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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by fascination, May 10, 2009.

  1. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Haul stuff out of house to dumpster
    Keep hauling
    Haul more
    Consult with father about more stuff to be hauled to dumpster vs. yard sale-d; decisions made, piles made
    Move computer from desk in airless room upstairs to porch, with light, air, view of river, good wi-fi signal, a bucket of ice cubes, a mess of seltzer, and spend the rest of the day intending to clean up messes on the computer; actually, spend the bulk of it on FB, my bad
    Am trying to front-load my calorie intake, start my days with big meals and peter out to not much at night, am hopeful this will help with sleep, energy and weight management, etc; so far, so good, and today is burger day, have actual beef burgers, not turkey burgers, but, y'know, BEEF, in the middle of the day, v odd for me, but yummy
    Find myself in need of something sweet and succumb to chocolate for the first time in ages; what was I thinking, not eating chocolate for weeks? What kind of foolishness is that?
  2. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    sat...doing today now as I am not long for this world

    sleep a blessed nine hours...wake at gym to teach an oldies store /w dh...then, a dishes, and feed pets, do a load of laundry, vacuum, highlight hair...attempt to practice and conclude that my ankle will not accept another day of stratego with dh instead...been ages since we did a bit of Mariann Williamson...anticipate another night of sound sleep...long overdue
  3. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    doing today now as my expiration time is uncertain....


    awake at 7...home alone w/ dh... cuddle time...brekkies...tan...nail salon for pre-comp nails and toes b/c I am going to be too busy later in the week...takes way too long...lunch...df, fb, feed pets...practice, find new aerobic music and look for new step patterns for monday's class....write up bills... all that remains of the day will be a good soak, some wine and a few nibbles of food
  4. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Didn't sleep that well because too jazzed about first day of teaching. Very awake by 6:30.

    7:30--Take advantage of this and do an early AM trip to grocery store, as we are in the midst of Cheerios emergency.


    Some packing for Child's upcoming trip.

    Supervise one page of math.

    Make lunch.

    Announce that by the time I come home--which will be no earlier than 1:30 and no later than 3--I expect Child to have taken a shower and for her to have completed a second page of math. I make it clear to Husband he is in change of making sure this happens.

    9--At work, getting ready for day.

    10:20-11:50--FIRST DAY OF FIRST-YEAR SEMINAR! Great day and great class! We distinguished between sex and gender, discussed what traditional male and female roles and images are, and then had fun flipping through magazines looking for examples of advertisements that used traditional, progressive, or downright odd images of men and women. Our magazines included this month's editions of Esquire, Details, GQ, Nylon for Guys, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and Vanity Fair.
    15 students + 1 peer mentor + 2 ASL interpreters + me.

    Advising, including getting one student into the one and only remaining slot in a basic math class that just opened up, and making up an entire schedule for one student who skipped doing summer registration, getting her into the very last slot in Acting, and the second to last slot in French I. Heck yeah!!!

    Lunch, and chill out, waiting to see if any other advisees stop by. Field a phone call from a returning advisee.

    The shower happened.
    About half of the math happened. Seriously? Now Husband is off taking dog to kennel (since we are going away for the weekend) and Child is coming to me for help. Hel-lo! I'm packing. Husband is very in favor of this summer math idea, but he seems to be mostly in favor of me supervising it.

    8:30ish--Arrive in NJ. Child is leaving on a 5 night Royal Caribbean cruise with parents to Bermuda.

    9:14--Train to NYC w/Husband.
    NOTE TO SELF: If loud, loutish, not-entirely-sober 20-somethings get on your car of the train, just move. Better still, bring earplugs.
    OLD CURMUDGEONLY OBSERVATION: People talk too loud and too much on their cellphones in public. <Shakes cane.> "Young man! Just because you have a cell phone and some downtime does not mean I want to know what bar you are going to. I especially do not need to hear you call eight different friends and have the same dang conversation!" I seriously think no jury in the country would have found me guilty if I had ripped the cell phone out of the loutish young man's hand and chucked it out the window. But I restrained myself, zen person that I am not.

    10:30--Arrive in NYC. Check in at Affinia!
    Get great 1-bedroom suite.
    Have snack.

    8ish--Up. Yum.

    9:30ish--Breakfast. Plan day.

    To Macy's to pick up something I forgot while Husband did some work. They are re-configuring Macy's, and it took me quite some time to figure out where the merchandise I needed was, but I got it!

    Touched bases with two NYC based friends.

    12ish--Off for our outing!

    12:30--Picked up picnic lunches at Chop't (Broadway btwn's a national chain of creative salads). Took the C to 72nd St.

    ~1-4ish--Central Park. Strawberry Fields. Stop for picnic. Naumburg Bandshell, Minton Tile Ceiling, Bethesda Fountain, Loeb Boathouse. Conservatory Water. Alice in Wonderland. Belvedere Castle, Turtle Pond, Delacorte Theater. Great Lawn, Obelisk. Back through the Rambles to 81st and Central Park. Subway back to hotel.

    4:45?--Back at hotel and meet up with BFF!

    Chill with BFF in room.
    Take shower.

    Grab a quick dinner w/BFF at Tick Tock Diner, 34th and 8th.

    Walk to Schonfeld Theater, 45th btwn 7th and 8th.

    8-11ish--"BEST MAN" on Broadway. Really enjoyed this show!

    Walk back to hotel. Say goodbye to BFF.

    Wind down.

  5. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member


    Slept until around 9:15! Shocked myself w/that.

    Leisurely morning with Husband.

    Packed and checked out. Husband got us salads from Chop't again to take on the train. (He wanted the one I had the day before.)
    I also got a black and white cookie from Zaro's Bread Basket for the road.

    1:14 train back to NJ.

    2:25-5:30 or 6--Drove home. Pouring rain in MD.

    Uploaded photos.

    Finished reading The Tiger's Wife...and go to bed later than I should have, maybe around 11:45.

    Monday--First Day of School!
    7--Up. Breakfast, shower, etc.

    8:15ish--On campus, getting ready.

    9:10-10:10--ENG 1101. Introduction, go over materials.

    10:20-11:20--GLC. Go over materials, demo how to use Blackboard.

    Lunch break.

    12:40-2:10--Victorian Literature. Introduction, go over materials, begin lecture on Victorian period, making many connections to our own time.
    --One potential problem child who interrupts a bit. Will keep eye on that.

    2:15-4--Office hours. Help out several people.
    Friend drops by.

    4ish--Talk in hall with colleague for awhile. Am fading.

    5ish--Home! Cleaning person is still here...and doesn't finish until almost 7. She had no-showed the previous 3 times she was scheduled to come, and now she shows up quite late in the day. I don't want to sound spoiled and I understand her life is difficult, but this is not great from my perspective. I am hungry and exhausted and would like some peace and quiet before my next event. Heat up frozen dinner, take it upstairs, then accidentally doze off on the sofa in Husband's study.

    7--All Parents Night at Child's school.

    Feel a little re-energized, so I should run.

    8:45--5.53 miles on treadmill in 1 hour. Shower.

    Some downtime.

  6. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Due to an overwhelming Life Overload, am now catching up.

    Would do Saturday if I could remember more than computer work and going social dancing, but that's all I can recall.

    Wake after odd and disturbing dream
    Decide against having yard sale, and dumpster-donate everything earmarked for sale, and then some
    Friends stop by for a drink; we enjoy the gorgeous weather and set the world to rights
    Make decisions about decor -- not usually my thing, but this works
    Read, din, Z
  7. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Ballet; no A/C on a hot and humid day, JA has a problem with this
    Lesson; things do not go swimmingly, but pull themselves out in the last 15 minutes
    To HFKAM, deal with Spouse and some house issues
    Assorted banking
    Home, read, cook cook cook cook
  8. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member ...teach step...glad to have the regular school year crowd back..pack, lunch, drive to indy while chatting w/buddy, practice an hour, 4 lessons (not my best day), tequila, bengay...out

    tues/today; df, fb, lunch, practice an hour, 4 lessons (much better), eat, drive home while chatting with buddy, teach toning class, tan, get heat sheets(7 pages) and bengay immanent
  9. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Might as well do today:

    Gyro; we start 15 minutes behind (prearranged) and for some reason, teacher says something that hits my funnybone and I laugh like an idiot for about five minutes; good ab workout, but there's more to Gyro than this
    Home, eat
    Lesson, in which Teach addresses something that's bothered him for a while
    Lawyer, in which paperwork is distributed and projections made
    Rolfer, color me freakin' happy
    Din with BFF

    And now, it's time for bed
  10. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    J_Alex--You are getting a TON of exercise between all that hauling/dumping AND ballet AND lessons AND gyro. Impressive. "Wake after an odd and disturbing dream" reminds me of the opening line of Kafka's The Metamorphosis...and although I am glad you are not finding yourself transformed into a bug, I know you are going through a more positive metamorphosis of your own, so this seemed fitting.

    9ish--At work.

    10:10-11:10--Library/Information Literacy Session w/my first year seminar.
    11:15--Meeting with young man from my ENG 1101 who is anxious about the first assignment--which is just a 1-pager, and mostly diagnostic-- and confesses he is not good at writing.

    12--Head out, as I have a 2:00 lesson in Towson. Start to back car out and I can immediately tell I have a flat tire. Get out of car. Sure enough. Front left tire.

    Call Husband and ask him to pick me up, as I don't have time to deal with this right now if I am going to go to Towson. He says maybe he can do it in 1/2 hr. as he is on a phone meeting. This winds up being 45 mins, and only after another phone call. (We live 7-8 mins away).

    Nik calls--coincidentally--during all this and we wind up re-scheduling lesson. The only bad part is that we put it on Wednesday, a much busier day for me when I will be much more tired.

    Home. Lunch.

    Back to parking lot.
    2:45ish--AAA guy puts my spare on for me. He also tells me he has Asperger's and we chat about that.

    3:15ish-6:45--Sears Auto Center. First they diagnose what is wrong, then we talk about what to do, then there is a long wait while he tries to find out how much money I can get back from Goodyear, then the work takes time, then he has so many customers he can't ring me up. The upshot is that dealing with this tire situation winds up eating up pretty much my whole day. Almost 4 hours and $600 later, I finally get to leave Sears.
    I did get a lot of Martin Amis's Lionel Asbo read. That's the only positive thing I can really say.

    Home, tired and hungry. Dinner.

    We drive back to campus, as I left Husband's car there when I drove back to meet AAA guy. (I couldn't drive both cars to Sears!)

    Read some more and tried to diffuse my somewhat foul mood.

    Slightly amusing side note: Husband and I have been doing our blood pressure every night, as his was a bit elevated at his last physical. I thought mine might be higher than usual last night given what an irritating day I had, but he measured it as 100/66...which is pretty normal for me. I'll bet it wasn't 100/66 when I realized that my car was done, but the ONE guy working the whole automotive desk didn't have time to ring me up for around another 30 minutes!
  11. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Birthday day. Thank you all DF-ers for the feel good wishes.
    DH hands me card after I wake up with 90 minute massage/facial - YES - just for me!
    Train it to work.
    Brain,,,your a short timer more train pass after September,,,I look around at familiar faces...and smile to myself.
    Work - find empty boxes - stack empty boxes in office
    Work - People stop by and send e-mails about the Great Airline Adventure birthday party my group threw for the office last week. I'm stunned - although it was really fun and very comical about jet travel.
    Work - Arrival of new computer and keyboard. YES!!!!
    Homeward - call from DH - DS received keys to new first home - moving Labor Day weekend....uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Congrats? BTW, I still cannot lift anything.
    I'm so excited for DS and his GF - lovely first home - that could potentially be their forever home. Cannot wait to see it.
    DD calls - Birthday wishes from "amazing daughter" makes me laugh, receive cupcake flower arrangement.
    Calls from family - SURPRISE - little sister has moved back to states from Austria after 8 years away - with family in tow - landed -hours before Florida closed their airport....Ahhhhhh welcome home Sister oh Sister.
    Last lesson before Embassy - tons of fun - work more on Grand Opening showcase event -
    Conclusion - I'm so stoked about leaving work - that the smile has not left my face and dance pro asked "what happened today? you haven't stopped smiling the whole time".....
  12. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    8:20--At work.

    9:10-10:10--ENG 1101. 9 Rules for Essays, with emphasis on introduction and thesis statement.
    *Side note: In this class of 18, I have 4 students whose learning disabilities entitle them to a notetaker. The volunteer notetaker will be compensated $100 for sending copies of her notes to the office that handles such things.

    10:20-11:20--GENDER, LITERATURE, CULTURE. Quick (30 min) lecture on World War I, then a discussion of two WWI poems, Siegfried Sassoon's "'They'" and "Glory of Women." Really enjoy this group.

    Lunch and prep.

    12:40-1:40--VICTORIAN LITERATURE. Finish brief historical overview of Victorian period (~1 hr), then begin discussion of Jane Eyre.

    2:15--Office Hours. Meet with a student adding my class. Meet with an advisee who is planning to take 5 academic classes, something I generally consider ill-advised. We discuss options.

    3:30--Leave. Home, quick snack, change.

    3:54--Leave. Hit horrible traffic on way to Towson. Ugh. This is why I hate having lessons anywhere near commuting hours. Text that I'm not going to make it by 5. :( Get there around 5:10.

    5:15--Double Nik lesson. Cha-cha went well! Some corrections from last week really clicked. Rumba needed work.

    One of Husband's colleagues died today. (Not unexpected, as he has been very sick, but still sad.)

    8:30--5.25 miles on tm.

    Read more of Martin Amis's Lionel Asbo before bed.
  13. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    wed...teach a fitness class, tan, buy last minute comp items, verify that my tires are fine, feed pets, do laundry and dishes....pretty much spend the rest of the day eating and remaining horizontal...9 hours of sleep...thank heavens
  14. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    thurs...breakfast, gas station, cash station, tan, starbucks, drive to indy for last lessons before comp and all is well with my soul :), home to find my new pictures in mail (yay), pre- b-day dinner with dad and his wife w/no casualties...df, fb, project runway...sleep like death til 3...pre-compsia (and dtr turned off the air...she needs to go back to school)...back to bed as soon as second application of bengay and box-o kicks in
  15. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    What the heck is it with kids and thermostats? I woke up with icicles forming on my toes early yesterday morning. DS decided that the AC should be set to 65, 'cause he likes it like that. He decided this when I was already asleep, btw. Stealth temperature torture. He already is back to school, btw. *sigh*

    I need to check in. Life has been super chaotic lately, so I just haven't had time to write a thoughtful post. *sigh again*
  16. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Don't know when I last checked in. Two weeks? One week? It's a blur.

    Highlights only, I suppose.

    Biggest news : DS starts high school! He is so cute! After just one day, he talks authoritatively about all sorts of things he never knew before -- bell schedules and school rules and cabbages and kings. I don't have the heart to tell him that I went to high school, too, and that this doesn't seem all that different, to me. I just watch my only baby go through this rite of passage. It's joy and something poignant that I can't name.

    Down side: DS's BFF's sixteen year old sister is now driving the boys places. This scares me poopless, but hey. It is what it is. Besides I know the BFF's Mom. She wouldn't knowingly let a hazardous driver loose ... I hope. :lol:

    Other down side: High school supplies are expensive! Art supplies $77. Personal fitness uniforms: $72. Camera: $500. Activities fees:$100. Calculator: $99. And so on. This is a long way from middle school, where I complained about the cost of colored pencils. Yeesh! Not to mention the fact that, in high school. you don't get a supply list. The teachers just assign stuff and assume you have a fully-stocked office supply store in your attic. Meaning? You get to buy all of the above and STILL have to buy colored pencils. TDNWMH.

    In other news, I find out that my GF with the same first name and one of my older sisters have both lost their jobs within about a week of each other. This freaks me out. Both of them seem blase about this development. Myeh.

    In other other news: Lease on temp housing is up, so A Decision Must Be Made even though I don't have all the info I need to make a decision. Decide not to decide. (Hey. At least it's a conscious non-decision, right? :lol:) DS and I are currently in temporary-temporary housing (re: very nice hotel) while waiting for the townhouse we've slightly-longer short-term leased. DS is ecstatic because he hasn't had to leave his friends. Me? Not so much, although I could easily get used to daily maid service, "free" Continental breakfast, an indoor pool and sauna. :lol:

    GF leaves for her ministry in Africa. My gut tells me I'll never see her again.

    Long and hilarious conversations with my youngest nephew (He's 21.) who is so much like my sister that it brings me joy. This is a first. I've never connected with him in this way before. I decide to try to develop closer relationships with all of my nieces and nephews. All 13 of them. This will be a challenge, but hey. I think it will be worth it. Side Info: My eldest niece is 34. My youngest niece is seven. All my nephews are in the middle, somewhere.

    Beau and I are still in limbo, at my behest. *sigh*

    Ex and I speak for the first time in months, about the fact that DS has already been offered an internship for next year but has no intention of accepting it. I beg the ex to work on his relationship with DS, so that DS will feel comfortable with him. No idea whether the ex is listening or not. I've done what I can. The rest is up to them. (Yes. Beg. When it comes to DS, I would make a deal with the devil himself, if I had to. This is something I'm sure most Moms would understand.)

    Other than that, not much. Playing around in the kitchen. Socializing a bit. Trying to be gentle with myself, because life is really hard, right now.
  17. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Wednesday (highlights only):

    Lesson, in which not-quite-magic happens
    Theater, father and I disagree profoundly about show
  18. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    More hauling crap into dumpster; this is starting to get shortstopped by family members, who value Stuff more than I do, and if I keep throwing their crap away, I may harm some relationships; however, getting rid of crap is so therapeutic...
    Takeout lunch
    Nap; why am I exhausted?
    Back to lawyer; feeling like a jack-in-the-box, good thing he's about five minutes away
    Go play with dance friends; this does not go as well as usual
    Someone comes to pick up some freecycle items
    Din on porch, watching the most beautiful day in weeks ease into a beautiful evening, and then the moon comes out over the river, long, contented sigh
  19. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Ok, so a couple of yesterdays,
    Checked in early at Hyatt Irvine, one of my most favorite hotels in region. LOVE the service, the pool, restaurant and work-out center.
    DH suggests, let's walk, conversations run every which way during walk.
    Dinner, ahhhhhh, the same waiter 6 years in a row...have gotten to know him.
    Loved the sitting outside eating in the evening air.
    Jacuzzi and pool at 9 p.m. YES! no one around on this Thursday night.
    DH - concerned I'm pushing too hard to dance again and I'm going to 86 surgery results. hmmmmmmmmm.
    Promise DH, I'll tell pro, small steps when I hit that uh-oh moment on the floor.
    Wonderful 11 a.m. start time. WOW, really? most excellent.
    Breakfast, light work out, with a bunch of others in a great hotel work out center.
    DH goes for another walk, it's beautiful outside.
    WHY OH WHY do I continually have issues with placing the flash eyelashes? scream.
    Head down to ballroom. I love the relaxed atmosphere...
    Run into lots of friends.
    First round, ok, VWaltz gotta take smaller steps - stitches are alerting me.
    Second round, tell pro...look....this is sorta kinda's the plan.
    Third round, YES! nailed it.
    Meet dear ballroom sister and DH is just having the time of his life chatting with her.
    Go look at dresses before Scholarship starts.
    Try on two, while ballroom sister tries on new dresses with different colors.
    Watch DH blood drain from face, NOW that was funny...snicker.
    Lunch, WOW, I want the chopped chicken salad recipe...amazing.
    Scholarship. "B" group. Yeah, like I have chance. wait, what?
    PRO and I watch the final line up placement called out...he starts squeezing my hand.
    2nd!!! YES!!! Oh My, did that just happen?
    Danced "C" scholarship....tell pro...really small steps VWaltz - I'm not body is hating me right now.
    Placement line up others get called up....OMG as the kids would say...Pro hugs me, ballroom sisters huge hug on the floor....
    FIRST, 1st, FIRST - an unreal moment...seriously? me? wait? really? brain still cannot comprehend.
    Meet Tibor in line-up, funny fellow. And a few others.
    Change, slam stuff into bags before 5 p.m. while others are in "lecture".
    DH looks at northbound fwy traffic from hotel window...NOPPPPEEEEEEE.
    DH announces - we're eating dinner here and hanging out until that traffic dies down.
    Order an amazing fun drink, Dancing Cranberry - the cranberry fruit actually dances around in the glass from the Champagne and Cranberry juice.
    End up sitting and eating with everyone else including Pro's mother who is returning
    to her homeland in 10 days.
    A really good time at the outside dinner table, everyone watches my drink - and orders their own Dancing Cranberry. Very fun.
    Conversations abound, the release of the day is evident, a toast...just because.
    Homeward bound, at least traffic is moving and we're in the carpool lane.
    Into the house we go, it was a really good few yesterdays.
  20. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    fri (doing today now as I am not long for it)

    up (or shall I say "give up" and rise) at 7....headache, coffee and egg sammich

    20 minutes of zumba and teach bike and bench (alternating btwn spin and step)

    switch cars, drive dtr back to school were we hit World Market for beignet mix for dh and have Ethiopian food for nice to get to civilization from time to time...kiss and hug my dtr...we had a wonderful Summer together ...

    tan, switch cars again pick up subway for dinner because I've had my nails done for comp and don't want to do dishes....pretty much assume vegetative state ...

    tomorrow will likely be all packing and practicing...but home alone with dh so that will be nice

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