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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by fascination, May 10, 2009.

  1. cornutt

    cornutt Well-Known Member

    Thanks everybody. DW talked to him this morning. He's doing better; he now remembers being at work on Saturday, but he has no memory of leaving work or anything after that until he was in the CAT scan machine at the hospital. He got the police report today, and according to it, he had the green light and someone turning right on red pulled out in front of him. Also, he refused treatment at the scene. He went to see his truck today and he says it's probably totalled. Bad break, but it could have been a lot worse.
  2. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    oy...that sort of thing scares my buttons off...
  3. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Nothing much today except one slightly sobering note.

    I mentioned that the boy and I spent yesterday making puppets. Probably about six hours of work, all told, between prototyping, learning lessons, correcting, costume design, etc. Well ya know. it cost some money as well. Not all that much -- maybe fifty bucks, including the big ticket items -- socks (DS and i don't wear crew socks. We wear no-show socks. So I had to buy crew socks -- tan, to be the right skin color) glue gun, meltable glue sticks, yarn, etc.

    DS was assigned to make two puppets; another kid in his study group was supposed to make another two. Just for kicks and because we were having so much fun, DS and I made four puppets. I figured we could play with them later. (And i will but that's another story.)

    When DS got to school today, the other kid hadn't done the assignment. He couldn't afford to buy the supplies.

    This is why hate having DS in an exemplary school in a mostly well-heeled neighborhood. Teachers sometimes don't think about the hardship they may be imposing on some of their students. Yeah. I could and I did go buy random stuff so DS's puppets would be cute and culturally accurate. This other kid knowingly chose to skip doing a group assignment, just three weeks into the school year, because he couldn't afford it.

    Puppets are a cute and imaginative idea, but, no kid should be placed in that position. My $0.02.
  4. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Oh my gosh! Oh. Thanks for checking in.
  5. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Cornutt--So glad to hear your son is on the mend. That sounded SO scary.
  6. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    -Graded last 6 papers.
    -Picked up Child from sleepover.
    -Read The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner's Dilemma with Child.
    -Ask Child is she can demo what she learned Week 1 in viola lesson for us. She doesn't know much yet, but she practices what she does know for us. :)
    -Read Malcolm X to myself. (I had reluctantly interrupted my reading of it to read the new fiction by Zadie Smith and Junot Diaz.)

    Up with Child, usual, drop off.

    At work, prep like crazy and get through a lot before class.

    9:10--ENG 1101. Debates about whether the TSA does a good job insuring the safety of the flying public.

    10:20--GLC. Fantastic discussion of James Bond's Goldfinger.

    Exciting news: Rick Riordan's tour has been posted. Closest stop to us is...Paramus, NJ. (~4.5 hrs away.) Interesting choice! I am going to be wondering "Am I crazy?" when I am driving home from this event in the small hours of the AM to make it work the next day at 9:10 AM, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

    Office hours.

    4--Meeting about future of Honors program. Hmm.
    5:30--Home. Dinner. Really beat.
    Read final pages of Malcolm X. Definitely one of the best books I've read this year.
    Some FB time.

    8--Grocery store, as we are out of bread, cheese, bananas, oranges, and grapes, and only have two sad and lonely strawberries.

    Trying to be better about going to bed more like 10:30ish, instead of 11:30.
  7. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Ballet cancelled, and a good thing, too, b/c I have a more -or-less emergency visit to dentist, which ends up with novocain that doesn't wear off until early afternoon
    To HFKAM to write large checks for quarterly estimated taxes; Spouse is not there, yay; this is one task I do not need to do with him micromanaging me
    Spouse arrives as I'm leaving
    Lesson, learning and frustration in equal measure
    Take book to park and read until hunger takes over (have not eaten much due to dental work), then take book to favorite restaurant and enjoy a decent meal until time for
    Group class, one of Teach's finer moments
    To home of DB#1 to look at fabric books; she's making me some window treatments
    Home, can't sleep; musta been the coffee @6pm; note to self: DON'T DO THAT
    Read, read, z
  8. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I sure hope it is good. It was only $13 at Amazon, but, once I start Amazon book-shopping, I have zero self control. There's something so seductive about free super saver shipping. Must spend the $25 minimum. And then there's something so seductive about books. So one book becomes five or six in a flash, and $13.12 (IIRC) becomes $62 and change, which is actually more like $75 (because I buy gift cards at Kroger to get gas discounts.)

    Then I have $13 leftover in my Amazon account. $13 would probably buy another book but, if I add $12 more worth of books, I get free shipping ... and the cycle continues. See where this is going? Nowhere pretty. lol.
  9. nucat78

    nucat78 Active Member

    Started day with woman passing out on me on train. And I literally mean on me.
    Staff meeting.
    Talked Dean of students down off ledge after grant closeout showed her program finances need some corrections.
    DW returned from balmy Minneapolis with Cat Butt gum and Machismo candy cigarettes.
    Out to local TF for some Mex.
    Watched some Tosh.o.
  10. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    tues....gown repair, retail therapy, post office to mail things to "cutest baby in the world", teach spin, cook nice meal, chat with dh...pretty much lazy day...which was fine
  11. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    eesh...that sounds like it needs some tequila poured on it
  12. nucat78

    nucat78 Active Member

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  13. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Yesterday, lots of phone calls from co-workers wishing me well.
    8 huge boxes staring at me.
    Note to self - get parking for parent -
    DH calls letting me know he's arrived home.
    THEN DH says "I'm afraid to touch anything in the house, what happened to you, did the Mr. Clean tornado hit?"
    I laughed, nope, it's a new stage of life, and I'm tossing, re-doing, re-organizing, and ofting things we don't need, don't want, don't use.
    More responses for retirement open house at our home.
    Home to DH, hear about New Orleans, DS and Him and the "business" meetings.
    Off to lesson with pro.
    Pro is too busy for his good I decide - Grand Opening on Thursday has his mind all a twitter...
    DH and I settle in for a catching up night.
    It felt good to relax, take a deep breath and realize,,,,after I watch the Space Shuttle Endeavor fly over City Hall on more "work" related train rides.
    One day and a wake up to go!:)
  14. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    I just have prime membership. I compared the two, that is buying the 25 minimum and the cost of prime and figured that prime was a better option for me. And it gets to me faster too. I use my discover card points, when I can for purchases. Using gift cards too, that is something I need to add.
  15. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Alas. I suspect Amazon prime would just feed my addiction. *sigh* lol
  16. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Wake up...and have that odd sensation that again, no one is getting ready for school. Sure enough, Husband is sound asleep, and Child is doing her own thing. Mad dash to make her lunch and get her ready. Husband--who has an 8:30 AM doctor's appt--wakes up and takes her.

    Do some chores, then to work.

    10:10--FYS workshop on time management.

    Briefly home. Lunch, shower. Power cuts out during shower. NOOOOO!!! (We're on a well.) Luckily, we have enough water in the tank for me to wash the conditioner off my hair.

    12:30--Double Nik lesson, in which much technique is learned. :)

    3--Pick up La Petite from school.

    Have minor hissy fit when I discover that Salman Rushdie's Joseph Anton is not going to arrive until Thursday. I *thought* it was guaranteed day of publication delivery! Of all the books coming out this fall, this was the one I was looking forward to the most, and I am about to go and sit at the dance studio for 3 1/2 hours, so this made me sad. I recognize that in the grander scheme of problems on the planet, this is barely worth mentioning, but I really love Rushdie. I scooped up Michael Chabon's Telegraph Avenue, which I hadn't planned to read until after Rushdie.

    5-6:30--Junior I/II Ballet/Tap/Jazz combo.
    6:30-7:30--Junior I/II Hip-Hop. They have a teenage sub who has a lot to learn about classroom management.
    7:30-8:30--Junior Int/Adv Ballet.
    I read and wrote in my diary in the car.

    Home. Put Child to bed.

    Read a little more, then put myself to bed.
  17. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Up with Child, the usual.

    8:20--Drop off.

    8:35--At work. Deal with stuff related to special event we're planning. Secretary is doing a lot to coordinate between the various offices involved.

    9:10--ENG 1101. Debate about whether the TSA is doing an effective job screening passengers or whether it is security theater.

    10:20--GLC. Peer review. I get two essay drafts read.
    Meeting with peer mentor. Lunch. Read another essay.

    12:40--Victorian Lit. Tennyson. Oral report by student. Lotos Eaters, Tithonus.

    2:15--Office hrs. Coordinate more with secretary. Meet w/student.

    3--Pick up Child.

    Read with Child. Feed ourselves.

    6:30--Leave for dance studio.
    7-8--Junior Int Ballet.
    8:30--Home. Put Child to bed.

    Computer time and read until my own bedtime.
  18. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    wed...take 8 o'clock step class just to warm up, teach 9 o'clock power step, stay til 11 for idea what happened after that...except that my allergies were awful and that dh and I sat out for as long as I could stand it b/c it was such a nice evening....seems like I accomplished something...but, for the life of me, I can't remember it
  19. cornutt

    cornutt Well-Known Member

    It was scary. After we got to the hospital and they got him into triage and there was nothing for us to do at the moment, I was shaking because I was so pumped up with adrenaline. It took about half an hour of sitting very quietly to get my heart rate back down. Thanks again to everyone for all of your concern.
  20. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Up with DH.
    Head off to "hair" appointment before heading into office for Retirement Celebration Party.
    Home, pick up DH, change of clothing, extra bags for hauling stuff to car.
    Into City Hall East, take DH up to Main Street where the Farmers Market is setting up.
    The mere smell of Strawberries and other produce is enticing, we browse.
    DH askes "are you nervous?"
    My reply "yes"
    DH "why?"
    My reply "Lord only knows what they are going to say about me, snicker"
    We both laugh.
    Head up to office, co-workers greet Dear Husband, they ambush him into talking about his
    recent road trip to and from New Orleans.
    Watch DH light up like a firefly - and the discussion is filling the air.
    Call from dad and step-mom "hey, we're here at Weilands waiting for you"
    Grab DH, "we gotta go NOW - parents are here"
    Meet up with parents for lunch before party.
    DH pulls out his Challenge Coin, slams it on the table, stars at his father-in-law, my dad.
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - geez, my brain screams.
    Dad - smiles,,,,reaches into his pocket,,,slams his Challenge Coin on the table and says "your buying apparently"
    They both laugh. Yep, DH lost this one.
    Talk, memories, laughter, plans, questions, answers, lunch was great.
    We all walk Japan Town together heading back to my office.
    Take them upstairs where we start running into co-workers waiting for the party to start.
    Go to my office.
    Watch my "group" running like rats in a maze, with food, stripping flower stems for arrangements, hauling balloons, Explain,,,,,the kitchen is directly in front of my office,,,,there is no way I cannot see what is going on.
    We head out to planned party event.
    ALOT of people show up.
    Parents, DH and I - separate just by the sheer numbers of people we are all ending up talking to before the formal stuff starts.
    I stare at conference room, notice all the work it took to transform it,,,it's beautiful.
    Tell myself - DO NOT CRY! at least not before the party starts.
    Several people speak, then it's my turn.
    I'm so honored by those who came, I'm stunned by hearing words addressed to me, about me and for me.
    Then, my best friend (since high school) speaks, who is also retiring in January.
    OK, the tears are sitting on the edge of my eyelid...NOOOOOOO DON'T....arggghhhh...give in.
    Some comedy is thrown in...people are standing outside the doors in the lobby because there simply is no more room.
    It's overwhelming. Is the only way to describe it.
    My dad and my step-mother - who gave me the application 34 years ago - are holding their own tears back.
    I thank everyone - in various remarks/comments and small speech throughout the event.
    DH and I say goodbye to parents who have to get on the road.
    I thank the hard work of my group to make it so successful.
    We talk about the space shuttle Endeavor fly over (still got to do that) on Friday.
    DH helps me load boxes, balloons, some food from event, and we head out to Ribbon Cutting of Dance Studio.
    Perform, as one number of many others by others, at ribbon cutting, where I'm presented with another cake for my retirement.
    Hugs abound with congratulations.
    Husband and I head home, now the happy tears can we collapse....with a permanent smile.

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