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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by fascination, May 10, 2009.

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    Many thanks. And fwiw, I took you literally; the metaphor is beyond me, at the moment. I am not feeling particularly blue, at the moment. Granted, it's a week later, but I don't know if that has anything to do with my general state of not-blueness. Whatev. Many thanks for all hugs, congrats, and good wishes.
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    "A Blur of Yesterdays" as 3wishes called it:

    Saturday last: up, off to brekkie, then to studio, where the whole day (barring lunch and dinner) is taken up with dancing, watching dancing, talking about dancing, coaching of dancing, and generally feeding my obsession
    After dinner, discover my friend's car has been towed; this puts a very effective kibosh on any further plans for socializing, as the city of Houston has uncivil civil servants, and getting the car back is, um, er, challenging for her


    Basically, a repeat of Saturday, without the towing but with much communication at the end of the day; nothing like rehashing a life-changing experience with people who went through it with you

    Fly home
    Arrive, unpack, change, go to Lesson
    Sort out several car issues
    Group class
    Home; crash
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    Session with therapist, during which I did NOT spend the entire time whining about Spouse, color me happy
    Assorted errands


    Lesson! the last for a while; Teach is very busy this fall, I have many cancelled lessons this month, poor poor pitiful me, but at least it will give me a chance to ease off the bank account
    Rolfer, an unspeakable pleasure <le sigh>
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    I cannot for the life of me remember what I did Thursday. Sorry!
  5. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Bake bake bake bake bake
    To NYC to see a friend who was in a horrible car accident and is in a rehab facility in Greenwich Village
    A friend has lent me his Netflix password; ruh roh, I am about to catch up on a LOT of TV I never saw, a mess of movies I missed, and some favorites I want to watch again. Just what I needed: another reason to sit still, as if FB/DF were not enough
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    fri...go to zumba, teach bike and bench...long chat with friend...tan...cook and housework....exhausting appointments with engaged clients in the evening...but some very nice time with dh in the evening

    sat...not enough sleep due to said lovely evening w/dh...sub oldies class at 8...hurry home, eat a sandwich, change and head to evanston for cats game...briefly connect with nucat...yay...unfortunately don't manage to re-connect...head to dinner with dtr...home now and bed very very soon
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    One of the glitches with the forum changeover. Are you doing the IB, International Bac...?
  8. Sagitta

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    Sneaky, but a nice sneaky. I go on the net standing up. I have one of those adjustable tables that can be raised up. It was pretty cheap - $0 - Yup - I saw it on the side of the road with a free sign while passing by, screeched to a halt, backed up, and into the car it went and I never looked back.
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    I was teasing IB, Sag. For some reason, when I typed IB, International Baccalaureate popped into my mind. It could have been illustrious bachelor, Illicit Bacon, Intermittent Break-down. The potential for silliness is virtually endless.

    Perhaps I should have kept my trap shut. :oops::)
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    Last couple of days:

    Friday. Usual work-related nonsense, for half the day. Then take latest training class out for a field trip. Yes. I take my classes on field trips. Very fun. Usually. Except this time, there's been a failure to communicate. The woman who coordinates training has somehow managed to give these folks the impression that I am paying for lunch. Where the miscommunication was, I have no idea. All I know is that, when the check comes, everybody, including the woman old enough to be my mother, looks to me to pay. And then there's the woman who is obviously struggling financially and who does not have any cash at all. She was counting on me and now has to confess, in front of the rest of us, that she is flat broke. TDNWMH. I buck up, pay the bill, and keep the receipt for vouchering. I don't mind paying for lunch. That's not a big deal. It just irritates me to have been committed to something and not notified about it. To make it worse, for reasons that I don't understand, the field trip was scheduled for late in the day, which made the lunch I was supposedly paying for very late -- about 1:30 instead of the usual 11:30 or 12:00. The timing wouldn't have been a problem if one of my students hadn't been diabetic and become light-headed from lack of food. Not to mention that, instead of the usual four hours to complete the field trip objectives (The field trip is a scavenger hunt.) I have more like two-and-a-half. And I wasn't given a copy of the training schedule, so I was blind-sided by these developments. Sheesh. These glitches make for some VERY awkward moments that cast a pall over some of the day, but we all decide to shake it off and manage to have fun.

    Other stuff happened on Friday, but, for the life of me, I can't remember what.

    Saturday. Awaken to the realization that I feel lousy. Spend much of the day, to quote DS, "writhing in agony." It's just a cold, I know, but I so rarely get colds that this one makes me feel whiny and miserable. Poor me. Doze so much during the day that I have an ice cube's chance in you-know-where of sleeping tonight. Doubly poor me. lol

    Watch an interminably long-seeming episode of Law and Order SVU. It's just not the same without Elliot. The on-screen chemistry between Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni really made the show for me. Another casualty of contract negotiation snafus. *sigh*

    Toss. Turn. Cough. Wheeze. Etc.
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    8:20--Child to school.
    8:35--Me to work.
    9:10--ENG 1101. Taught a class on evaluating sources, with particular reference to web sources. How can you tell if a website is a legit source of info? I of course had a couple of crazy people sites to demo my point.
    10:20--GLC. We make plans to go see the college production of "Hairspray" as a class. :) We then discuss Margaret Atwood's _The Handmaids Tale_. I start by giving them some background info on feminism and the 1980s, Reagan, "Morning in America," and The Moral Majority. This year's freshmen were for the most part born in or around 1994, so they will obviously have no first-hand knowledge of this. I find that it is easier to understand why Atwood wrote this 1985 feminist dystopia as a Christian theocracy if you know about The Moral Majority.
    12-2--Office hours.
    2-5--Grade butt off. MUST finish Victorian Lit essays before going home, and I do.

    Home. Husband does not feel well, he says.

    So for Family Fun Night, we again watch a movie at home "Star Trek Insurrection." I had not seen this one and I have to say I really liked it! (I was surprised b/c my general sense was that the franchise kind of ran out of steam as time went on.)

    That night, finish reading _Joseph Anton_.

    My theoretical sleep-in day, but I can't afford to do so. It is also supposed to be a day off from parenting responsibilities. (I give Husband Wed off, and he is supposed to give me Thursday off, but he was out of town on Thursday, so I get Saturday.)

    9-3--Grade *12* ENG 1101 essays. That is a very productive start to the day. Pity I have *SO* much more work to do!!! And I'm again planning to take a day off mid-week, which puts pressure on all surrounding days. [Taking Child to the Rick Riordan event, I hope.]

    Home. Husband and Child gone. Hoping they are at Fallfest. Nope, grocery store. Wish I had known they were going, as there were several other things I would have asked for. :(
    Husband allegedly doesn't feel well enough to take Child to Fallfest, and of course she would like to go. (It's not that I don't think Husband is sick at all. He ran out of asthma medication on his trip and that no doubt does have him feeling blechy. The only reason I am ever-so-slightly skeptical about the extent of the illness is that Husband did feel well enough to go to the gym on Friday. Um....)

    I cave and take her.

    4:30-6:30--Fallfest. Child goes on rides.


    Felt very tired this evening--I think all that grading was pretty brain-draining--so I didn't do much of anything. Mostly just surfed the web and played on FB, I think.
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    Yesterday was house projects day. Brother-in-law came up to do a couple of things for us -- a floor repair where we had a leak, and installing a TP holder in a guest bath. I cleaned out a the trap under the lav in the master bath (yuk!), worked on some wood trim, and then did a bunch of work cleaning out the garage, and rearranging the utility room so we can cram a bunch of stuff from the garage in there. We need to do that so we can apply epoxy paint to the garage floor.
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    Surprise myself by waking up before my alarm clock goes off, in spite of the late night. I went to bed just after three and got up just after seven, so I think I just about got my happy minimum of four hours' sleep. :)

    Have a leisurely breakfast and go for a practice for a small performance next weekend with my original DP. She teaches Irish dancing, so we practise in a sports hall surrounded by mini Irish dancers, some of whom look brilliant to me. The practice goes well. We're rusty and I make a few stupid mistakes, but it'll be fine on the day. Feel confident and happy.

    Go home, have large chunk of baguette for lunch and play Runescape. Pop out to the shop and wonder, as I walk back, whether I should text friend-over-the-way and ask if she wants me to take her car round so she doesn't have to come and get it. Am just making up my mind as I enter the house and find her in the hall. That's sorted that, then. *lol* Friend stays and chats for hours. After a while I leave her in the lounge with DP and hide upstairs, playing a bit more Runescape.

    Family come round, with baby, who is hiccoughing very appealingly. :) Friend-over-the-way is still here. Play silly card games, eat chilli and entertain baby. Go to bed later than I should.
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    Brilliant. If I can work that out (pun intended) I will. Or crack out the balance ball, for netflix purposes; sitting on the ball engages a whole lot more muscles than just sitting still.
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    I'm going for Illicit Bacon on this one.
  16. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    To WeightWatchers for the bad news; I celebrated the Signing of the Decree more enthusiastically than was prudent, but it was a major event, and big events gets big celebrations, in my book; meh, at least I didn't put back on everything I've taken off since July
    To NY to go fabric-and-rhinestone shopping with Blond German Friend
    Home; cook cook cook, with mixed results
    Resume new addiction to Netflix
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    Bacon. Always a good choice. :)
  18. Ice Bucket

    Ice Bucket Member

    I've been thinking about something like that for work. I spend all day sitting at a desk, usually doing computery things, and I don't think it's doing me any good. I always seem to have tight shoulders. I've considered getting a stool. I'm a tremendous fidget at the best of times - REALLY don't like sitting still - so maybe a balance ball would be a good idea.

    I'll go for Illicit Bacon. Seems appropriate.
  19. pygmalion

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    Yesterday: Another day of lolling about, "resting" and trying to get better, where resting equals self-medication every four hours and fitful sleep interspersed with coughing, wheezing and dripping all sorts of unseemly stuff.

    Watch a lot of TV, just because I can't concentrate on anything more mentally taxing. See two thought-provoking TV interviews. One was on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. Magic Johnson. Wow. It's been twenty-one years since he was diagnosed with HIV. It is mind-boggling and inspirational to see that someone who was given (what at the time, we thought was ) a death sentence would bounce back, amass a $750 million fortune and, more importantly, build wealth by doing good in urban communities. I had no idea that he was behind the movement to get Starbucks in the hood. The movie theaters I knew about. Very, very inspirational. He could have given up and died, and I'm sure many lesser men would have.

    The other interview was on 60 Minutes with Arnold Schwarzenegger (sp?) I'm not sure I'm glad to have seen it. I've always admired Schwarzenegger's intestinal fortitude, especially in his governance of California, where he made some brave choices that were way out of line with his party's platform. I really believe that he did what he thought was right, regardless of politics. I admire that, even though I did not agree with all of this choices. But wow. In the interview, he came across to me as narcissistic in the very worst way, even though I thought Leslie Stahl went easy on him. Becoming "successful" while hurting friends and family at the expense of your own agenda? Not cool. Hmm.

    But you know. All the "success literature" suggests that one important way to get started on or continue along the road to success is to read about people who've achieved success, whatever that means, and to learn from them, warts and all.

    Call/email/check in on some GFs.

    Medicate (the nighttime version.)

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    It's been a while. I've been busy.

    Saturday: Work at 8am.
    Work until 5pm. Buy wine somewhere in there.
    Home...friend arrives. We order pizza. We drink the wine.
    Call taxi to get into town...we are celebrating BF's and another housemate's birthdays. Taxi arrives. BF says "hold on...I have to polish my shoes"
    Taxi accumulates almost $10 of fares before BF eventually comes out.

    To town...a "gentlemen's club" first, for the boys (and me! XD ). Good fun. Relatively cheap drinks, which was surprising, and nice. BF is a bit tipsy, and tips the waitress $10. Wow. Surprised to see that lots of people are giving the dancers $10 and $20 notes. Everyone has a good time.

    To another club...haven't been here for a while. Good fun. Good dancing...housemate with birthday and my friend hook up! Woohoo! We have been trying to sort of get them together, as they are a pretty good match, but both really shy.

    Eventually, at around 3-4am, taxi home. Good thing there are 6 of us to split the $60 bill...
    Stay up playing strip poker...sort of a theme for the night, really. :D
    To bed, at about 5.30am. It is light outside, and birds are singing. Colour me too tired to care.

    Sunday: Sleep until about midday. Dr Who. Stay in bed all day, watching Angel, Star Trek...lots of things. Eventually make a butterscotch pudding because it's officially BF's birthday!
    Eat dinner.
    Doze a bit.
    Work at midnight. Uneventful shift, really. Pretty sun in the morning.

    Today: Home at about 9am. Sleep. Go visit BF's new baby niece at about 4pm. She's 4 days old...very cute.
    Dinner, in the form of stir fry.
    Swing dance! We learn Lindy, which is a change from the ECS we've been learning so far. BF seems to pick up the basic steps quite well. BF gets quite frustrated with all the ladies who are trying to backlead him because he's taking longer than everyone else to figure out what he's doing. We will practise more at home. Really fun class, though I'm really not sure whether it's worth $15, quality-of-instruction-wise.
    Drive home. Discuss dance.

    Play on computer. Read things. Do last-minute homework for all my classes tomorrow.

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    sunday....too many chores, not enough practice, also a trip to south bend to see nephew's foot ball game, then an underwhelming dinner with dh at a restuarant that didn't know how to make a proper margarita and were painfully slow in serving....home to channel surf
  22. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    summary= too much housework and not enough practice, trip to south bend for nephew's football game, then dinner at a place that makes a poor margarita and had incredibly slow got gobbled up...spend rest of it on couch channel surfing...

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