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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by fascination, May 10, 2009.

  1. cornutt

    cornutt Well-Known Member

    Wow. Glad to hear you are OK.
  2. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    Very glad to hear you are ok. If you want to get away to working lights and hit showers just let me know. We've got room for you!
  3. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    @J_Alex--Glad to hear you made it through the storm okay and hope your power gets restored soon. Do you have heat and running water? Do you have a place to shower? You would be welcome here as well...though we do have four small mammals (child, dog, and 2 cats), so while I can promise electricity and running water, I cannot promise peace and quiet!
  4. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Thanks, all, for the good thoughts and the offers. We are staying put, for the duration, apparently. Can't persuade the father to go elsewhere. We'll see how long that lasts.
  5. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    hmm...well then, his judgement has to be respected....whatever the effect it has on him, he has been self-determining for quite a long while only other thought would be to frame it as something YOU need and that you don't feel that you can go unless he will...sometimes the male ego responds better to that...."no I am not trying to take care of you, I actually need this, now won't you be MY hero?"....failing that, bundle up and keep the jamesons close at hand
  6. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Everything's better with Jamesons. :D

    No idea when I last checked in, although I'm pretty sure it's been several days, so I'll stick to the high level overview.

    DS: Doing well and making me proud. He and I have a few pretty deep and philosophical conversations which remind me yet again that, in many ways, he is a man, not a boy. This warms my heart and scares me in equal parts. Also search high and low for a Wii U. If you don't know what that is, count yourself lucky and don't ask. lol.

    Me: Have long conversations with God about various stuff, especially gratitude for all that we have. However grumpy I get about things I don't have sometimes, this whole Sandy thing has me reflecting on what I do have, for a change. Also give God a stern talking to about the fact that He missed the memo. He is supposed to do stuff in my way and on my time-table. Oddly, my impertinence is met with silence. Maybe I should rethink the whole thing. Also, on a totally unrelated note, purchase a large quantity of cheap dresses from Old Navy. Must do my bit for the ailing economy and whatnot. :D

    Work: Have performance discussion with idiot boss at just the wrong time and give him an earful of the truth, for a change. Seriously must get new job. The BS outweighs the stuff I like almost every day, now. Not good.

    Family: Dear old (89 year old) Dad has been feeling poorly, lately. Bad pain in hip. Bad enough for him to go to bed and rest, which is pretty darn bad. I know that I'm overreacting, but I am terrified that the cancer is back and in his bones this time. (His elder brother died of bone cancer when DS was a pre-schooler.) I can't shake the feeling, even though I know that old people have hip problems that have nothing to do with cancer, every single day. Also, as I mentioned in another thread, sister and niece will be living in SC across the street from Mom and Dad, most likely before Christmas. I feel internal conflict, but it is what it is.

    Beau: Aaargh. 'Nuff said.

    DF: Try to budget for massive cookie purchases. This may not be possible. (Yes. Crying poor to prevent folks from bidding the whoopie pies out of my price range. I plan to bid nothing until December 15. Sneaky, no? *wiggly eyebrows* J/K!)

    Tomorrow (aka later today) Participate in annual work-related charity event that I think is really more a photo op for the arrangers than anything. Lordy! I am so cynical.

    That is all.
  7. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member have no short-term memory anymore...not a good sign...taught an interval class, pretty sure I cleaned out my car (somewhat)...think I probably did some around the house stuff, also did some holiday shopping, and cooked dh a nice dinner then had a quiet evening...

    thurs; spent bulk of the morning prepping for the last grief session of the Fall...this has been a great group and I feel so blessed to have been part of their journey ...I love this part of my job......make some Dr. appt's for after OSB ...tick various other things off of long "to-do" list...facilitate grief group which was lovely, and people were so sad to have it end, but I am not a proponent of ongoing series as I think it facilitates its own dependence...we will do another in the Spring for those who wish to join, and they have each others' numbers in the meantime...home again and to bed early...which seems to be my new thing as I haven't been doing much of the mid-day naps these days...only one this week
  8. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Go to library in town I used to live in; it has power and wifi; charge phone and ipad
    Run errands, observing people lining up to buy gasoline -- memories of the '70s gas lines
    Discover the damage to my car, which I did not see until now b/c there was pine tree debris all over it; apparently, the pane of glass that blew out of the porch window smashed against my car door, and broke there, and dug nice, deep gouges, down to the metal; TDWMH, I have not owned the car for a full week! Couldn't this have waited? But still, small potatoes, compared to what could have happened
    Make arrangements for birthday dinner for brother; he is a pizza-ficionado, so 7 of us go for pizza at his favorite joint, which has power and heat
    Home; OMGWTwhatever LOOOKIE LOOKIE POWER! And there was much rejoicing throughout the land
    Sleep warm
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  9. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    like, except for the car part
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  10. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Yesterday, up early, wash bedsheets before little ones wake up for school.
    AHHH, all three come down the stairs,,,Hiiiiii come you don't live here is the question of the morning.
    Comb hair of two very cute little girls before breakfast (sorry to other grandmas...but mine are really cute IMO lol).
    Mohawk the hair of the 7 year old with Spike gel...WOW,,,hard as nails that stuff.
    Breakfast, little stories, Grandpa (my DH) telling tall tales and the girls love him when he does that. Silly.
    Hugs, kisses, promises of more stories next time and off to school they go.
    Pack up head to Austin Airport.
    Take pictures of Gigantic Guitars that are pop artwork.
    Kiss DH goodbye, and head into airport stores, looking for something, anything for neighbors who watched our home.
    YIKES, nothin' I got nothin' arrggghhh Charlie Brown angst.
    Ride to Phoenix, beautiful, smooth and landed 20 minutes early.
    It never fails, we always land at the D gate and I have to walk a mile to the C-16 gate, BUT WAIT, there's hope yet,
    A new cafe Paradise Bakery/Cafe has the most wonderful chicken with Walnuts and Cranberry sandwich I've ever had.
    Transfer jetways - and load up for Ontario.
    Ballroom sister confirms pick up time and askes "did you throw DH out of the car and your on the run?" hahahahaha
    Smooth flight, until one mile out of landing...then ROCK right,,,ROCK left...poor attendent...did a jig in the front of plane.
    Ahhhh, welcome home, santa ana winds, your soooo familiar to me.
    Meet ballroom sister at curbside, LOVE HER TO DEATH, swap stories and trade news on the frontline.
    She drops me off at home, when dear neighbor, who sees me yells out, HEY YOU, Stranger, This house has been sold, haven't seen the owner in months.. Note to self: see? even the one who NEVER talks to you, actually misses you, we both laugh.
    He walks over, catches me up on all the happenings of our dead end street (note: all of us have been neighbors for 25 years or more).
    More neighbors walk out....WE MISSED YOU is the theme...then ...WHAT DID YOU DO WITH DEAR HUSBAND???!!!!
    Sleep, in my own house, in my own bed, is the best welcome back I can imagine.
    It always is.
  11. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Calling all YA slackers. Yoo hoo! Are you out there?

    It's been several days again. (Gotta say this thread is not nearly as fun without regular updates on La Petite ChaCha and the Most Adorable Baby Ever. Just putting it out there.)

    Friday: Enjoyed charity event in spite of myself. I can't help it. I'm just a sucker for helping people. Doing good does good, regardless of motives. Besides, who am I to impugn others motives, when I'm not always clear on what my own motives are? (Aside: I love the word impugn. It's one of those juicy words you can really cozy up to. Yes. I am a closet word-cozy-er. There are worst vices, I think.)

    Saturday and Sunday: Did stuff. Must not have been all that groovy, because I don't remember most of it. I remember that DS had a pair of warm-up pants stolen right out his shopping cart while he was loading our car. Who does things like steal pants? Blows my mind. *shrug*

    Monday: To work under protest. I simply cannot stand the transition away from Daylight Savings Time. Just can't stand it. You'd think that waking up when it's actually light outside would make me happy, but no. Descent into winter makes me VERY grumpy. I could swear I used to contend with a mild case of SADS every winter, when I lived up north. I never got diagnosed, because I moved south right around the time SADS became a household word. Diagnosis or no diagnosis, I am a sunshine junkie. One hour less of it has a noticeable negative impact on my quality of life. Face it, after those first few days of Standard Time, nobody is getting up any earlier. People just spend an extra evening hour in darkness.

    Tuesday: Go to an annual charity/fund raiser at work and am absolutely inspired by the story of an agency started by a group of three Moms (Yes. j_alex. I will always capitalize Mom, although I am well aware that, were you my professor, I would likely pay for that decision... and the simultaneous decision NOT to capitalize professor. lol) Anyway. This agency was started by three Moms who identified a need roughly six years ago. They needed something for their own children and now provide it for 160 people. It's projected that they will double their reach by next year. It is inspirational to see what a few ordinary people can do, when they set a goal and focus. :) (This description is a gross understatement of their accomplishments in an uphill battle for funding, but that's what happens when you're on the internet and have to be vague.)

    On way to car, ask a crusty, crusty coworker about her grandson and watch her melt. She tells me funny stories about his first trick or treat experience. Apparently he, at age two, thinks he can outsmart his Mom by stuffing candy in his car seat. Of course, Mom will never notice that hidden lollipops surround his little bottom when she takes him out of the chair. I find the image hilarious. Good times.

    To mall to spend too much money on DS, but that's not new.

    Home to watch election results. Realize that, political junkie that I am, I am somewhat crestfallen at two things. One. I will miss all the campaigning and name-calling and political rhetoric and jockeying for position. As messy as it can be, I love the political process. Even though I don't always love the way it works, I do love seeing it work. Two. As much as I hate to admit it, I was hoping that the presidential election would be very, very close. Silly, I know, but I would have found that fun to watch. When I headed to bed super-early (before ten) the pundits were already projecting a winner. What a let-down, after all these weeks of the folks on TV projecting "nightmare scenarios" involving the electoral college. *sigh* Oh well. Maybe next time.

    Zzzz early.
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  12. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    OMG, Pygmalion!!!! Bite your tongue!!!!! Lol!
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  13. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Okay, I'm a week behind. It's been a little intense up in here, but I'm going to get a little breathing space now, I think.

    Highlight reel:

    WEDNESDAY--Back to work and school for me and Child after 2 days off due to Hurricane Sandy. This area got lucky; damage not too bad. We only lost 1 tree, and it didn't hit anything on the way down.

    Instead of getting one set of 18 essays on Monday and one set of 18 essays on Tuesday, I got all of them at once. Oof. And couldn't even start them b/c I needed to take Child T-or-Ting...which was very fun.
    Rather than T-or-Ting locally, we got together with her BFF (who lives 45 mins away) and trick or treated in the Ellicott City Historic District. Very fun, and the girls were so happy together.

    THURSDAY--9 AM-4 PM. Graded 12 essays. Then VagMon rehearsal.

    FRIDAY--Taught. Graded 4 essays. Would have done more, but it is Homecoming weekend, and an alum came by.
    Family fun night movie: "Ghostbusters"! Fun to share that w/Child.

    SATURDAY--At work by 8:45 AM. Graded 8 essays.
    Went home, sacrificing great parking space (sob!), picked up Child, went back to Homecoming...and lucked into another great parking space!
    Did loops of the field, saying "Hi!" to alums. Saw people from classes as far back as 1999 and 2000, though more from 2006 and forward. One of my advisees from the Class of 2006 who currently lives in Tampa, FL was there, and that was a HUGE surprise!

    SUNDAY--AM with Child. Funniest part was when she proposed we play Multiplication Bingo. (Isn't it parents who usually try to talk kids into educational games?)
    PM--Graded 7 essays.
    Later PM--Jumped on treadmill, finally, after not working out all week. 3/10ths of a mile in, it shorted out. Then when I re-started it, it made some unpleasant noises. We decided "Something is not right." And it is too dark and too cold to run outside. (We have no street lights in the woods...which is a good thing in many respects, but perhaps not this one.)

    MONDAY--At work from 8:30 AM-7:30 PM. Lots of student appts. Lots of grading. Some dealing with a "situation" involving a student whose attendance has been highly problematic. (I'll leave it at that!)
    Wrote in diary that night.

    TUESDAY--VOTE @ ~7:30 AM. Lines looked long but moved super-fast, and we were out of there in 15-20 mins.
    Shorter day at work than Monday, TG...9-3. Student appts. Faculty meeting.
    Picked up Child.
    5-8:30--Child had her 3 back-to-back dance classes. Meanwhile, I
    -wrote in my diary,
    -graded some 1 page exercises (much more enjoyable than the longer papers I've been battling through--and one piece was a huge "WOW" painful personal story that touched on an important issue),
    -listened obsessively to the radio for election information and results.
    WOW on the lines in our neighboring state of Virginia! Polls closed officially at 7 PM, but they would take anyone already on line. At 8:30 PM, people still voting.

    Home. Watched election returns.

    11:18 PM--OBAMA!!!!

  14. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    friday;...taught bike and bench...went home and prepped to sing "all souls" mass...which went beautifully....

    saturday...practiced...pretty much nothing else of great import

    sunday: engaged clients, not much else

    mon; lessons=happiness and joy, buy both of Kat's gowns
    tues; drive home, teach spin, mend gowns, watch election

    unlike P, I am exceedingly glad the entire process is over...
  15. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    I did the unthinkable, knowing I was still "at weight" when I hit Austin and pretty darn proud of myself considering the extensive roadtrip, Hopped on scale - SCREAM, how did THAT happen?!! Ok, well, sigh. ARRGGGHHH Charlie Brown.
    1) Pack up and leave step-fathers house now that the 15 was re-opened after the fire.
    2) Informed husband on arrival home, don't ask for anything, I'm headed to the gym.
    3) Home, quick tuna bites,
    4) Off to first lesson in months it seems -
    5) WOW, wonderful in the daytime lesson instead of nighttime when I'm tired from work and train ride.
    6) Pro welcomes me back, chit chat - he asked "is DH still alive - you didn't throw him out? That's a long time to be in a car, I'm so proud of you"
    7) Tell pro, any fast dance..ANY, I don't care, gotta sweat and build stamina up again. So Mambo it was then Bolero to finish.
    THAT felt good.
    8) Back home to election coverage, and watching, in my area Prop 32.
    Make dinner, try to come up with a plan for weight loss and stamina build up again, now that doctor gave me full clearance for exercise.
    Talk with DH about moving Step-Father in with us since his health is rapidly going south (no worries here, we've been this route 4 other times when parents on his side and my mother passed from Emphysema/COPD-I know exactly where this is going and so does DH).
    Inspect house, hmmmmm, paint, and what to do with THAT room that is Dear GS#2 now that DS has taken all the furniture...for his new house.
    Ideas are popping/den/guestroom/playroom combination.
    Finally, finish up with pulling out my Crackle Brownie Recipe for DF auction - since JA needs the competition. lol.
  16. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    am sure those pounds will melt right off 3w ...hug
  17. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    Tuesday: walk dogs, voted (not that it mattered, though we did at least kill the proposals that needed to be killed), worked. Today will be much the same, minus voting. Maybe I'll get to go home early, but probably least I'll have another cook on the line so I wont' have to do floors alone (boss doesn't do floors.)
  18. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Ditto on the voting part. I always do but, when you live in a state where the big election results virtually always go to a certain party, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference, regardless of which party you support. However, here, virtually every office is elected rather than appointed. So one person's informed vote can make a huge difference in smaller races and ballot initiatives -- judges, tax collectors, sheriffs, school board officials. All sorts of things that are appointments or volunteer positions in other places are elected offices here.

    Besides, after my experience in Florida in 2000, I will never abstain. I voted in that election, btw, but I knew so many people who didn't and who later were unhappy with the outcome. That election reinforced the idea that every vote can make a big difference.
  19. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Turn light switches on, off, on, off, on, etc
    Go to movies for something light and silly; Pitch Perfect was, well, pitch perfect for that

    Go to funeral; arrive at church and discover handwritten note pinned to church door (feeling like Martin Luther?): sorry, will be held at date TBD; later discover that church has no power
    Run errands with father, primarily looking for a battery operated portable clock radio; good luck with that
    Have a coffee, then go to movies and see Cloud Atlas (omg CCM, you must)
    Dinner at the last remaining Chinese buffet in the area
    Home, z
  20. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    BFF calls and asks me if I want to go to theater with her; we go
    Home, din, z

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