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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by fascination, May 10, 2009.

  1. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Supervised math.
    Read Mysterious Benedict Society with Child.
    Read Malcolm X.
    Marked papers.

    Much the same, except had a double Nik lesson instead of jogging. :)

    CHILD'S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! She was bouncing off the walls happy. Took cute photos.

    Jogged before work.

    10:10--Accompany first-year seminar to a peer mentor run session.

    11:30-12:45--Meeting of Academic Planning Committee.

    I am double booked, and manage to also catch the end of Department Meeting.

    Write a few important e-mails.

    2:30--Dentist appt. It went faster than I expected. I think the crown is a little too high, though...may need to go back.

    4--Get Child ready for dance.
    Take her to dance.

    5-6:30--Junior I/II Ballet, Jazz, Tap.
    6:30-7:30--Junior Hip-Hop I/II.
    7:30-8:30--Junior Int/Adv Ballet. [She was not originally signed up for this, but a favorite teacher just returned to the studio after performing on a cruise ship for several months, and Child wanted this class. It is challenging!]
    I get a lot of Malcolm X read. I've gotten through the rupture in his relationship with Elijah Muhammed, but not up to the part where he goes on his life-changing trip.

    Home. Put Child to bed.

    Read some more before bed.
  2. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Yesterday, wake up to empty house.
    DH is on the road again to New Orleans, he calls. In New Mexico - headed to
    Fredrickberg TX, then DD house in Austin.
    train it to work, ARGHHH, need new monthly pass - machines not working.
    Realize with best friend on train - this is the LAST required monthly pass that
    I'll HAVE TO buy...that hits hard and makes me very happy.
    Best Friend and I converse all the way into work. Very happy.
    Work, lots of people congratulations, do you need help, I want to take you to lunch offers. WOW, gonna have to work out - but I'm soooo taking up the lunch offers.
    Go to LAST required monthly emergency management meeting.
    Retirement announcement is made,,,they make me stand up,,,,,I see mouths drop.
    IT feels really good.
    Back to office, where the boxes and paper is just...well...overwhelming.
    Co-worker comes by, pleads with me,,,,not to give up developing and conducting courses for Emergency Operations Center training.
    I promise to think about it.
    Home, meeet ballroom sister at my house.
    Chat. Laugh, send her on her way.
    Mosey into den/study. More paper to shred, plow through, organize,,,,and it takes me ALL night with still more to go.
    I promise myself - I will FINISH this tomorrow, I'm almost there.
    Call from DS,,,,Can I use Bleach on the Tile Floor? Lots of cleaning questions,,,he's relieved that darn 50 year old vine/tree/ gone but it took three men and three chain saws to get it out.
    Call from DH...we chat about the Paralympics. Awesome swimmers and the basketball. It's about time someone, like NBC, actually televises these games.
    Back to more paperwork plowing.
    Decide I need those book/magazine holders to organize the paperpiles.
    A staples run for tomorrow.
  3. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Yesterday. Awake early, feeling great. I've developed the habit of going to sleep early and waking up at ridiculous-o-clock. But at least I get a good 6 - 8 hours sleep. This is a vast improvement over the five or so years that I didn't sleep longer than about four hours at a time, so I'll take it.

    Down to an early "free" buffet breakfast. Waffles for DS. Reeeeally bland eggs for me. Thank goodness I have peppers and salsa stashed in the mini-fridge. I also advise DS to enjoy the whole waffle thing while it lasts. This may be the last time he sees fresh-made waffles for a while. It's different, when somebody else has to clean the waffle iron. Just sayin.

    To work. SSDD. Trying to do too much to cover for the fact that my manager has made some very poor decisions, IMHO. Not to cover his butt, that is, but to get the real work done while he gathers the maturity to admit that he has made some serious mistakes. So now I'm busting my butt to do the work of three people. Yay. Do the work of three people and somehow manage to beat myself up for not fitting in the work of a fourth -- that is, preparing for the new training session which starts on Monday. Something's gotta give, and I suspect it's going to be my weekend. *sigh* Later: realize that the training worksheets I was counting on are all on the hard drive of the desktop computer that is now in a box somewhere. Yay.

    Finally remember to get tickets for Six Flags for next week. I'm probably not going, but what the heck. You never know. I might feel like driving 60 miles through airport traffic to go and play on roller coasters for seven hours after working most of the day. And then driving home another sixty miles in time to meet the moving van. Yeah. Right. But you never know, and the tickets are free, so what the heck. Besides, I can always give the tickets away, should sanity kick in.

    Home. Verbally quiz DS on letters and numbers to help him prepare for his French quiz tomorrow. He is so cute. For some reason, onze and quinze just won't stick. I think he'll be fine, though, if he uses the process of elimination AND if his teacher doesn't throw too many curve balls.

    Mentally prepare a Kinesthetic Showdown for my training class on Tuesday. This is either going to be the best class evah or a disaster of unforeseen proportions. Hey. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    The fact that I was awake long before dawn kicks in. I'm asleep before nine. Zzzz.
  4. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    @Pygmalion--Pygmalion! Look me in the eyes. NO TRYING TO DO THE WORK OF FOUR PEOPLE!!! NO GIVING UP WEEKENDS!!! Is this not the kind of thing that leads to the health situation in which you found yourself not too long ago? I know you are super-woman, but stop that %&*#%. You need time to decompress too.

    This was NOT my most enviable night of all time.

    4 AM--Dog breaks into room. Smoke detector battery for downstairs smoke detector has decided to die.

    4:30 AM--Because I cannot find a 9V, I drive to Safeway, obtain one, drive home...inwardly cursing myself for not having changed BOTH batteries when I did the upstairs one this summer.

    Wind up having a hard time getting battery cover off smoke detector. (And of course you can't lower it too far since it is still attached to the ceiling by wires.) Get Husband. He sets off actual alarm, waking Child, who comes tearing down the stairs in the buff ready to evacuate.

    Lie back down in bed, but there is no way sleep will happen again after all that.

    6:30 AM--Up...but why does the bathroom smell so foul? Turns out there is dog or cat poop on the floor. Did the alarm scare the poop out of someone--literally?!? So that was a fun way to start the day.

    8:20--Child to school.

    9:10--ENG 1101--In-class debates on whether KONY 2012 shows the power of social media to inspire today's youth to action or whether it's just an example of slacktivism.

    10:20--GLC--Hilarious discussion of 1919 version of Scouting for Boys. We particularly enjoy discussing Baden-Powell's obsession with avoiding constipation and avoid self-abuse, aka masturbation. Many witty statements made, which my peer mentor later posts on the class's FB page along with "I <3 this class." :)


    12:40--Victorian Literature. Jane Eyre.

    2:15--Office hours.

    3--Pick up Child from school. School was awesome. Math was easy. She did her SRA in 10 minutes. She got to do a hieroglyph.

    5:45--Disaster: child left door open when fetching something from car. One cat is in garage. Where is the other cat? We can't find her and worry she may have gotten out. (The garage door to the outside is open.) These are indoor only cats, so this is not good and we are pretty frantic. Do not find.

    6--Get ready for dance, still worrying about cat.
    6:30--Leave for dance.
    7--Intermediate Ballet ages 7-11. I had to decide whether to sign Child up for Advanced 9-12 or Intermediate 7-11. I think I made the right call. She was SO pleased that the rather strict ballet master put her in the front row, told her that something was the best he had seen her do it, andmade her an example for some of the littler ones. Her Tuesday night ballet is Int/Adv and she is one of the youngest and smallest, so it's nice to have a balance.

    8:30--Home. Still no cat. Watch StarStreamers broadcast of USDSC Professional 10 Dance.

    Who shows up but the cat? She must have been sleeping somewhere we didn't look. She gets a little freaked out that we make such a big to-do out of her showing up.

    Sleep until past 8!!!! I needed that!!!!


    11:30 and on--Alternate between grading 6 short student pieces and reading 5 pages of Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention.

    When Child comes home from school, she is again in a great mood. She feels like this year she is one of the most popular girls in school "Because I am in 5th grade. And I am awesome." Not lacking for confidence, are we?

    Child has decided she will join the musical instrument program. They had a musical instrument "petting zoo" on Monday where they could try all the instruments, and she picked...viola! Husband takes her to go get viola.

    8:15--5.3 miles on tm.

    10--Watch Obama at DNC. <3

  5. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I hear ya, ccm. I can't sustain this level of exhaustion. OTOH, I refuse to shortchange my students just because of an organizational/systemic issue that has nothing to do with them. (I bet this is something you can understand.)

    So, yesterday when I arrived at work already so exhausted and overwrought that I was at the point of cussing, I reached a decision. Instead of doing more, I did less. I got my class materials ready and handled emergencies only. If the other stuff doesn't get dealt with, it won't.

    I will work this weekend (I have this really cool idea that involves coloring :lol:) but I will work only because teaching is one of the few aspects of my job that doesn't feel like work, AND because I enjoy teaching even more when I am well-prepared.

    BUT ... I am going to log and take comp time for this weekend, as soon as possible. I'll need that time for unpacking, anyway.

    You're right. I can't voluntarily choose to kill myself then complain when I feel half-dead.

    Thanks for the reality check. I needed it. :-D
  6. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    You are welcome. And to be clear, it's the you feeling/being half-dead part I mind. (You don't complain much at all.)
  7. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member


    8:20--Child to school.

    8:35--To work. Prep like madwoman. See, day before I marked 34 short (~1 page) student exercises for ENG 1101. I try to average no more than 10 minutes per 1-page exercise, but that still represents almost 6 hours of work marking papers...and since this is ENG 1101, there are quite a few surface-level grammar errors which can wear me down. So after that, I wasn't in the mood to do more ENG 1101 work and left some of the prep for today.

    9:10--ENG 1101. Most talked about putting more concrete info in your essays.

    10:20--GLC. Spent a little more time on Baden-Powell's Scouting for Boys, then moved on to the Igguldens' The Dangerous Book for Boys (2005), comparing and contrasting. It was great fun.

    Lunch. Look at some USDSC results from the day before.

    12-2--Office hours. Mark 13 more short exercises. Finish around 3. I feel like I'm the only one left on our floor! At least at this early point in the semester, Fridays are a ghost town.

    Home. Yay: new copy of Unofficial Guide to Disney World has arrived. Start browsing and picking out my priorities. I'm pretty chill on vacation, so I feel like it's nice if everybody picks like 3 rides or attractions they would like to do. Anything else is bonus. Oh, and at Universal, we only really care about Harry Potter...and won't even ride all three rides. (Child and I both have motion sickness issues.)

    Fridays are Family Fun Night in the ChaCha household. (This is my new policy.) This week, Child proposed we watch "Monty Python and the Holy Grail." (I had shown her clips on YouTube, but she had never seen it all the way through...and probably haven't watched it all the way through since college in the late 80s!)

    Put Child to bed. Read her some Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey.

    Read some of Zadie Smith's NW to myself while Child drifted off. So far, this book is NOT doing it for me, I am disappointed to say. I loved her White Teeth, and quite liked On Beauty.

    Fumble around trying to set things up on computer.

    10-1:30 AM--Watched StarStreamers coverage of USDSC. Go Nik!!! It started from a first round, and they made it to the semis, which is about what he would have expected. I thought there was an outside chance they would grab the final place in the final. They won the Professional 10 Dance back on Wednesday. Proud of my teacher.
  8. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Friday - Woke up at 8am feeling the my left eye is still not too bad (Went to doctor yesterday who wasn't too much help, and said I might be developing a stye, and there isn't much I can do about it, so resting the eyes as that seems to help me. Not as much df...) Did a couple posts for my blog. Got inspired and tossed out a couple, scheduling them of course so that I have posts for my future Wednesdays and Saturdays (new posts every Wed and Sat is what I do). Did a little dancing at the Jazz Hour at the nearby dance club, plus cooking (split red lentils, rice, steamed green beans...). So cooking, blogging, and dancing was my Friday.
  9. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    I am glad that the one woman who wants to do the work of four has changed her mind. Otherwise, there might be the need for some? :bkick::bkick:

  10. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Abbreviated version:

    Sunday, an on-again off-again kind of day; evening, a friend comes over and we set the world to rights and go through my music library; she leaves with 150 new songs
    Monday, who can remember?
    Tuesday: gyro, things improve; lesson, things improve and new stuff is introduced *again*; deal with Spouse; whatev
    Wednesday: take father to airport @4:30am; home, nap; Lesson, in which more new stuff is introduced
  11. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    To HFKAM to pack stuff to ship
    Take STBX-Spouse to bank so we can close some accounts; spend waaaaaaaaaay too much time in his company, toxic crap all over me, feel like I need a shamanic heaing or something afterward
    Go see DB#1 and chat; helps
    Go see BGF and go shopping
    Home; go hang out with dance buddies
    Home; z

    it's weird being in the house alone; the nephews disappear for overnights, sometimes, and it's just me and the cat
  12. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    You can always invite someone over. ;)
  13. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Lesson, in which yet MORE new stuff happens
    Pick up DB#1 and BGF and go dance shoe shopping; DB#1 scores 6 pair of shoes; she wears a size 4 1/2 and likes thick heels, even on latin shoes, such shoes are difficult to find, so the store is happy to get rid of their clearance rack's teeny weeny latin shoes, makes a massive price reduction, and DB#1 is happy beyond words, a win-win
    Take BGF to DB#1's house, where they have a sewing conversation
    Drop BGF off, then go home
    Shop for paint chips, fabric samples, etc the old fashioned way: leave the house and enter actual stores
    Decline an invitation to go dancing with a man friend who wants me to come largely b/c he's bringing another woman and does not want her to get any romantic ideas
    Read, z
  14. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Consider yourself invited; the commute's a pain, but the porch is great for salsa.
  15. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Read some Zadie Smith NW.

    Grocery shopped, I think.
    Made black beans.

    4--Drove Child to sleepover party.

    Black beans for dinner.

    Husband and I watched "The Social Network." Slowly but surely, we are trying to catch up on movies we have missed.

    Learn that Husband is going out of town Monday-Wednesday, which dumps a ton of Child transportation duties on me. (Normally he picks her up from school on Monday and takes her to skating that evening. I do Tuesdays and Wednesdays.) This is NOT okay. I have meetings with students running straight through AND a mandatory social event from 4-6. I'll do it because I have to, but this is a real problem.
    He is again traveling SIX DAYS this month. Boo!

    Slept until 9.

    10--Fetched Child.

    Read some Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey with Child.

    Went in to work and wrote a letter of recommendation.

    Neighborhood picnic and meeting. I get elected president of our homeowner's association b/c I don't say "No" adamantly enough.

    5.5 miles on treadmill. Really good workout...and a good thing, because there will be no way I can squeeze one in Monday or Tuesday given how insane my schedule will be.

  16. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member


    8:20--Child to school.

    9, 9:20, 9:40--Student appts.

    10:20-11:20--GLC. Finish discussing The Dangerous Book for Boys. Start Marie Stopes' Married Love.

    Run home over lunch break to walk dog.

    12:40-2:10--VICTORIAN LIT. Jane Eyre.

    2:15, 2:35--Student appts.

    Sprint across campus. Go pick up Child at school.

    3:30--Student appt. 3:50--Student drop in. We were supposed to be at an English Dept social event by 4, but do not make it until 4:30.

    4:30-5:10--At English Dept party. Have to leave early, though, b/c need to...

    5:20-5:40--Let dog out, Feed Child, have her get changed. To ice skating.

    6:15-7:15--She skates. I read.

    Grocery store on way home to pick up a couple things.

    8ish--Work on getting Child to bed.
    She decides to sleep with me...and rolls into my space. Dog wants to sleep with us too. Cat would prefer to sleep lying on me, though I nix this. Not the most fabulous night of sleep I've ever had!
  17. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Yesterday, call a plumber, to stop that DAG NAB IT - sound coming from
    our master bath toilet. No it wasn't a leak.
    Call work, inform them, "I know there's alot to do and plan for my retirement but there is this plumbing issue in my house".
    I can hear the collective groan of my co-workers and boss. SIGH.
    Plumber shows up in 10 minutes after call... WOW!!!
    Checks under the house, check Master Bath toilet, askes me a few questions.
    Askes me, is there an outside water faucet on the other side of this exterior wall?
    Yes, is my response.
    We go see,,,,I hold in all the explosive thoughts now running through my head.
    He turns the handle on the hose bib that leads to the pool.
    We go back inside - he checks Angle something in the toilet.
    No sound, he notices toilet is "rocking" he tightens the toilet to stablize it.
    Smiles, says no charge...not even a service charge for his time....
    and laughs about the water running into the pool due to my neighbor
    who is our pool man (this is his profession - pool service) and didn't tell me
    he turned on the water to dribble into the pool, therefore making that whining
    noise throughout my bedroom.
    Plumber leaves, I walk over to neighbors house,
    Knock Knock..."dear neighbor" the next time you have the desire to "fill" my
    pool with water you need to TELL ME - I do work, DH is on the road,
    I've now missed an entire day (as my day starts at 5 a.m.) - of work because
    you dear neighbor didn't bother to come back and turn the dribble water run
    OFF!!! or even leave a note for me.
    ok, decide to make lemonade out of lemons.
    Paint inside of coat closet, Paint inside of guest bedroom closet as we are
    moving my widowed step-father in with us.
    Call from Pro - confirming lesson.
    Call from DH and DS who are in New Orleans.
    Both agree that Boubon Street is AWESOME - DS is walking the jeepers out of DH on the streets before our national meetings take place.
    DH says "when did he get such long legs"....uhhhhhhhh,,,ohhhh, 26 years ago dear.
    DH is laughing throughout entire conversation about DS and his experiences on Bourbon Street.
    AHHHHH Father/Son's so much better for them when I'm not there. lol.
    Stare at DH's workout room...which I was suppose to convert to Route 66 decor - now cannot as contractor is delayed at another job. ARRGHHHH.
    Head out to lesson, return unused paint primer to big box store, pick up new
    gallon of flat white for inside of closets.
    Lesson is GREAT - re-starting standard.
    Pro askes me about going to OSB for Smooth which is on a Wednesday - SURE...until he informs me no one else is going - to which my reply was
    uhhh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm not booting the entire cost of your expenses as much as I would like to do smooth at OSB.
    Brain engages, "you can get that new kitchen counter and backsplash for the amount OSB will cost you"....
    Discuss grand opening of Studio for next Thursday.
    Head home, watch DVR'd shows.
    Put feet up....
    Look at all the STUFF that came out of two closets...really?
    Two tiny closets held all that STUFF.....I've got to have a yard
    I stare at my sofa which is overflowing with closet stuff.
  18. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    AM routine plus dog stuff. (Normally Husband takes Child to school on Tuesda, but he's in Chicago.)

    8:20--Child to school.

    9, 9:20, 9:40--Students appts.

    10:10-10:40--FYS workshop run by peer mentors.

    11:10--Student appt.

    11:30-1--Faculty meeting.
    Little tempest in a teapot: Faculty member criticizes a decision mentioned by the Dean of Students. This faculty member has a fairly high pitched voice and talks fairly quickly and shrilly when she is annoyed. The Dean of Students, clearly not liking being criticized, replies "Mreow!" Another faculty member jumps in and says "Excuse me. A faculty member had a legitimate question. Your reply was very disrespectful."

    1, 1:20, 1:40, 2--Student appts.

    3--Pick up Child.

    4--Get ready for dance.
    4:30--Take Child to dance.
    5-6:30--Junior Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo class. (30 mins each.)
    6:30-7:30--Junior Hip-Hop I/II.
    7:30-8:30--Junior Int/Adv Ballet. (Intense!!!)

    Home. Put Child to bed.

    Work on publicity for 10th anniversary performance of VagMon at my college!!! (I believe I am correct in saying that Eve Ensler first wrote and performed the play in 1996, and the V-Day movement started in 1998. My college joined in 2004. Last year there were over 5800 benefit events in 140 countries. :) ) We are trying to get as many cast alumni as possible to come back and hope to make this a huge fundraiser. I also am hoping we can maybe do some supplemental projects.

    Instantly start getting HUGE amounts of feedback on FB and quite a few people committing to being here for that weekend. :) :) :)
  19. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Wake up
    check painted with primer coat closet (while staring at the STUFF on sofa)
    check guest bedroom closet also painted with primer (staring at more stuff on bed).
    the thought of a potential move from this house passes through my brain and I shutter at the mere thought - after seeing the stuff from two small closets.
    Jeans and sneakers - it's time to pack my office today.
    Hit the door running at work,,,shredding, tossing, filing, packing.
    Co-worker arrives back from Florida - she appears to have truly enjoyed her visit with her mother and brother - and at least is not crying while she watches me pack - I realized this is BIG, HUGE, and I smiled at her - for the first time in 3 weeks she is not crying about my leaving.
    Co-worker takes me to lunch - local Italian - this is also HUGE - this is the last thing she would eat given a choice. I share my thanks for the lunch date and conversations.
    We decide to meet up in Florida next year, she visits her family while I visit my family at the same time. lol. we're serious.
    Boss Man "can I see you a minute"....this is NEVER a good statement.
    Every person in my group watches while I walk the hallway down to his office.
    Interesting conversation.
    Homeward, geezz it's hot and humid - So. Calif feels like Texas in the summer.
    Haul out wall paint - finish paint coat closet, door trim, baseboards. Same for guest room.
    Escape paint odor by going to practice party at studio. ahhhhh fresh air.
    homeward, watch The Voice - I've gotten hooked on this show...and I love
    Adam and Blake - they do play off of each other.
    Check paint again in closets....darn it...that STUFF doesn't magically disappear does it? as it sits there in the living room staring at me "still".
    Start browsing ads for gas range, counter height double ovens - after reading DF-ers opinions on their own ovens and experience. Happy thoughts of baking again without heating up the kitchen so much put me to sleep!
  20. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    I actually was planning NYC that weekend but plans changed at the last minute. ;)

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