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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by fascination, May 10, 2009.

  1. Sagitta

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    Both moveable and movable are correct. I wonder what would happen if I mixed spelling variations for the heck of it, deliberately, such as first saying I realize that it is Thursday, but you got to realise that your Monday is actually my Friday. hmm....
  2. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Now you know why I use firefox. Love that built-in spell checker! :)
  3. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    The funny thing is that in general I'm quite a good speller, but there are some reasonably easy words that can give me pause. I'm sure that reading a lot of British English (b/c that is my specialization) as well as American English complicates things further. The British are more prone to double consonants before a suffix, as a general rule, e.g., levelled vs. leveled.
  4. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I am anal retentive about spelling things correctly. This does not stop me from being incapable of ever spelling certain words correctly. Mediterranean is one of those words. I just.cannot.! I type Mediterranean then have to correct it every time. No kidding. I've had to correct it twice in this paragraph. Eh. I've given up. It's not worth the angst. lol.
  5. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    10--Got my brows done.

    10:30--Worked out on NEW Nordictrack x9i for the first time, using the iFit features. I did a Central Park jog and a Times Square jog. The Central Park one was a little disappointing, as it is all done with Google maps, and apparently they don't have Google maps street-view photos through parts of the park, so it will just go to "No images available." You can still watch your icon advance on the map, and it will adjust the elevations just like you were in the park, but I was expecting to jog by all these landmarks! Times Square was much more fun...and also an easier run b/c it's less hilly. It was also funny, b/c the street views were ~1 year old, so I kept passing Broadway shows I have been but that are no longer playing, like "Arcadia." I thought "You know you are a slow runner when you run so slow that time has moved backward." :)


    2:30--Got my hair done (color and flat ironed).

    4--Hit the office. Sent cv for upcoming review of school. Two of my female colleagues noticed the hair immediately. One of the colleagues--who is Irish-American--said something about "You know, I should get a flat iron. Sometimes in the humidity, my hair gets a little frizzy." I said "Child, please!" and we both cracked up. I'm coping with manic frizziness half the summer and she's talking about her hair not lying 100% flat? (The other colleague who commented on my hair is A-A, so she knows re: hair that is not naturally lying straight, ever.)

    Home, dinner. Sent some vital e-mails to students. Last minute item packing. (Feeling a little guilty about going, but trying to get on top of that.)

    5:30--Left for airport. Miracle of miracles, traffic was not too bad! Only took a little over an hour. The Bmore Beltway is unpredictable.

    8:50--Flight to OSB. Igor (my teacher's dad) is on my plane, as is the person who was volunteer coordinator for USA Dance Nationals.

    I mostly read my book. Ian McEwan's Sweet Tooth just came out this week. So far, so good! I noticed the person sitting next to me had a folder labeled "Multicultural Nutrition," and might also be a professor as she is marking on the papers. I thought that was interesting...but it doesn't seem to mean what I thought it might mean. I thought it would be about nutritional issues and problems around the world, but when I glanced over, it seemed much more US based and a lot narrower, e.g., talking to childcare providers about pediatricians' instructions. (Of course, since I only glanced over a couple times, this could have been an entirely unrepresentative sample.)

    10ish--Arrive. Get bag.

    Check in at brand-new Hilton! Like it! It does have one of those open in the middle designs, and I'm on the 8th floor and am kind of scared of heights, but I can cope as long as I stay away from the rail.
    Unpack, decompress, bed.
  6. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Even though I could have slept as late as I wanted to, I was up by 7. Grr.

    8--Bought OSB tickets. Got more cash.

    10-6--Watched amateur latin on all levels!
    I made a brief visit to the Regency Ballroom (pro-am) during a break in the action, but they were already on Heat 458 (open gold) so I did not get to see Fascination dance. (Believe it or not, after a slightly late start, the Battelle Hall (all amateur) managed to get ahead of schedule and had to slow down to allow competitors to arrive!)

    Back to room, w/difficulty. It is the official opening of the skybridge and there is a par-tay going on...including partiers in the skybridge. Live music, refreshments. Nice, but I have been out of the room for 8 hours and would like a few minutes of downtime. Then key card didn't work. Back down to lobby.

    I'm exchanging texts with Nik all this time. We might do a lesson here tomorrow.

    Over to North Market for some yummy food! But just as I'm buying my food, my phone starts ringing. Husband is supposed to be meeting up with my parents to drop off Child, as they are going to take her to a Broadway matinee...but he's stuck in awful traffic due to some mega-accident ahead. Could I call my parents on my Mom's cell? Do that.

    Finally get to eat yummy food: roasted eggplant over veggie rice, with small Greek salad and pita.

    8:30-12--Back in Battelle for Friday night at OSB!
    (It started at 8:00, but I wanted to make sure everything was sorted with Husband and Child first. They made it to the the rendez-vous point...a little over an hour late, but they survived!)

    12:30--Back to room, decompressed, bed.
  7. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    OMG, someone else. I've struggled for years with -ise/-ize endings, and the double consonants thing you mentioned, and the making past tense by -ed/-t, etc. I've always been a pretty good speller, but I could never figure out why certain things just threw me for a loop...repeatedly! I mean yeah, sometimes I'll just flub things when I'm typing fast and not thinking (silly homophones, usually). But other things just never made sense; I could get called on something, and I'd go back and look, and wouldn't see anything wrong. It's only been in the last several years that I realized (OK, someone pointed it out) that it was a British v. American spelling difference. Light bulb moment.

    I spent a lot of time reading British lit/novels when I was younger. British spellings look completely correct to me--sometimes even more correct (especially -ise endings...HATE -ize). Shrug.
  8. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    Lessee, what have I been up to this week? Not much...

    Tuesday--work from home. Get caught up in trying to send friggin' stupid email to entire branch. This is for CFC, which my overactive sense of guilt got me caught up in. Sigh...whatever. Working from the "approved template"...which has completely incorrect hyperlinks. Spend way too much time trying to track down what pages they should have gone to. No luck. Wing it. Thanks but no friggin' thanks to our completely and utterly bloody useless friggin "coordinator" who can't be bothered to return a g.d. email friggin' ever.

    Intend to submit passport applications. Need to get old passport out of lockbox. Get key...key is not where it's been for the past 12 years. What the...??? Frantic search of house for key. No dice. DH joins in search. (I, meanwhile, am now taking leave to look for this.) We tear the house apart. No luck. Tear his car apart. No luck. He goes to the office to look there. No luck. I try to pop the lock. No luck. Call locksmiths in town. Panic setting in...this has GOT to get submitted today, on account of upcoming trip.

    Head to nearby bigger town. Bring it to a locksmith there, who is able to cut us a new key. Which doesn't work. Wait for others of locksmithing office to arrive. Get lunch while waiting. Lock box open! Fill out app, go to get pictures. First pictures being done there. Second Wait wait wait. Nervous binge nibbling of gummy bears...I don't even really like gummy bears!

    Head to post office, which is a zoo. Get stuff...realize we need the checkbook. DH goes out to get checkbook. Realize there is only one check left in the checkbook. Nearest bank = three blocks away. Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, day. DH prepares to go to the ATM while I assemble applications...and, in so doing, discover a check we must have skipped over. Happy dance time, except we don't have the time. Write checks, get things assembled, drop and go.

    Head home, pick up dessert stuff, head to friend's house. Cook hot dogs and s'mores over firepit (inhaling a huge amount of smoke in the process). Good time. Watch TV, head home, z.

    Wednesday--I am a bloody genius. Taking an in-house SAS class. It's supposed to be geared towards those with some experience, who want to hone skills. I am one of the top two people in the class, along with fellow-co-worker; most people, it's pretty obvious, have about zero experience with SAS. To the point where even using the drag-and-drop thingamadoo to move/copy files has to be explained in excruciating detail. Pet peeve: people who completely disregard prereqs for a class and, as a result, hold everyone else up. How freakin' selfish!

    Nonetheless, I manage to glean a couple of things. Get no work done for entire day. Sigh...I have so much damn work to get done. I can't really afford this, not when I am not really getting anything out of the class other than an ego boost.

    Thursday--Repeat of Wednesday. Friggin' yay.

    Friday--Up, breakfast, piddle, laundry, organize linen closet, shower, dress.

    Grocery shopping, in which our hero traverses the [expletive deleted] grocery store three times in search of plain-ish stuffing. I get the product placement, but this is absolutely insane. And it doesn't help that I asked three different people and they all gave me three wildly-different answers. Grumblecakes. Home, shove stuff in fridge, head back out.

    Head down to awesome liquor/wine store to pick up some beaujolais nouveau. Also pick up other wine. I love this store--I ask them to help me pick some, and they do. And I've always liked what they picked out for me (and they don't make fun of me when I tell them I don't know the faintest thing about wine, but I know a few certain things I do and don't like). Also pick up some other random stuff. Escape before I do even more damage. (Oooh, look! St. Germain!)

    Meet at friend's house, carpool to dinner. Hella-yummy new Ethiopian place. OMG, good. Back to friend's house, watch movies, head home, Z.
  9. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: heal.

    bo. ring.
  10. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    @ j_alexandra Healing time = boring but necessary. I hope you are back to feeling normal soon. I'll also share with you the (I think) very good advice that a GF gave me when I had DS by C-section. "P. Spend the first month or two recuperating properly and you'll never remember you had the surgery. Don't take the time to recover, and you'll never forget." Wise woman, no? :cool:

    @ Peaches I find your observations about American versus British spellings to be very interesting. Hmm. I'll have to pay closer attention. Off the top of my head, though, I would say that the -ise versus -ize is easy for me. The double versus single consonant thingie, not so much. And just as an aside, only geeks ponder such things. Just sayin.

    My greatest struggle, at least in DF, is with my own editing-generated grammar errors. For example, I have a thought that I dash off quickly, just to get it "on paper." It's mostly fine the first time. But I then go back and re-read, find something I want to clarify, and edit. Problem? Something almost always gets messed up in the editing process. I invariably use a wrong tense or create phrases that are not parallel or pluralize the wrong thing or something similar.

    Then there are my constant struggles with being too wordy and WAY too stuffy. And, to make it all more fun, I generally find my errors and stylistically challenged phrases just after the editing time limit has expired. Yay. I try not to remember that the internet is indelible. The thought is just too painful and would almost certainly lead to posting paralysis, were I allow myself to have the thought. lol.
  11. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Hmm. Scrolled back a few pages. I haven't posting roughly a week.

    Pretty slow week.

    Last Sunday would have been my eighteenth wedding anniversary had I, you know, stayed married. Sunday was a challenging day. On the bright side, though, this is the first year that I wasn't overcome with grief. Funny how you can get married in two minutes but it can take years to get divorced.

    DS had a great week. He was on the BABAB schedule, which means that he had his easy course load three of the five days. Those are always the best weeks. ABABA not so much. Only one teacher assigned homework, but I have to say that the one assignment is a doozy. DS has to write, illustrate, bind, and present a children's book. 15% of the grade will come from the content of the book, you know, the French part. 85% comes from everything else. Are you freaking serious!?! Where do these teachers come from? And why? Writing a children's story in French makes sense to me. But what the heck do coming up with cute illustrations and binding a book have to do with learning to speak French? This is the kind of ... ahem [expletive] that really gets on my nerves. Not to mention that it will bite a chunk out of Thanksgiving break, a break which I have to say the boy needs and has more than earned.

    In only tangentially-related news, I started a new training class at work. Two members of the class are native French speakers. Very French-sounding French speakers. It's too funny. One day during class, I was reading some work-related correspondence that just happened to be written in French, when one of the newbies started reading and translating it for me. I didn't know whether to be grateful or huffy. Yeah, I took French a billion years ago, but I can still schlub my way through a few paragraphs. If anything truly challenging comes my way, I will ask for help. Thank you very much.

    Pssh. OTOH, this might be a great time to get some help with DS's story. The book may not be pretty, but at least he can nail the French part. Did I mention that French is only 15% of the grade? Oy. That really gets my goat!

    As usual, I have a rockin good time running my training classes and nearly make myself ill by staying up at all odd hours to get my training materials updated. I found out about this class with less than two weeks notice. IMHO, there is no way to properly prepare on such short notice. But, as I've said many times, do a great job of teaching the concepts or teach the concepts over and over again. It's your choice. So it's nose to the grindstone. I can always rest later. These people are seriously not paying me enough.

    More exchanging funny stories with the ladies at work. The lady with the circumcision story above must've been a pistol, back in the day. She has some really interesting stories, like the time she saw a then-household-name Dallas Cowboy player, took him home, became his GF, but later decided to dump him. Seriously. Who goes to a club, decides to pick up a star athlete, successfully picks up the star athlete, becomes his GF, then dumps him? To quote her, back then, she was "buck wild." Uhh. Ya think?

    I find out that two of my coworker/quasi-GFs both had birthdays last week and neither one told me about it. You know what this calls for. Yep. You guessed it. A pot luck. Plan and buy stuff for pot luck, including super cute little triple crock pot thingie that I posted a picture of, over in the recipes thread. No idea what I'm going to put in it, yet. But hey. It was on sale for seventeen bucks. I couldn't exactly leave it at Target, now could I?

    On a somewhat sad note, DS's father's birthday was last week, as well, and DS spent the entire day ignoring his father's phone calls. My poor son. I can't imagine what it must be like to feel ambivalent about your father. *shakes head*

    And speaking of fathers, mine is still not doing well. He's still having hip problems. He goes back to the VA hospital for his cancer check-up in a couple weeks and it's not a moment too soon for me. I'm paranoid, I know, but he's my only Dad.

    Stock up on Christmas decorations and then comment on how tacky my neighbors are to have already put theirs up before Thanksgiving. Yes. I am hypocritical. Hypocritical and proud. That's me. But still. Everybody knows that my tradition of putting up decorations on Thanksgiving Day is the correct way of doing things. Any other way? Wrong! lol.

    Meet a woman (a native Texan, of course) for whom the word milk has three syllables. May-ill-k. Oh my goodness. K is its own syllable?!? This completely blows my mind. How can you speak that slowly without, like, falling asleep in the middle of your own sentences? Mind-boggling for this Northeastern chic.

    Oh yeah. Pick out new cell phones for DS and me. We're eligible for upgrades on December 13. My phone is just fine, but I have to say that DS's has seen better days. December 13 can't come a moment too soon for him.

    Lots of other random stuff happened, I'm sure, but the details fade in the course of a week. *shrug*
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  12. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah and back to my post above, a lot of my other DF errors come from muscle memory. I think I may have mentioned that I never learned to type. Ironic, since, the last time I checked, I typed roughly 100 words a minute. It's not actual typing, though. It's really fast hunt and peck, combined with muscle memory of words that I type frequently. This works for me, most of the time. BUT (and it's a big but) if I ever type something that's not in my typical vocabulary, all bets are off. My fingers tend to type what they are used to typing. It's hard to come up with an example off the top of my head.

    Ooh. Here's an example that's not relevant to DF. DS's first name is one letter off from the female equivalent of his name. When I have the occasion to write the female form of the name, I always write DS's name by accident, then have to go back and correct. Always. My finger muscles form DS's name automatically, because I've typed his name so many times.

    Does that make sense? Probably not, but hey. It's four o'clock in the morning. I reserve the right to be incomprehensible. Catch me later, if you want me to be lucid. lol.
  13. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Well, if it's the same Dallas Cowboys player I used to hang out with, I understand why she dumped him. And we will now draw a curtain across this little moment from JA's past (a moment she had utterly forgotten until just now). "buck wild" comes in many forms. just sayin'.
  14. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Indeed. Curtain drawn, dear. Curtain drawn. :cool:
  15. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I forgot something important that happened last week. My GF's daughter's gymnastics team was selected as the only special needs gymnastics team to attend a national gymnastics competition/exhibition early next year. Of the special needs teams being considered, theirs won with over 28,000 votes. This makes me very happy.

    It's funny. I've never considered myself close-minded but this girl (young woman, actually -- she's 21) has opened my mind to the beauty and possibilities of people with Down syndrome. Before I knew her, I saw limitations. Now I just see a girl. It's very cool.
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  16. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Pygmalion--Very cool story. I too have learned to see people with disabilities different over time. As many of you know, I have a Deaf student this semester, and have had at least two others. One of them--who was not 100% without hearing and could talk but definitely needed an ASL translator--had a radio program at the college! It was one of the first things he told the class about himself, that he loved music and had a program. I thought that was cool and yeah, it contradicted my assumptions about "limitations."

    Woke up...I think around 7:30 or 8? Wish I had slept later.

    Spent some time on the computer.

    10:30--Made myself stop procrastinating and get down to the gym. 5.53 mi on treadmill in 1 hr, including 3 miles jogging at 6 mph pace, then intervals. Felt surprisingly good, esp considering I haven't been working out as much as usual recently and that I had so little sleep.
    Back to room. Shower.

    1ish--Off to Regency Ballroom to watch some pro-am standard.
    Get to see Fascination dance! also got to chat with her briefly.
    Get to see Nik dance with his pro-am silver standard student.
    Meet DOI and briefly talk to Tibor.

    Talk with Nik, with whom I have been texting all OSB long, who has told me he is not dancing his professional events. I asked him if he forgot to pack something like, say, his partner. My suspicions were not off the mark. (!!!!)

    4--Go get some food from North Market before it closes (at 5 on Sundays). Fatigue really started to hit me from consecutive nights of not enough sleep, but food perks me up a bit.

    5--Lesson with Nik on practice floor! Because the evening session is not far away, some of the other couples on the floor are pro latin, including a new partnership I had already marked in my program as one of the two new pairings I'm very excited to check out. The energy in the room was amazing. I was nervous at first to be on the floor with these pro couples running their choreography, but once Nik started working with me I was able to zone in. We worked a little on the open paso and then the dj put on a paso and Nik was all "Okay, here we go!" I'm like "What?!?" Two minutes ago I was learning how to do a twist turn and now we're going to do this up to tempo while other pros in the room?!? A pair of nearby pros giggled. But we did the closed and then segued into the open!

    Long chat with Nik about his future.

    Back to room. Hilarious text from Husband about a super-embarrassing/awkward thing that happened to him that I daren't post on an open forum.
    Phone call from another Nik student who wants to hear what the heck is going on with regard to Nik not dancing pro standard the night before.

    Arrive at evening session around 8:40ish. The 1st round of pro latin is on its second dance, samba. I have to say that as much as I enjoyed the Saturday night--and I enjoyed it--it's really different for me when my teacher isn't in it. I'm usually among the loudest of the loud. Tonight, I started off a little yelling for Oskar (am standard winner) that then got picked up by several of his friends, but that was about it.

    Biggest breakthrough performers of the night? In my opinion, it was definitely Andrei Kazlouski and Asta Sigvaldadottir. They really delivered an outstanding performance and vaulted up to 3rd place in their first OSB together. (According to DSI, they only started together in March.) At USDSC, they placed 4th below Cocchi/Zagoruychenko, Kutsky/Kovalova, and Novikov/Blinova. Here, they were only behind Cocchi/Zagoruychenko and the Canadians Vescovo/Vaidilaite (who obviously don't compete at closed US comps). Kutsky/Kovalova weren't there. Novikov/Blinova were in 5th.
  17. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    retail therapy, carb loading, baby proofing house.....will likely be the same for the foreseeable in; until mid-January
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    NURDRMS Well-Known Member

    Woke up at 7:20!!! yay for sleep! did nothing much for the day, read, knitted, sewed, played with dog, grilled steaks and ate. Most relaxing day in forever.
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  19. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member


    options coherent;

    proc brain
    data = interview_answers;
    format response $complete_sentences_fmt.;


    ERROR: Dataset not found.
    ERROR: Format unknown.
    NOTE: Stick tongue to roof of mouth.
    ERROR: System stopped processing due to errors.

    System terminated unexpectedly. *blue screen of death*

    *Damn and blast. [Expletive deleted.];
    *Yes, I'm a dork. And your point was...?;
  20. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Ahem. So how'd the interview go? *ducks and runs*

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