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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by fascination, May 10, 2009.

  1. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    effing duplicate post
  2. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Monday: ballet, lesson, group class, dinner with Blond German Friend, just the important stuff
    Tuesday: gyro, lesson, theater
    Wednesday: Lesson, get gown design from BGF, run design by Teach, get suggestions, some of which surprise me, but hey, he's the professional with decades of experience, I should probably listen to him
    Thursday: clean out old car, buy new car; this takes, basically, all day, until theater in the evening
  3. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    well, SO MUCH FOR THE "NAVIGATE TO ANOTHER DF PAGE AND THEN COME BACK AND YOUR POST WILL BE VISIBLE" theory. Now, a double post, b/c when my post *wasn't* visible, I clicked Post Reply again.

    TDNWMH!I am starting to loathe xenforo and all its works.
  4. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Starting to? Hah! I'm way ahead of you. I posted something last night that didn't display on the forum header until seven minutes after I posted it. Something told me I was in double posting danger so I waited and waited, navigated around a bit and finally logged out. When I was about to log back in, my post was finally visible.

    It had been seven freaking minutes since I posted, and it wasn't even one of my mega-posts. To say that I find this frustrating is an understatement.
  5. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    I've had one delayed post, one post-that-never-appeared, but for the most part I'm pretty smooth sailing over here. I wonder what the technological variable is that is causing so much grief for some. I see these duplicate posts all over the place and know it's happening quite frequently...
  6. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    People who log in and post more frequently seem to me to be the biggest complainers, which makes sense to me. If you log in once every couple of days and attempt to post once or twice per login, that's about eight or ten opportunities per week to run into a situation where the server is slow or uncooperative (or something else has gone wrong.) If you log in five times a day every day and attempt to post a few times per log in, that's more than a hundred opportunities to run into a problem every week. It is what it is. *shrug*
  7. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    dunno...I am on as often as anyone and I would say I get the issue twice a day...and it is on the long threads as you noted...which we can just go ahead and begin anew by starting threads that are a continuation and locking the old if the problem doesn't get fixed...but I am hoping the problem simply gets fixed
  8. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    am also hoping we can keep this thread on topic and take that issue to the thread about problems so that the people who need to keep track of it can truly see the bulk of it
  9. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    I very rarely log in -- I log in once and remain logged in for a very long time. Are you saying you actually enter your login credentials every time you visit DF?
  10. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Yes. I rarely stay logged in for long periods. These days, I often create posts, especially long posts, in a text editor before I even login. Then it's login, post, get out. Eh. Not sure why. *shrug*

    ETA: That's not true. I do know why. I'd just forgotten. I used to stay logged in forever, back in the early, early days of DF. Then I formed friendships with two DFers in particular who were both CRAZY about IMing, which I absolutely hate! I love them both, but they would login, see me logged in, then start IMing, even at the most inconvenient times. So I started logging in only when I was accessible, in order to avoid the awkwardness of explaining to childless IMophiles (one was a child-free grad student, the other a child-free lesbian) that IMing when I was supposed to be getting DS ready for kindergarten was a non-starter for me. Aside: Who has stuff to IM about at 7:00 in the morning anyway? lol

    Also, since I was a DF mod at the time, I liked to keep my online status as visible as much as possible back in the very early days of DF, and I would get bombarded with PMs and other stuff when I was logged in. It was just easier to login only when I wanted to be available.

    Long story short, logging into DF each time is just a habit, but old habits die hard (or however that saying goes.)
  11. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Absolutely. If I run across anything new, unique or helpful, I'll be sure to post it where it can be seen by people who can do something about it.

    Alas. There's nothing new, unique or helpful about my whining about the new software, at this stage of the game. :D
  12. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I’m doing today now because it’s almost over for me.

    Up early. Lie around and try to talk myself into getting up. Epic fail.

    Call from GF. Her ex-husband is dying and she is absolutely destroyed. Totally blows my mind. He left her twelve years ago and has been married to the other woman ever since, but she still loves him so much. It’s very sad. This makes me think about fascination’s assessment (with which I agree) that love is a choice. I wonder if NOT loving someone is also a choice. Could she choose to stop loving this man, if she wanted to? Bottom line, she doesn’t want to. I suspect that she’ll never be free from him as long as he is alive.

    Long talk with other GF who has a job interview next week and who is already talking herself out of accepting a job that she hasn’t yet been offered. Fear of the unknown can be debilitating. That’s a fact.

    Harass DS into doing homework. Off to mall where I spend far too much money on youngun. To AMC to see Hotel Transylvania which may well be the most boring animated film ever. Adam Sandler should probably have stuck to something else. Anything else. The good news: During the previews, I see an ad for a Fathom Event – To Kill a Mockingbird 50th Anniversary special showing exclusively at AMC Theatres on November 15. Must ponder taking DS. I can’t believe he’s never seen it. I think it’s time.

    Go to Target for random stuff, including a mountain of Halloween candy. Home. Meatballs and pasta for dinner.

    Now: Watching NCIS marathon. Later: Read something or the other. Later yet: Zzzzzz.

    Good night all.
  13. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    um...I think you may have misunderstood me...there is the emotion, and that is not a choice... and there is the greater affect/action, which is a decision....we cannot easily stop our emotions, but we can make decisions and exhibit behaviors that can move our emotions in the direction in which we would like for them to go...I do not in any way think that we can much control feeling a particular emotion...only how we respond to it...and that is the greater aspect of give it when you don't feel it, or to not act on it when it is destructive...that is a transcendent love...certainly also there are remnants of what they had together and no reason to distance oneself from those emotions actively unless they are destructive....obviously that is never easy or quick even when possible
  14. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    practice, do dishes, soak in tub, vacuum, tan, post office, grocery store, eat dinner.....

    practice with gentleman who is a student of my pro's wife...that was really good...we worked intl waltz and rumba...

    also took group cha with him....but he was tired after that so we skipped the party

    to bed soon
  15. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Sat - 4 hrs of work, church service, grocery shopping, blog post
  16. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Gotcha. I wasn't trying to sum up the complexity of your view in a fraction of a sentence, but yeah. We've talked about this before, IIRC in the context of long term relationships and the ebb and flow of being "in love." I do understand where you're coming from, I think. I'm 100% with you that our actions are a decision (I used the word choice, but I think the two are close enough to the same thing.)

    I'm not so sure about the emotions piece of it, though. Would be interesting to hear others' views, although I suppose that conversation probably belongs in the enlightenment thread (which gives me hives. lol)

    My GF and her ex had four children and twenty-something years of marriage plus a life's work together. I can't imagine how difficult it would be for her to let go of that and move on. I wish she was able to. But, in all honesty, knowing some of the things she has endured, I am in awe of how far she has come. All I can do is support her through this next phase as best I can. *sigh*
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  17. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Back to correct myself. This probably isn't relevant to most folks, but the To Kill a Mockingbird Fathom Event is not exclusively at AMC theaters. It's at a variety of theaters all over the US. I found this out because I've decided to give my parents tickets as an anniversary gift. TKAM is one of their all-time favorite movies, and they've never seen it in a theater. When the movie came out, Mum and Dad had a house full of kids and were too poor to afford a night out at the movies.

    Their 64th anniversary is on November 11 and I hadn't chosen a gift yet. Dinner and a movie, plus an overnight hotel stay and some gift cards for shopping. (PUs live in the boonies and would have to go to the big city for this.) Nice.
  18. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    I think these things are never complete, they are "less severe"...with less frequent triggers....people leave imprints on one another....
  19. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Yes to this. :cool:
  20. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    Up pretty early; DH is gone. Shrug. Call him--he's taking a drive. OK.

    For some reason I wake up with lots of energy. Get up, take shower, get dressed, put on makeup--unheard of for a weekend morning. (Usually, all that happens in mid-afternoon, if it happens at all.) Head downstairs, eat leftovers for breakfast, and start on a whirlwind of house straightening.

    DH arrives home. Minor tiff. Make up. Prep for storm, which means putting planters against the house and bringing in/wedging deck furniture. Shrug.

    We also get to having a financial talk. We have these now and again--sort of a state of the financial union, tweaking of goals and priorities, etc. It's important, since I'm the one who handles our day-to-day finances and DH is mostly out of the loop. We have some minor disagreements, as we always do when it comes to finances, because he and I tend to think about things slightly differently. But we keep talking, and playing with the numbers (when we have financial talks, we break out the budget worksheet in Excel, a couple of calculators, an online amortization calculator, and several pens and a notebook), and brainstorming, and we eventually arrive at a good arrangement. It's not terribly different from what we're doing currently--not paying things off much faster--but we've got a very concrete goal, and we have agreed on our financial priorities, and have agreed on how we'd handle several possible contingencies. In the end, we both managed to get what we want: we've got a 5-year plan for paying off almost all of our debt, we've got a way to reduce the amount of interest we pay, we've got money being set aside for savings for new cars in a few years/vacation (the fact we haven't had a good vacation in 5+ years is a sore spot)/emergencies, and we're putting more money into retirement. Yay us!!!

    Piddle about restlessly for a bit in the afternoon, then head out to have dinner with friends and friend's family for friend's birthday. Have a really great time; good food, lots of good conversation. Head home happy, full, caffeinated, and slightly over-stimulated.

    Get home, awake...piddle about restlessly until I manage to force myself to quasi-sleep.

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