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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by fascination, May 10, 2009.

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    You will get no argument from me there!

    It was a VERY divisive suggestion, and all the more so given the constituency of this particular group. (We have good diversity in terms of sexual orientation, race, religion, etc. I am proud of that.) I am going to to put this...VERY displeased if fallout from this bad decision winds up creating a permanent problem for this year's production. I am giving up the opportunity to do Platinum Dancesport--the Pilipenchuks' comp in MIAMI--because the directors put the show the same weekend. That is a comp I really want to do because I really care about the family and Miami is one of my favorite U.S. cities. (Also, they do some fun stuff like a pro-am team match.) But I really want to be the backbone of this 10 year celebration even more. I am the only person who has been in all 10 shows, so everyone knows me. I think this could be such a fabulous get-together and networking event for alumni and current students.

    In fairness to the directors, I think they just didn't think it through. Back during the 2011-12 school year, Chick-fil-a wasn't particularly controversial and another organization they are a part of did a fundraiser there which was easy to set up and very successful. There certainly was no intention to offend the bisexual and lesbian castmates or their allies. But now they have caused hurt feelings. I hope they will be able to show the wisdom and maturity needed to admit they made a mistake and to do what it takes to regain the trust of the cast. Everyone makes mistakes. Not everyone apologizes well. We'll see what transpires.
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    I would simultaneously like to say "Congratulations" and (((Hugs))).

    Though I have no first-hand experience, all five of my aunts/uncles have divorced and remarried, as has one of my first cousins. 100% of them are happier now than they were in their previous marriages, but that doesn't mean the actual divorce and transition periods were easy. Treat yourself well. And every time you feel blue, remember that you are not the sole driver on a road trip to Arkansas, either literally or metaphorically.

    (((HUGS))) again.
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    Yes. I would add that the divorce decree is not Arkansas, for many people I've known who've been through it (including myself,) even though many people, divorced and otherwise, hold what *I think* is that misconception. There's a long, long road beyond the decree in which you may decide whether Arkansas really is where you want to go, what kind of car you want to drive to your new destination (if there is one,) what stops you want to make along the way, and who you want to take with you. (Rich metaphor, ccm. Love it.)

    Regardless, all you have to do is drive the next mile and make it safely into bed tonight.

    It gets better.
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    Understood. It takes being in a position of leadership to see how good intentions can be misinterpreted and can quickly cascade downhill. Yes. It is up to the directors to listen to feedback and make this right.

    Another potentially lucrative food-related fund-raiser (about which I've heard nothing controversial, although I could be unaware ...) is Krispy Kreme. I haven't done one of those in years but, IIRC, the share of the profits was really, really good. You can choose to do an on-site doughnut sale. (We did pre-sales by the box and ordered extras for sale on the day of.) Or you can wait and sell by the box on the day of. (I wouldn't recommend selling individual doughnuts. Too much mess.) Or you can sell doughnut gift certificates. The only location I see in MD is in Rockville. No idea how close or how far that is from you. Just an idea. And, just for sake of completeness, I'll mention that the KK locations I worked with in FL were kosher-friendly. :cool:
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    Sun: Woke up at 8am, morning exercises, breakfast of egg sunny side up and toast, then Mt Vernon, Maryland, (home of George Washington) for the day. Saw the sights, boat cruise, fed the animals with kids and more. Then back family's home to dinner, play with kids, watch Sunday night football, and now a little df before bed.
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    Yesterday. Awake around 7:30. Snuggly and comfy. Oh. Feels so good not to have to get up right now. So I don't.

    Morning: loll about while DS reads the shmoop synopsis of Cyrano. "Uh Mom. This is really poorly written." So I read it. He's right, IMO. I know that I am terribly old school, but I don't understand why literary analysis has to be dumbed down to be "approachable." Bottom line: At some point in your academic career, you're going to be reading scholarly works -- sometimes in antiquated translations. Adding "dudes," "bad guys" and bad jokes to a so-called study guide really isn't helping anybody, long term. Too bad DS couldn't find Spark Notes for his Kindle. *sigh*

    Off to Batteries Plus to buy DS a battery for his school camera. Say what you will about overpriced batteries. This place has saved my potatoes more than once. I don't know how they manage to have such a wide selection of batteries in such a small building, but somehow they do. Very nice.

    Comparison price shopping for paper goods for upcoming football party. Football shaped plates at Party City = $3.00 for 8. "Touchdown" plates at dollar store = $1 for 14. Hmm. Wonder which I'll buy.

    Go to Target and buy DS a pair of jeans, some tighty whities and a pack of socks. Laundry MUST BE DONE, but not today, thanks to the infusion of clean undies. It's official. I'm a slacker. Buy other stuff and facilitate the process of getting photojournalism project done. (That's right. I pimp for the cause. lol) It's so funny. I'd forgotten that, when I was DS's age, I used to think I was shy. Now? Pssh. Nobody scares me. I press the flesh with lots of Moms and get DS some photo subjects. On the way home. we talk about the fact that, if he wants to become a journalist, he's going to have to be bold. He's not convinced. But whatev.

    Make dinner (ribs and COTC in homage to dear fasc. Gnawing abounds. lol)

    Spend a couple hours drilling DS on French. He has a quiz, a project and a test, all this week. Ye gods. Report cards must be coming. It's a nice bonding time, though.

    Sudoku until I get sleepy. Zzz.
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    Why shmoop or Spark Notes (she says, trying not to shudder)? If you need an easier version, why not a Classics Illustrated? Wouldn't that be more fun anyway?
  9. pygmalion

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    Because of the nature of the assignment and because of the rest of his work load.

    He was assigned to present a piece of French literature -- the author, the setting, some historical and cultural context and the gist of the story. He wasn't assigned to analyze the play. He also had a French quiz to study for, a couple pages of algebra, a pre-AP geography assignment, biology and something else I forgot, all assigned on Friday to be completed by Tuesday. (Which is actually Monday because has different classes on Mondays that will probably come with homework of their own.)

    It's not an easy version he needs. It's a quick one. Even if our local B&N had had the Illustrated Classics version of the play (It didn't.) he may not have had time to read the whole play and complete the assignment. So he and I made a strategic decision that he would understand the gist and then read as much of the actual play as possible before assembling his presentation.

    He won't be shmooping anymore, though. shmoop and Sparknotes are night and nay, IMHO.
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    sun...finish ceus, clean house from top to bottom, drive to Midway to fetch DH who had a great time at partner retreat in Phoenix...except that a young associate dove into a shallow pool...she has a 2 year old and an 11month old...her ability to ever walk again is still uncertain...unable to get mower going...annoyed.....sleep well
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    Not sure why people impulsively do these crazy things. My prayers with her..and her loved ones...
  12. Sagitta

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    duplicate post, with no way to delete....:(
  13. fascination

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    you know, I think she though it was a pool with a shallow and a deep end and she thought she knes which end was shallow based upon where people were in the pool...people started shouting but it was too late....
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    ah JA - welcome to the "release" of the old and into the turn - legally. lol.
    A blur of that I've actually had some sleep.
    Thursday, retirement reception party.
    Head home, dash in dash out, Ribbon Cutting of new studio (forgive if this is a repeat but I really have had no sleep).
    Friday - back to work for the last day - Space Shuttle Endeavor is to fly around, over and through downtown.
    Everyone heads up to rooftop Helipad (hotter than sin up there, whew) - what an awesome sight.
    Note all the people on the top of the skyscapers surrounding City Hall Complex - wow,,,had to take a picture.
    Head down to office for last time, fill out form, double check that desk is empty and files moved to flashdrive.
    Call DH - chit chat from desk - hear a "roar" of engines? Look out 12th floor window and see the 747w/space shuttle Endeavor and the two chase jets - go 200 yards by my window at eye level....HOLY MOLY BATMAN!
    between buildings.
    I smile and a little selfish prayer - Thank You for ending it this way.
    Collect purse - hugs to co-workers and off to train.
    Home - prepare for open house on Saturday.
    DH runs around the yard Saturday morning, staging,,,then he says
    "your retirement is gonna kill me!" as he changes his fourth shirt of the morning. lol.
    Caterer shows up.
    People start arriving, some drove 5 hours - I'm entirely honored by this effort.
    It's hotter than blazes outside with humid weather. uggghhhh
    everyone stays in my home except a few brave souls.
    The tray serve starts, the talking is loud with tons of laughter, can't hear myself think...
    amazing good time.
    Dad shows up after everyone leaves...ahhhhh...quiet.
    DS stays with GF and announces "mom, can we have the den furniture...all of it? for our office space
    in our new home"...
    Perfect...nice....gotta get rid of it as I'm downsizing.
    Sunday morning - unload shelves, boxes and boxes of papers, files, photography, books...UGH
    tear down furniture with DS so it fits into his truck.
    Reset TV for GS on TV trays.
    Now we have an empty room (wonderful!).
    Note that I'm almost 2 hours late for the Public Grand Opening of studio - poooeeeeyyyyy.
    Jump into shower, quickly grab costume, shoes, make up and head out.
    Husband looks and is exhausted......
    Make it to Grand Opening..and it's a very packed house....AC is not helping but at least it's not 100degrees
    in the studio.
    Have a good time, see old friends, see some from previous day at my party.
    Nice to make connections again, and there were alot of hints as to how busy my life is about to get.
    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...if they only knew the last four days!
    Home at 8 p.m. - tired, exhausted, sofa looks I say to spouse type
    "don't you even think of waking me up if I snore"
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    Yesterday... Grocery shopping with DW. We stopped at Sonic for lunch. Replaced a deck board that was checking and curling up. Used the rug machine to clean the den rug and the floor mats in DW's car. Took apart and cleaned the trap underneath one of the bathroom lavs (yuck!). Worked on some showcase music. Watched football and drank beer.
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    Gotcha. Makes sense in that context. I think the French teacher might want to think about spacing out her assignments a bit more, but I know she didn't ask for my opinion!
  17. pygmalion

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    But she's going to get my opinion. lol. DS is on a six-week grading cycle, and it looks like the end of this cycle may have snuck up on the teacher. (This is week five of the first grading period.)

    The good news is that DS and I are having a blast reading the play, making up fake voices and such. I suspect that we may be crossing fake rapiers this evening. :D

    The other good news is that I learned something, when DS was doing a run-through of his presentation for me last night. Who knew that there was a Cyrano Mr. Magoo and a Cyrano Seinfeld? (I knew about the Cyrano Brady Bunch episode. *wink* )
  18. pygmalion

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    Duplicate. Sheesh.
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    I'm telling you the software is still glitching. And neither you nor I need those extra posts to up our post count, if that makes a difference anymore in getting a different rank or prize.;) Does it?
  20. Sagitta

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    Wow! *Hugs* Congrats on accomplishing the divorce step and good luck with your next one. Looks like there is a lot of stuff going on. Will keep you in my prayers. I am glad you were able to distract yourself with your dance buddies on Thursday.

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