that can theoretically be done in a group setting as opposed to a private one. I sincerely don't know the answer to this but I do know that I've told students that most of their "technique" will come from private lessons whereas group lessons are primarily for learning new step patterns. The suggestion to the student is that teaching "technique", "leading and following skills", etc. cannot effectively be done in a group setting. I want to know if what I've been telling students in this regard is inaccurate.

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    I have said nothing at all that characterizes what you said...
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    Well, you have four pages of answers on that.
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    Nor has anyone else.
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    I agree. Thank you everyone for responding. Especially helpful, assuming the info is accurate, is what was shared about teaching ballroom dance in Europe. I'd like learn more about that.

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