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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by fascination, May 10, 2009.

  1. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    My Mom and Dad didn't make it to Bible study last night. The last time my Mom didn't make it to Bible study was when she was in labor with my big sister, S, who was born in 1955. My Dad has never missed Bible study, even when there were thirty inches of snow that he had to get through. He went.

    My Dad can't walk, so now he's a shut-in, to be ministered to like the people he's ministered to for the last sixty years. Lots of people have brought food. He has physical therapy Thursday, and I made Mom promise me she'd make him get frequent blood tests.

    I just wanna go home.
  2. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    very sorry to hear that P....

    monday...teach step 2, teach oldies class...pack, shower, drive to indy, hazing/lessons....salad and turkey burger b/c stomach is no ready for mexican food

    tues; more hazing/lessons, teach spin, long chat with friend, spill badly needed glass of wine on my laptop...lovely....that may be end of laptop
  3. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    @Pygmalion--Sorry to hear this. Is your dad's condition temporary or permanent? Is he just unable to walk or unable to go out of the house for a variety of reasons? My husband's grandfather rode on one of those electric scooters in his final years. I just did a bit of poking about online, and there seem to be some models under $1K, and a ton if you are willing to go up to $2K. (And of course you can always pay more!) It is even possible such an item would be covered or partially covered by insurance.
  4. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    How my brain actually works:
    -Looks at equation 1 and thinks of numbers that work ($1.50 and $3, $1 and $4, etc).
    -Realizes that $1.50 and $3 also work for equation 3.
    -Solves equation 2.

    How I did it so another person could understand:
    -If two smalls and one medium are $6, and one small and one medium are $4.50, then the difference between getting my medium drink with one small instead of two is $6- $4.50 = $1.50 (which must be the value of one small).
    -In order for equation to work 6 - $1.50 - $1.50 = $3.00 (value of medium).
    -$3 x 2 = $6.
  5. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member interval...class goes well...ignore petty snarky nitpicking from boss/ lunch....spend remainder of day putting together furniture from ikea and listening to neighbors who are up in arms over various town issues including a deer cull...the entire town has pretty much gone crazy....home to try to figure out how to download my showcase video....and lots of kitty love...laptop still has not come back to life...this is not good
  6. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I don't know yet. I'm hearing all this through my Mom's filter and, to be honest, when I talked to her today, she didn't know it was Wednesday. She's not senile. She's just overwrought. My Dad is her anchor.

    A couple things. Dad will be ninety on his birthday, so, even though the physical therapy he's signed up for has been successful with others, there's a real possibility that it will be unsuccessful or less successful with him. He's an old man. Also. Dad has had cancer. His father and two of his brothers had cancer that went into a very long remission and reemerged as another form of cancer that ultimately killed them all. And, to make it more gut twisting, my parents are old school, Jim Crow, Southern Black Folk. They don't question authority figures. I have no freaking clue of what the doctors are telling them, because they don't ask questions.

    So. Truth be told, I will not know until Dad sees his oncologist when I'm there with the PUs during the first week of January. I will ask questions. I ain't scared to ask. I am scared, though.
  7. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    (((HUGS))). Totally understandable to be scared under that set of circumstances!

    Your parents are lucky to have you as their advocate, both with doctors and with insurance, should that become relevant.

    I'm impressed that both you and J_Alex have dads who have achieved such long and celebrated lives. I honestly have to say that I don't know many men who have lived to such impressive numbers. I hope that whether he lives one more year or twenty more years that he can continue to enjoy a high quality of life and do the things he enjoys until the end (as indeed I wish for my own parents and for myself!)
  8. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    (((HUGS))). Totally understandable to be scared under that set of circumstances!

    Your parents are lucky to have you as their advocate, both with doctors and with insurance, should that become relevant.

    I'm impressed that both you and J_Alex have dads who have achieved such long and celebrated lives. I honestly have to say that I don't know many men who have lived to such impressive numbers. I hope that whether he lives one more year or twenty more years that he can continue to enjoy a high quality of life and do the things he enjoys until the end (as indeed I wish for my own parents and for myself!)
  9. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Sorry--double post.

    The system told me it didn't go the first time. And now when I tried to edit the double post, it made this third post. Grr.
  10. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Checking in.

    Dad made it to physical therapy today and, even though there's a long road ahead, he seems to have a little more mobility. Not ready to walk, yet, but better. Thank goodness. Now we just have to get him to the oncologist.

    Very nice things happened today related to my latest training class. One. The lady who was coordinating the class negotiated a free vacation day for me, as a thank you. Two, one of my trainees bought me a gift card.

    Other stuff, but I'm short on time. I'll add more details later... maybe. *grin*
  11. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Lots of little things happened over the past couple days. Some I remember; most I don't. One thing stuck with me, though, because it made me think.

    A customer called in at work and told a coworker of mine something that was obviously untrue. Her comment afterward? "What can I say? Buyers are liars."

    Then she launched into this long spiel** about how she goes grocery shopping at Walmart all the time and shaves the price of her produce. She tells the cashiers at Walmart that another store -- Fiesta or Target or Kroger (whatever) has produce at a reduced price. Then she forces them to match the imaginary low price she quoted. (Walmart's price match policy no longer requires you to have the ad in hand. All you have to do is tell them that Target has grapes for $0.89 a pound, for example, and they have to give you grapes for $0.89 a pound.)

    I mention grapes because she did. One day last weekend, this lady went to Walmart and told them that Aldi (a discount grocery store) had grapes for $0.89 a pound, when actually Aldi had grapes for $0.99 a pound. Yes. This lady actually went to Walmart and lied to save herself less than a dollar. No idea how many grapes she bought, but I can't imagine a woman who lives alone being able to eat more than ten pounds of grapes before they spoil.

    I just thought huh? Yes. People lie all the time. Big lies. little lies. Lies of self-preservation. But deliberate, premeditated lies to say fifty cents on grapes? This blew my mind and still does. Her justification? "Everybody is a liar, therefore it's okay for me to shave ten cents a pound off the price of my grapes. I really love my grapes."

    This made me think a lot about how and where people draw the line, when it comes to lies and truth. I guess the biggest irony for me is that, while I was repulsed by the whole grape thing, I gained some respect for her for being honest about the fact that she doesn't always tell the truth. Most people don't always tell the truth, but most people pretend that they do.

    It's complicated.

    ** I had to look up the spelling of spiel. Totally love speaking English, which has adopted so many words from other languages. This word is Yiddish, as it turns out. Shoulda known.
  12. Lioness

    Lioness Well-Known Member

    I'm not much of a fan of price matching. It's not common in Australia, but where it is, it's in things like electronics stores, etc.

    At a grocery store, all I can see that doing is holding up checkout lines, and encouraging small dishonesties like what you mentioned, P.

    As a retail worker, nothing annoys me more than when a customer comes up and says "[other shop] has a deal for three bags of ice. You should give me a deal!"
    Well, I can't. It's not in my system. If you want a deal, go shop elsewhere.

    I totally understand price-matching with larger items, computers, cameras, etc...but with groceries...I can't envision that as the best way to get and keep regular and happy customers.
  13. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I used to grocery shop at Walmart (before my DS became socially aware and very vocal.)

    While price matching didn't make me happy, per se, it was a nice bonus. Walmart is pretty inexpensive, relatively speaking. Add in being able to get anything anybody else has on sale at the sale price, and it's a winner, hands down. (If you don't factor in all the really rotten things about Walmart. But that's another story.)

    Price matching can be a very good thing for consumers, IMV, despite the misery it really does cause for cashiers and retail store managers.

    It's the small dishonesties that stick in my craw.
  14. Lioness

    Lioness Well-Known Member

    I think it would definitely be a convenience for shoppers...but I think some form of proof should be required.
  15. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    Yesterday and today: training. Pyg, I've always had respect for what you do, but so much more after the last two days.

    So, yeah. Training. For something I didn't want to learn (to be a web content manager for our division), have less than zero interest in doing, but was essentially told that I had to start doing it. Friggin' yay. I don't give a flying *ahem* about publishing web [stuff]. I care about making the stuff that gets uploaded. And about improving processes and finding new and exciting ways to organize things. Web Anyhow.

    So the class was mostly geared towards people who had been using the new system. Problem--I don't have any previous experience with the old system. That made things a bit more difficult. But, at the end of Wednesday, I kind of felt like I got it. T'was a bit shaky and unsure about stuff, but understood the basic gist of things. Today...all understanding completely destroyed by lunchtime.

    We had two instructors. One was a fantastic example of great teaching (Wednesday's teacher). Thursday's teacher was a spectacular example of about the WORST teaching I have ever encountered. Ever. Hint: do not teach by standing in front of your projection screen while pointing out the obvious things of no importance while never bothering to explain what was going on. "So, you see here, this is bolded. When you click on that other page you'll see this is bolded, and this is where you look for that, can see it's circled in red, see the red circle?...that's because you clicked and now you can see that it's bold." Um...clicked what? On which page? How did you get where you are? WHY did you click wherever you did? What was the point? What happened when you clicked, that something is now bolded. What does the bolded part indicate? Oh, hell. Never mind that...what in bloody hell are you talking about?!?! Yeah.

    By the end of the day yesterday my introvert side was screaming at me. Too much frustration, too many people (especially in close proximity), too many different conversations going on, too much light, too much everything. Just wanted to sit still, with quiet, in solitude, and have a drink and a smoke. Couldn't, though, because I was staying with my parents, so both options were out. Love them, but they're kind of intense. Yesterday, however, I was able to leave and come home after dinner, so that was good.

    Other than that...not much going on.

    ETA: Oh yeah. So I was in a different building for this training (hence the reason I was staying with my parents). Unlike where I am, where there are all kinds of restaurants and whatnot within easy walking distance, this center has got absolutely NOTHING anywhere remotely close...not even by they have a cafeteria. Oh holy crap, that's one hell of a cafeteria. Lunch: sandwich stations of various sorts, soup, yogurt, fresh fruit around everywhere, plus two different salad bars, a fruit and dessert bar, and a huge hot bar. (I got to have collard greens at lunch both days!) And things looked very tasty. I got some great salads one day, and a great assortment of raw veggies with healthy dressing the next day, with a bit of plain grilled chicken...very tasty. Lots of healthy options, which was great to see, and it was fresh and looked good. If only schools had those sorts of options.

    But...oh my god the amount of unhealthy options, which is where most people were. I was kind of horrified. Yeah, I get that people make their choices, but I couldn't help but think that perhaps it would be better not to even have those choices to begin with. Or to have healthier versions of the same things. Don't get me wrong, I most certainly drooled a bit on the biscuits, and in the sausage gravy, and on the tater tots, and over lots of other stuff. But I didn't get it, which was hard. (But I got the collard greens! I figured they were healthy.) But if they had given me healthier options, the temptation wouldn't even have been there, which would have been even better. Sigh. Food for thought, literally.
  16. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    8:30--Drop off. Shlep stuff to office.

    9:10--ENG 1101. Oral reports. Topics included:
    -Hybrid cars.
    -Campaign finance reform.
    -The BCS system. (Bowl championship series.)
    -Why the Olympics is losing its integrity.

    10:20--GLC. Oral reports. Topics included:
    -Diet and exercise ads aimed at women vs. men.
    -Female bodybuilders.
    -Male nurses.

    Lunch break and set up time.

    12:40--VICTORIAN LIT class party! (Last day since this is MW only.)
    5-round, 7-team Scattergories tournament! It was so fun. People were really into it!


    3--Pick up Child.

    We finished reading The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict.

    7-8--Child had ballet. For once, I chatted with another mom almost the whole time.

    Put Child to bed.

    ...and that's all I'm remembering!
  17. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    4:30 AM--Husband up, feeling worse. Awesome. Day 46 and counting, and he's on an antibiotic. We both agree another visit to the doctor might need to happen.

    Do various household chores like unload dishwasher, move on laundry, etc.
    9 AM-6:30 PM--Graded 8 research essays and wrote up 14 oral presentations.

    Check e-mail. Omg...we do have VagMon rehearsal tonight at 7:30?? I just got home. Get text from director. Text her back that I didn't realize but can drive back. She says not to worry about it.

    But I do have to go back out, unfortunately.

    9 PM--Shop for class parties.

    Stay up too late. I think I'm rebelling from having spent my entire day "off" working. (Normally Thursdays are when I would do my Nik lesson. And work out.)

    BUT!!!! Cute holiday project posted by students of my college! (I'm in it at 2:23...but you have to watch it through to get it in context.)
  18. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    wake at 8...teach an oldies class....lunch...still exhausted and back to bed...get some unpleasant news...head off to counseling some couples which was draining but productive...spend some time with boss/friend/pastor lamenting the direction of the hierarchy...home, dinner, tv, chat with dh...bed around midnight due to nap
  19. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    so sorry to read this Pyg. Can you take a "leave" of sorts...and head home for a few days?
  20. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    up 3:30, head for airport, fly to Houston; plane arrives an hour early -- wotthe? that's some tailwind; also, Southwest broke a handle off my zillion dollar suitcase, and offered to repair or replace (they could hardly deny breaking it off, as it was circling the carousel along with everything else); I am opting to repair, once I get back to NY, but this is one of the reasons SW is my new favorite airline
    Get picked up by dance buddy, sorted out at hotel, off to pick up another dance buddy, lunch, movie, then another movie b/c it was rush hour, and as long as you're sitting still, might as well sit still and be entertained; FYI, Red Dawn is just as bad this time around as it was last time but Pitch Perfect was delightful
    Sushi at a damn good sushi place for din
    Crash; I've been up for something like 20 hours, no wonder I'm at the single-syllable conversation stage:
    DB: "So, did you enjoy the sushi?"
    Me: "Mm."
    DB:"And wasn't the movie fun, even though it was stupid? And the first movie, wasn't it charming?"
    Me: "Mm."
    DB: "Time to get back to the hotel and go sleepy-bye?"
    Me: "Mm."
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