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    Thanks for the clarification, 3w. Not sure why it didn't occur to me that you, if anyone, would know the ins and outs.

    The good news (according to NPR report on ... Wednesday?) is that FEMA has already disbursed millions of dollars in aid -- mostly in temporary housing assistance. I know that FEMA may seem to be moving at a glacial pace, to folks affected by Sandy, but, to get the federal government to part with that much cash that quickly is no small feat, IMHO.
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    I'm just a cynical old fart. lol.

    re: POTUS's sincerity, Piers Morgan made an interesting comment, something to the effect that if that moment had happened on Monday night rather than Wednesday, Obama quite possibly may have won more of the popular vote. I have to say the personal moment with him and his volunteers was very touching. I also have to say that I appreciate the fact that Obama spent a chunk of election day calling and personally thanking campaign volunteers, rather than out campaigning. Very cool.
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    Wed - Fri overview.

    DS: He's getting fatigued by the huge high school work load. Thank goodness he has just one more week until Thanksgiving break, and only one of his teachers has assigned work during the break. (Not the AP class. French. Whoda thunk?)

    Work: Fun and games with preparing for training class next week. Literally (Yes, P. Literally.) I have fun, making up educational games. Also high-level (high level as in CEO and staff) powers that be at work have come up with a new way to torture schmucks. The illusion of career planning. Very condescending, I think. My career is my biz. I spend quite a bit of time pondering whether to lie. Don't forget that I spent Tuesday cruising quintcareers at work. Me long term at this company? Probably not, but it's none of their biz. So I decide to pretend that I have a desired career path at this company and document that. What they don't know won't hurt me.

    Interesting interaction with coworker who was [w]itchy to me, for what appeared to be no reason, several months back. When The Incident occurred, I decided not to let myself get sucked into it. I pretended nothing had happened and was persistently nice to her, just like I'd always been. On the way to the parking lot yesterday, something happened (not sure what) and she opened up. I knew she was going through a divorce after 30 years of marriage. I did not know that her soon-to-be-ex was putting her through hell. He quit his job, is refusing to pay bills, and as a result, she is declaring bankruptcy to protect herself. And she's working two jobs -- seven days a week -- to keep her bills current. What is it, I wonder, that turns normal people into rabid, ravenous hyenas when divorce is involved? If you don't want to be married anymore, don't. But there is not reason to try to destroy the person with whom you shared a life, a bed, children and memories. Seriously. *shudder* Anyway. She and I bond for the first time in a long time and I decide to bring her flowers on Monday. This is a woman who needs and deserves flowers. So, so glad I decided to take the high road, even when I had no idea why she was being a [w]itch. I just didn't know what she was going through. Now I understand all too well.

    Yesterday: Receive surprise gift from DFer/YAer. This makes me misty-eyed. Just The Perfect Gift. The kind that says I was listening to you months ago when you didn't realize it, and I've given you something that I know you would love and value. *misty-eyed again*

    Watch/read lots of post-election analysis on TV/internet/newspapers. Wowzers. This country is changing. Also glad that there's still lots of stuff to watch. Gotta get my fix.

    Also neat interaction with my usual check-out guy at Target. I strike up a conversation about how annoying/embarrassing I would find it, to be required to stand at the end of the check stand and pimp for customers, when my line was empty. Then the floodgates open. He was "written up" for not doing that, once. And so on. We end up talking about shoes and ships and sealing wax, etc. What a nice kid! It's amazing how many interesting, fundamentally good people are out there. You'll never know who they are until you reach out.

    Also spend some time setting goals for the second half of my life. Hmm. Lots to think about.

    A couple pretty good nights of sleep, in a row.

    That's about it. :)
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    Hey, P - what does pimping for customers mean? Can't figure it out and have been a Target customer for a long time. Feeling I must have missed something!
  5. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Pimping for customers = coming out from behind the register an standing by the end cap of the check out area, to let customers that want to check out know that you're available.
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    Up early, lots of reading in the morning. YES!
    Knees killing me from all the work outs the day before...NOOOOOOO, where's the Alleve.
    Catch up on DF - love y'all.
    Go to Aqua Fitness class, new instructor,,,,arrgghhh she has us put heads in water (I just washed my hair!).
    Body is telling me...nooooo more...your going to eat breakfast and sit for awhile. lol.
    DD calls from GeorgeTown TX Target (she's asst. mgr.), discusses her crazy hours due to Black Friday
    and informed me she now cannot take any days off until after February. Apparently this is policy for Target Mgmt.
    DD askes about us coming for the second week of kids time off from school. hmmmm airfare is ridiculous price.
    Attack my "ballroom/sewing/stoning" closet (YIKES, when did so much STUFF get in there?).
    Clean it out, re-organize, and do hard purge of my own closet as well.
    Three giant bags of clothing later and hangers...where did they all come from?
    DS calls, mom, can you please sell my smooth and latin ballroom clothing and shoes? I have this new house and no time anymore...and a blank, no grass, no sprinkler, no nothing backyard I want to get going on. uhhhhh ok then.
    Calls from Step-mother and father - "did you survive your ambitious trip?"
    Fun conversation.
    5 hours later, the two closets are done.
    Head into den/GSroom - decide to make a desk/craft table and convert to GS space as well with computer.
    Finally, decide there is no such thing as spring seems to happen at my house when the mood strikes.
    Poor DH, is tried just from watching me.
    Maybe he should road trip again.....without me....soon. ROFL.
  7. samina

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    Interesting. I though that's what the cashier light is for.
  8. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Here in Texas, pimping for customers is required at all the grocery/big box stores I shop, not just Target. I found it very strange when I moved here. It's very similar to the custom, back in Florida, of having a grocery bagger take your shopping cart to the parking lot to help you unload the cart and load your car. (Incidentally, in Texas, the unloading service is offered as well, with big loads or if you look like you need help -- if you have two carts, are visibly pregnant, are old, etc. It's just not required, that I can tell. In FL, it was required, even if all you had in your cart was one box of tissues.)

    Imagine my surprise, when I moved to Florida from the Northeast. In PA, where I grew up, not only did you not get assistance unloading groceries, in a lot of cases, you didn't get a bagger either. Grocery stores wanted you to bag your own. lol. A lot of my Northeast transplant to Florida friends spent weeks trying to figure out how to tip, only to find out that the grocery baggers were not allowed to accept tips for doing their jobs.

    It's a different culture everywhere you go.
  9. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I'm glad she doesn't live further north in Texas than she does. Back in Feb 2011, the Target store management in DFW was basically required to live at the store for a week, when we had a giant ice storm. They didn't get to go home at all.

    DS and I are going to do a road trip that week. Flying anywhere is way too expensive. But, because of the way the holidays fall this year, DS has the first week of January to do nothing. So I figure he and I can do nothing together. Wouldn't mind seeing some of either East Texas, the Texas hill country, or Oklahoma. Lots of Native American stuff in OK, from what I've heard.
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    Wow, Pygmalion! A lot going on for you, between thinking about switching companies and setting goals for the second half of your life. Inspiring.

    And yay for reaching out to the Target employee. Is Target a grocery store where you live as well as a budget-friendly dept store?


    9:10-ENG 1101. Discuss Best Practices for oral presentations. Also show them the YouTube video "Life After Death by Powerpoint," which I think is quite funny.

    10, 10:20, 10:40, 11--Student registration appointments. (We're picking classes for Spring 2013. Sophomores go Monday-Tuesday, and first-years go Wednesday-Thursday of next week.)

    Lunch break.

    12, 12:20, 12:40, 1, 1:20, 1:40, 2, 2:20, 2:40, 3--Student registration appointments, followed by an hour long student paper appt. (with the ASL translator.) This turns into a somewhat crazy afternoon b/c the registration system is running very, very slow, so even doing things like getting the list of available courses on the screen will sometimes take several minutes. This makes it a lot harder for me to get my job done. I eventually wound up running 20 minutes behind due to this. Ugh.

    Back when I was on time and even a few minutes ahead, I ran to the school store to get some fruit. When I re-entered the building, a male colleague said "I just don't think it's fair. You and I must be around the same age, and you've had a kid, but you look like THAT, and I look like this." He then said something other things implying I'm really fit and in shape. I'll take that compliment.
    4:30--Done for the day. Breathe!
    Except I check my email and discover a mess I'll have to untangle. Ugh!!!

    Home. Dinner.

    6:30--Piscataway Nation Dancers and Drummers at college for Family Fun Night.
  11. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    I really like that too, when they let you order kid sizes. Typically I would be happy eating kid size portions wherever I go, as I usually order the adult portions and pack the rest to go. Can't do that for ice cream so I usually share...or go without...
  12. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Scheduled in person interview for job (2nd round was a couple weeks ago by phone) for the 14th
    Worked for 4 hours
    Drove 1.5 hours to Latin dance haven't been to in a while, tried to have fun, drove back and got back home at 2:30am. wash-out. Dances this week haven't really done anything for me....I wonder why. I hope that today's dance from 8-midnight helps out...
  13. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Yes. I have a lot on my plate, which I consider not necessarily a bad thing, but who knows? *shrug*

    Yes. Of the six (or maybe seven) Target stores within a fifteen mile drive of me, all except one are (is? are? is? lol) a Super Target, which sell (seriously gotta figure out if this is singular or plural) a full selection of groceries and wine, in addition to the usual Target stuff. Very cool. In all honesty, the breadth of selection is not very good compared to a grocery store like Safeway, but the depth is much better in certain areas, like organic foods (fresh, refrigerated or frozen) and off-the-wall stuff, like niche hot sauces and weird beers. Full service deli counter and in-store bakery. Hot entrees for take-out. A really good selection of fresh salsa, guac and hummus (in-store made and pre-made national and niche brands.) It's a little pricier, overall, but not by any means expensive. And who can beat the ability to buy a pair of sweat pants for DS, cheap Christmas decorations for the office, fresh-baked cupcakes, organic apples, and a frozen turkey breast all in one trip, like I just did?
  14. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    wow, pyg, you DO have alot going on for you and yours. Yes, my daughter went from the Pflugerville SuperTarget where she was hired and opened the new store, recently promoted (only happens with a 4 year college degree) and then transferred to GeorgeTown Superstore off of Route 45 (I dropped her off a couple of weeks ago and was stunned, by the sheer number of stores in the plaza I soooo wanted to go shop at, but had to get back to kiddos and DH in Round Rock. DD reminds every staff/employee that customer service is first priority and assisting any customer, not just walking by what brings a person back (she's miffed that some employees ask her why they need to ask if a person needs makes her crazy.
    So yesterday, as well, got an earful of her insane schedule - finally asked her if she wanted to come to Calif. and clean out my closets...and lo and behold....SILENCE. Pure Silence. Then, yesterday, she thought about it and asked,,,"does that include your Christmas China"...uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....hello? I'm not dead yet DD. rofl. end of conversation.
  15. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Yep. Whatever you do, don't go to my local Target first thing in the morning. There are like thirty store employees and only a handful of customers. You will get asked, "Can I help you find something, ma'am?" more than a few times, and that's a fact. Everybody asks if they can help. It's too funny, because my closest Target is about a mile and a half away and I'm in there probably every other day -- often enough for every single employee in the store to recognize me on sight. But they still ask me if they can help me find stuff. Every. Single. Time.

    It makes me smile. :)
  16. fascination

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    yesterday and to action conference for progessive catholics....other than that whole fear of getting ex-communicated, it is wonderful and wondrous and I am so glad we were able to make it this year...we were able to hear a wonderful Imam speak on the arab spring and to hear some of the "nuns on the bus" speak about their campaign...and many many other voices on the margins....all that and wonderful trying not to panic about the consequences of that....but, tomorrow is lesson day so I will work it off
  17. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Not sure how to respond, f, except to say that it's courageous people who change the world for the better. :cool:
  18. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Shelve incredibly dusty books; try to edit them into keep/sell/toss piles; father is uncooperative, he wants to keep them all; sneeze and drip a lot, they're very dusty
    Go to theater, continue sneezing and dripping -- waitaminute, this ain't just because of the books
    Home, tea, decongestant, bed


    Apply decongestant liberally
    Lesson; inform Teach that I have a cold and volunteer to leave, but he insists, bravely, that I stay; apply Purell every few minutes and hope for the best
    Crash and burn, drugs, soup, and bed
  19. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Wake groggy, but feeling somewhat better
    Rearrange guest room so impending visitor can actually reach the bed without climbing over books
    Adopt philosophy and realize father is never going to edit the books, and I am going to have to figure out something else to do with mine, which are languishing in an expensive storage unit
    Pick up SIL at Newark airport
    Home, soup, vin brulee in lieu of drugs, and my oh my, didn't that work well, color me happy (vin brulee is basically mulled wine, and a mug of that sent me to bed, where I slept like the dead and my sinuses cleared out; musta been the sulfites or something, but who cares?)
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  20. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    8-11 AM--A company arrives that is going to help us get rid of stuff from our basement. We sort; they haul to dump. We have been bad over the years. There were a lot of old computer and stereo components down there, stuff we were obviously never going to use again but just didn't get rid of. Also, both of our parents have moved houses since we moved to Maryland and sent us stuff. DH's mom also sent us a ton of stuff from his grandfather's house when he died of sentimental value. DH decided we needed to take the bull by the horns and pitch the super-old Encyclopedia Britannicas, which were so musty and dusty (NOT helped by having been stored on a bookcase in our unfinished basement) AND, in some cases, held together by duct tape. I am not kidding. Child cried and asked if she could save a volume. We said "One." She would have saved more if she could. I understand b/c I'm sentimental too, but these things set my allergies going like you wouldn't believe.

    I did find some cool stuff down there too. I used to have a study upstairs at the house, but when I was pregnant with Child we realized that our existing use of our 4-bedroom house was not going to work. (We had master bedroom, 2 studies, and a guest bedroom). So since I have a fabulous office at work, I sacrificed my study at the time, with the agreement that we would finish the basement when Child was around 10 (which she is now) and put in a study for me. So anyway, all my yearbooks have been down there. Some of my own school papers from elementary school too. Some of them are a hoot!

    Side note/sad observation (that possibly no one will care about except me, but it's on my mind so I'm sharing): looking through my 8th grade yearbook, I notice that the school kind of turned a blind eye to bullying. There is this section called "Last Will and Testament" and you can "leave" things to other kids. Some people left my BFF: "a flood," "new glasses," "more 'chic' highwaters." Very mean-spirited. Yes, free speech and all, but in a school yearbook, I would think there could be some rules about what you can and cannot leave people. And it's all anonymous, which--as we know all too well in the internet era--liberates some people from the usual norms of decency.

    It wasn't just my BFF either. I see one boy was left "ban roll on & shampoo & a haircut" and another "toothbrush, new pants, new turtleneck, belt weight, puberty, new DEWAT & chapstick." I see one girl was left "a brain" and another left "one electric shaver."
    There are many friendly things in this section of the yearbook too, but why would the bullying things have been allowed? The principal of the school ran a pretty tight ship, but I take it that the yearbook advisor (I assume there was one) did not. Obviously teachers can't monitor every interaction, but allowing this stuff to be preserved for posterity and allowing the popular kids to feel a spot of joy at publicly humiliating other kids??? Way uncool.

    11:35--Took Child to gymnastics. In the parking lot, we see this woman hopping. Child "We know them. That's D--- from dance." The mom's knee had locked up massively and the girls wouldn't go in without her. Child, who is older than her kids, offered to take them in. So they went in, and I stayed with the mom and made small talk until her hubby arrived.
    12-1--Child did the gymnastics thing.
    We drove home.

    Grocery shopped.
    Made turkey chili.

    I also made a red bean salad, one of Child's favorite meals. (The recipe has it with white beans, but Child likes it even better with the dark red kidney beans, so that's how I do it.)

    Husband, Child, and I played Scrabble. Husband claims he has never played before!

    Put Child to bed, wrote in diary, spent some time on the computer.

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