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    Yesterday, woke to news of NewTown Conn. DH calls me from work, "your family"...etc.
    Wait wait wait. Some relief knowing nieces/nephews go to a different school. WHEW. The word SandyHook threw both of us.
    Walk to my near-by church.
    Pray, all day it seems - for the souls of those lost yesterday and the families who are experiencing this evil.
    Clean up, pick up wrapping paper that seemed to spread from the back bedroom to the living room.
    How did THAT happen?!
    The kids don't even live here anymore and the trail of paper still exists. lol.
    DH gives bonuses to employees - YES! it's the first time in 5 years we've been able to do this.
    Employees can't stop smiling - they are so surprised! It's soooooooo worth it. They are the most loyal hard working group of folks.
    Steam dress for Xmas showcase. uhhhh, I hope I fit! thoughts cross the brain waves!
    Rain, nooooo,,,I have to drive to Huntington Beach for the annual "steal the ornament" party! Go away rain!
    Resign myself that I'm driving no matter what. No matter how long it takes, there is no excuse.
    Get to party, see old friends, hostess and I started civil service together, her DH and my DH are good friends as well.
    Chat, talk, catch up, wine, food, snacks, and oh yes,,,,stealing the ornaments from each other! Such fun.
    Come to find out, as I share personal life with her,,,,that she too, knows the soon to be bride of my ex-son-in-law.
    Who is the daughter of a captain we both worked for decades ago. And we both knew her as a little girl.
    SURPRISE, what a small world this is - as I didn't meet soon to be bride, until Grandsons baseball game in Austin, TX in November. Hostess and I both laughed,,,,as we recounted the "my daughter just did this....stories" our boss would share with "his wallet being dumped into the toilet to watch it swim".
    Good stories, small world, HUGS abound and lifelong friendships are oh soooo worth it.
    Drive home, still raining, harder and colder. What the heck? it's almost midnight and traffic looks like a work day mess.
    At least it was moving and I got home safe and sound.
    Stayed up reading for a bit.
    Thought about the days events.
    And how blessed we all are.
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    @Cornutt--Hope you feel 100% better soon.

    @samina--The mold suggestion is interesting, but Husband first came down with this at the tail end of our Disney/Universal Studios vacation, so my initial suspicion is that he picked up something either on the plane (which are complete germ factories of recycled air) or in one of the parks. I did actually suggest to the guy who is finishing our basement "Should we get someone in here to do any kind of mold remediation?" and he seemed to think there was no mold and I got the distinct impression he thought I was being paranoid/hypochondriacal.
    We do try to do some typical allergy smart things, like we have a whole house HEPA filter for our air.

    8:20--Child to school.

    Talked with colleague and made executive decision that I'm going to give an Incomplete to
    Student with Issues #3.

    9-1--Graded stuff. Had one panicky moment when couldn't find class participation points from before the midterm. Realized they were probably at home. Had Husband scan and e-mail.

    1--Meeting with student about her spring senior project.
    Husband calls during this time and tells me about tragedy in CT. I'm torn between wishing he hadn't told me (why know these things sooner than you have to?) and being glad he kept me up on current events, since of course it did come up when I exited the bubble of my office.

    1:30-3--Finished grading stuff, plus made one trip in person to the Registrar's Office.

    Slightly after 3--DONE!!! Office is a complete pig-sty, and I haven't submitted my Spring 2013 book order, but that can wait until Monday.


    Walk dog.
    4:30-6--Husband sleeps. This codeine-laced stuff is going to mean I barely see him, huh?

    Read a little of Joseph Delaney's The Last Apprentice: Season of the Witch w/Child.

    Family Fun Night movie: Back to the Future. Just me and Child. Husband doesn't feel up to watching a movie. Not a good sign.

    My sister suggest (via PM) that it is about time to start looking into taking him to Baltimore to a more high-power place for a second opinion. Maybe so.

    Put Child to bed.

    Thought about trying to be productive, but too tired. Answered a couple PMs. Mmmm, good to be done w/grading!
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    Was just something to consider. FWIW, the sickest I ever was from mold was from the pedestrian green powder-mold that was growing on a lemon and disseminated into the atmosphere, which I breathed. Not from black-mold infestation... I was very, very ill from that. And because the source of it was so pedestrian, it can be easy to miss if one doesn't realize the correlation.
  4. pygmalion

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    The ex had (I assume still has) a horrible mold allergy, something we found out when we honeymooned in Europe. Yay. Ten days in centuries old cathedrals and in cafes surrounded by cigarette smoke. It was long after we were back in the US before he could breathe clearly, even though (at least that time around) he didn't develop a secondary infection. Even without a secondary infection, it was not pretty for a very long time. Oh! The honking and wheezing. I don't know who was more miserable, him or me. Back then, I could feel his pain. It was awful. *shudder*

    I'm going to add my vote to sami's and 3w's and say that mold might be a factor. Even if mold is not the root cause, it could well be exacerbating whatever's going on.
  5. pygmalion

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    Wow. Other than my usual smart aleck comments, I haven't checked in in over a week. There's no way I can get caught up with any level of detail. Besides. I barely remember the details of what I did yesterday. Surely you don't expect me to remember what I did last week. lol.


    1. DS is doing not nearly as badly as he feared, school-wise. We were able to get the progress report snafu cleared up. (He forgot to give his teacher access to the online folders where he stored his work.) Still no word from him on how The Big Date went. Lots of Christmas-related begging and not-so-subtle hints. Sometimes I think the boy still believes in Santa Claus. (He actually never did. I never lied to him and, in the absence of lies, common sense prevailed. No way that fat guy is coming down a chimney. lol)

    2. Me. Lots of personal assessment. Next year is going to be a reset year for me, so I'm trying to figure out where I am. I've decided that I am going to be fifty and fabulous and, since fifty is not all that far in the future (wiping away stray tear) I'd better get crackin. Also stay up most of the night, three nights in a row, watching old Real Time With Bill Maher Overtime episodes on youtube. What's funny is that, as much as I enjoy his show one episode at a time, the immersion I went through this past week gave me a real repulsion to his ... hubris? Something like that. He's fine when he's right and nobody on the panel challenges him convincingly, but, when somebody has a well-reasoned argument that makes him look anything but brilliant, hmm. Not too pleasant. Gotta think about that a bit.

    3. Work. SSDD. Lots of responsibility. Not nearly enough authority except when I don't want it. *sigh* Somehow always too busy to spend any serious time looking for a new job, but that's going to change in the new year (See bullet 2 above.) Also try to figure out what the heck to do about my trainee who is in hot water at work. She doesn't understand the culture and apparently doesn't understand the value of treading lightly until she does. And she confided to me that she was unemployed for fifteen months before getting this job. She really, really needs the job and I want her to succeed. She could make it easier for both of us if she would just shut up and observe for a while. *sigh*

    4. Dad is still not doing well. He's doing his PTs every day and is at least able to walk (in pain, but walk) and drive now. Not that I'm thrilled about an almost ninety year old man driving, mind you, but that's another story. It was just heart-breaking when he was without the freedom that's so precious to him. Take his driver license; take his masculinity. That's an exaggeration, but not by much. I don't want him to drive. (He doesn't, mostly. My sister is living across the street, now.) I want him to BE ABLE to drive.

    Other than that not much. Just getting ready for the holidays and regretting my decision to let DS pick his travel dates for his visit to his father. This Christmas "break" I get a total of three days off. The 27 - 29. DS travels on the 26th and 30th, so those are actually extra-effort days. *sigh* As much as I want to spare DS angst, that's not nearly enough time off for this exhausted single Mom.
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    @Pygmalion--Maybe you need to designate one of the surrounding days as a Mom-son role reversal day, where he fusses over your meals, cleans up the kitchen, and asks if you'd like to go to whatever the Mom equivalent of Game Stop is. (Perhaps a spa?)

    Slept until almost 9!
    Put away some laundry. Did inventory to see what we needed for the recipe I plan to make later. (I have to admit I haven't cooked since before Thanksgiving. End of the semester is so crazy.)

    11:30--Took Child to gymnastics. (Husband is too sick and is also now on a codeine-based medicine, which means driving is probably not advisable.)

    12-1--Child does gymnastics. I alternately read and watch. Glad I stayed in the car for the first half; I wound up sitting next to a guy with a 2 1/2 year old son. The toddler is adorable, but does a lot of loud shrieking, which is not so adorable.

    Take Child to Michaels Arts and Crafts. In case none of you have ever had the experience, Michaels on a weekend in the lead-up to Christmas = crowded. Disney in October was not nearly as crowded as Michaels in December!

    Grocery store for the couple items I still need for recipe. Child decides she wants to make tortilla pizzas for herself. Great! Get that stuff too.

    Make sweet potato casserole.
    -Layer of thin sliced sweet-tart apple slices.
    -Layer of thin sliced sweet potatoes slices.
    -A little crystalized ginger and a little salt.
    -Top with a sauce comprised of 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup apple juice concentrate, 2 tablespoons brown sugar, 2 teaspoons lemon juice, 1/4 teaspoon cinammon.
    Foil wrap, bake for 45 mins. Take out, pat w/1 tablespoon butter. Re-cover and cook for 15 mins.

    It was yum! (It was a ww recipe, btw.) Had it with roast chicken.

    Friend calls just before I was about to hop on tm. He probably won't make it for our outing tomorrow. Rats. [Husband obviously won't make it either. Originally, this was going to be 4 college friends and families getting together; looks like it may just be 2.] We have a nice chat for about 45 mins, then I get off b/c I need to do my run.

    8:45--5.64 mi on treadmill in 1 hr. I spent much of the first part watching "Epic Rap Battles of History" on YouTube, starting with the most recent one: Santa Claus vs. Moses. Some pretty funny ones.

    Btw, I also bid in the D-F Silent Auction. We'll see if I won J_A's pound cake!
  7. fascination

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    sat....wake up leisurely.... vacillate between watching the news, which of course was horrific, and sitting with family by the tree with music...

    make grocery list....dh and dtr head out to do that and I practice a bit.....then promptly need a nap...more couch warming then dh wants to go on the holidays booze run....that was fun....mostly an assortment of wines but also some Polish beer and some other local beers dh is interested in, plus crown royal for my brother, Amarula for my son, and some rum runnner mix for a friend...then what starts as a passing comment that we could use a few outside light this year (the neighborhood is in the middle of a very contentious fight over having a deer cull and there is alot of bah humbug going on) we stop into a Christmas deco store....and...oh my...had a mini shopping explosion....given the various bits of gloom that have been threatening, it was a good decision....and dh seemed about as pleased as he could be...home to more sitting by tree, talking and listening to music
  8. pygmalion

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    That is a fine idea. I've been thinking about the balance of my relationship with DS a lot lately, and the idea that perhaps it's time for me to teach him how important it is to reach out and serve others. Some kids just get it; others have to be taught. (Preferably at some time before they are looking for long-term relationships.) DS has beaucoup empathy. He just hasn't learned the joy (and, in the absence of joy, the necessity) of turning empathy into action on others' behalves. Probably my doing, since my love languages are giving of gifts and acts of service. So I give to him and do for him. Perhaps I haven't given him enough opportunity to reciprocate. Hmm.

    Not to whine (Meaning, I am about to whine.) That still won't be down time. I remember down time. It was resting with the complete assurance that, if anything went wrong or DS needed anything, it was covered, so it was okay for me to sleep with both eyes closed. Truly, I got only an occasional glimpse of that when I was married and living with the ex. Most of the time, even then, I didn't have down time, because of the ex's travel schedule and his refusal to participate in parenting except to issue edicts. But, since he left years ago, I have had zero complete mental rest. The days when DS is out of state are better, but they're still not that quietness of mind that says, "It's off your shoulders for a while. Put down your worries and sleep." It's hard to relate, unless you've experienced it. It's single motherhood (and custodianship for an elderly parent or a mentally challenged adult child, I would imagine.) Constant vigilance is exhausting.

    And on a lighter note. I've decided that what I don't like about Bill Maher (I confess; I was up watching more episodes early this morning. What can I say? I'm a political junkie.) is that his show really isn't what it claims to be -- a place where politically informed intellectual people can exchange ideas in an open debate. In my mind, it's more like a reality-TV version of an open debate. IOW NOT an open debate. If I had a staff of folks out scouting the woods for people who think like I do and then surrounded myself with the brightest of the minds that share my view, then added in some folks with opposing views, but not in large enough numbers to actually challenge me, I'd look brilliant (most of the time) too. Hmm. Still enjoy the show. It's a great recap of the week's news. But if I want mental stimulation and challenges to my thought process (which I do) perhaps I should diversify a bit.

    Bright note: In my youtube travels, I rediscovered The Young Turks, another overwhelmingly Democratic, sometimes left wing, political show that's on the web. Much less glitz and a whole lot less show business. As a result, much more real. Love it. Now looking for a right wing show, for balance. Gotta think for myself, right?
  9. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    If you can find a no-wing show, then you'll really be cookin'... ;)
  10. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I'd be glad to take one of those too, if there is such a thing. I LOVE political debate but I believe that a lot of the big issues that face humanity are much bigger than partisanship or patriotism. At least, I think the issues should be seen and addressed as such. *shrug*
  11. j_alexandra

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    Meet with dressmaker, who has, indeed, re-made the dress to my spec
    Home; bake bake bake
    Collapse early
  12. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Work 1-day comp in NY from 7am to after 11pm; 1-day comps usually feel odd to me, kind of comps-on-meth, but this one felt like a "real" comp, lots of enthusiasm and energy, from dancers and audience, both, and any time I can hang out in a room with Jose DeCamps and Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine is a good day; so interesting to watch them doing Latin, not Rhythm, with their pro-am students, on the floor at the same time, very different styles and body types
    Crash until the cat meows me awake around 6, then back to sleep! Me! Back to sleep! Woo hoo!
  13. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    indeed, that would be a sight
  14. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Saturday...hmmm... Worked on play list for my dj gig this coming Tuesday. Was doing a holiday theme first, but upon the death of Luisito Ayala this past week am adding some songs by him, so a mixed theme. (I always try to have a theme in my mind when working out the songs I would like to play for an event.) Also church service, plus couple loads of laundry.
  15. JudeMorrigan

    JudeMorrigan Well-Known Member

    Saturday: Wake up early, run a 5k. Go home, clean up, drive to Nashville, two lessons, dive home. Go grocery shopping, make gingersnap cookie dough and chocolate cookie dough, get both into fridge.
    Sunday: Wake up, head to the studio for rounds. By this point, tired Jude was tired. The rest of the day was a giant blur of cooking, baking and laundry. I'm honestly not sure I even remember it all. My life in non-stop excitement. ;-)
  16. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    8:30--We're out of here! (Just me and Child, unfortunately. Husband too sick.)

    Drive to NJ. 11:44-12:53 train in NYC.
    C train to 81st St.
    Annoyingly slow moving line to get into museum.
    1:45-2ish--Meet up with College Friend N and his 5-year-old daughter!
    Tour American Museum of Natural History including Discovery Room, Hall of Human Origins, and Space Hall.
    One of my favorite parts of the day was when College Friend N told his 5-year-old that this guy was your great-great-great-great-great x a few hundred ancestor, and she said "Really?!" in this tone of utter surprise (and possibly incredulity). My friend then said "To be fair, about 60% of the American population agrees with her."
    I also really liked this super cool Christmas tree with origami animal and dinosaur decorations!!! Soooo cool!
    I was not as happy that College Friend was not interested in doing the special exhibits on this day (which cost extra), so we decided to forego them too. He lives in NYC and felt he would rather splurge on this some other time. For us, this will probably be our only shot at those exhibits. But I let it go. The point of the trip was to get together with an old friend, not to maximize what we got to see. (We were also going to get together with College Friend D and his 1-year-old, but D's baby was sick.)

    Friend and I discover that we are reading the same book! (Michael Chabon's Telegraph Avenue.) Funny coincidence. (We did both live in the Bay Area in the 90s, but even so....)

    Dinner at Pizzeria Uno. (Yum...but my stomach was hurting this morning.)

    Got to subway and went to refuel my Metro Card. Realized I left credit card in restaurant. Ran back while College Friend watched the kids! The waiter had kept it for me, yay! Back to subway in nasty cold rain.

    7:13-8:26 PM train to NJ. We just started a new series, Joseph Delany's The Last Apprentice. Spooky! Possibly my favorite part of reading yesterday was when The Spook tells his apprentice he will have to stay by himself in a haunted house overnight. Oh, and he will need to go down to the cellar at precisely midnight. When I got to that part, Child laughed. It was so over the top what everyone dreads that it was actually funny to her! This is what I love about reading together; I don't think I would have perceived that as funny if I had been reading it alone.

    Drove home in less than great conditions (rather foggy), reviving self with caffeine and a York peppermint patty when my energy started to flag, and arrived by midnight.
  17. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    Has been an interesting week+...

    Two Fridays ago: work from home, so I can more easily get ready for upcoming vacation. Get news that I did not get promotion. This throws me into something of a funk, so I take the rest of the afternoon off (all 1.5 hours of it, but still). DH does his best to cheer me up. Be funky. Do laundry, etc. Pack, head down to parents' house (they are close to the airport we're flying out of, and we'll be leaving our car there, and our flight is very early in the morning).


    Two Saturdays ago: up early, and then get dropped off at airport by dad. Pay for checking bags, then pay again for a carry-on, because Spirit airlines does not go by regulation-size carry-ons. And, regardless of size, if it has wheels you pay for it. Discover that flight is delayed by four hours. What a fan-effing-tastic start to vacation. Oh well. DH and I take the opportunity to have breakfast and have a drink...or several. Screw it, we're on vacation. Finally arrive in Miami, cab to place we're staying, which happens to be a condo. Pretty nice, actually.

    Relax for a bit, then head to South Beach for people watching, mojitos, and dinner. Walk a bit, talk lots, and end up exhausted by 10pm. Cab back to condo, read a bit, z by 11.


    Two Sundays ago: up early (see: z by 11). Decide to head to Little Havana for breakfast at what seems to be THE place to go for Cuban food: Versailles. Cab driver tells us it's not the best Cuban food in town, but it is the most authentic and certainly The Place To Be. And it is. Have "regular-sized" Cuban sammich, which I love, which is roughly the volume of a football. What that...??? The people-watching is fascinating, particularly the two political people (Cuban President in 2016!) outside. The guy is sidewalk dancing to salsa music, but with taps on his shoes. Beautiful to watch.

    Walk 20 blocks for ice cream at this place I read about that has spectacular ice cream: Azucar. (And they said it was too far to walk. Hah!) Have mango ice cream which is ridiculously rich. Am disappointed that they don't have some of the more exotic flavors available. :-( Walk another 10 blocks or so and then realize that construction is going to make our walk to Bayside much longer than initially planned. Cab to tourist area downtown.

    Sit at a bar drinking yummy frozen drinks and watching football with DH. We have a great time. He teaches me about football, although I retained probably about 20% of it. Also talk more about work situation, as well as other topics. Have dinner nearby, then cab back, z.
  18. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    Last Monday: Cruise!!! We get there and have ourselves a ridiculously easy time getting onboard. Immediately make dinner reservations at two of the high-end restaurants on board, as well as for the Chef's Table. Piddle about a bit, then have drinks. People watch, talk endlessly, dance a bit, people watch and talk some more, more talking, then dinner.

    First dinner was at the steakhouse. I have lamb, which was cooked perfectly, and it was wonderful. And salad with pears and blue cheese, which is one of my all-time favorite combinations, and loved it. Discover a new wine that I also really enjoyed: Spellbound petite Syrah. Mmmm... I am surprised at dessert (creme brulee) by a (small--everything is ridiculously expensive on a cruise) bouquet of red roses from DH. Awww... It's bittersweet though, because it was a cheering-up thing regarding the promotion...which really just reminds me of the disappointment again. Eh, whatever. I have more wine. By the end I'm feeling no pain and we go to bed...fairly early, because we're old.


    Tuesday: Grand Bahama Island. We've signed up for a caves and beach shore excursion. Caves are kinda cool, but whatever. But following the caves we walk across the street to Gold Rock Beach. [​IMG]As far as I'm concerned, the entire trip was worth it just for this. Miles of gorgeous white sand, perfect blue water, beautiful skies. Extremely few people. We swim until we're exhausted, and then go back to the beach and just sit and look around and relax and talk and talk and talk. And talk. And then swim again, and then talk some more.

    Get shuttled to a restaurant. Try conch fritters. They're tasty, until I get an actual bit of conch. Plech! We share some grilled mahi-mahi with mango salsa, which makes me a very happy camper. Get shuttled back to ship. We shower and then nap for about two hours. Good times.

    Up, people watching, some drinks, more talking, and then Special Dinner #2: the French restaurant on board. This is even better than last night. Cool salad thingy (hard to describe), our wine from last night, and filet mignon...again done perfectly. Coffee and dessert. Have drinks out on deck, and talk and relax and talk some more. Bed early, because we're old.


    Wednesday: Nassau. The first excursion is a quasi-submarine boat thingy that takes us out to the reefs. Very, very cool. We see a barracuda, some sea turtles, a nurse shark, and all kinds of fishies. Unbelievable. The second excursion is a Segway tour. OK, so tour isn't the best word for it. But we got to play on Segways on the beach and in a park, which is ridiculously fun. And we spend some time talking with the guides about things like taxes and prices and ways of life. Very interesting conversation. DH is beyond thrilled with riding the Segway. :)

    Back to ship, and we have to get ready fairly quickly because the Chef's Table dinner is earlier than usual. It's a group of 11 of us, and it's a 9 course meal with wine pairings. Very tasty...and plentiful *ahem* wine pairings. Come out of it with the only souvenir of the trip: two recipes!!! One is for pickled watermelon, the other is for asparagus soup with cauliflower "flan." Color us ecstatic!

    And then...wait for it...bed early (well, dinner did last for 4.5 hours), because...say it with me...we're old.


    Thursday: Great Stirrup Cay. This is Norwegian's private island. It's kind of tacky, and we're more crammed in more closely than I'd have liked, but after a while the noise fades to a general hum and it's about perfect. Talk and relax and read and relax and talk and talk and relax. And swim, and then swim some more. We start to think about making this an annual tradition, budget permitting. Just saying "eff-a-bunch-a Christmas," with its drama and stress, and spend Xmas swimming in perfect blue water. The idea takes hold...

    Back to ship, shower, nap. Have drinks, people watch, talk, watch, talk, talk, watch. Have dinner. Not at one of the special restaurants this time, but it's still very good. I make a perfect-spot-hitting meal out of soups and salads. Spring mix salad, small bowls of potato leek soup and onion soup, and an empanada (because i NEVER pass up an's a bit of an obsession).

    More watching, talking, talking, drinking, watching, relaxing, talking, drinking, etc.

    Bed know the rest.


    Friday: cruise ends. Getting off the cruise and through customs is an absolute nightmare. DH bought 5 packs of cigarettes on board, because they were about half the price of on shore. I think the maximum you're allowed is either 10 or 20 packs (1 or 2 cartons; 200 or 400 cigarettes); regardless, it's plenty more than what we have. Customs agent gets it in his head that we mean 5 cartons of cigarettes, and argues with us saying it's too much. Oh hell no! I'm tired, I'm irritated (too many idgits around), I had to throw out my roses, and I know I'm bloody well right. We ask him to look at the regs, he won't. He really just does.not.get that packs != cartons. 5 packs = 100 cigarettes. He makes us show him what was purchases, which means digging through our luggage while standing there at the freakin' desk to show him. This is nuts. We show him..."oh...just five packs! I thought you meant cartons. Go ahead." Seriously, dude, get with the effing program. We told you packs, not cartons. Grumblecakes.

    Cab to hotel. DH has to go to training at work. I'm tired and restless and fidgety, which is not a good combo. Watch L&O:SVU on tv, which makes me happy.

    DH comes back. His work has just dropped a bomb on their sales team. Seriously uncool and unprofessional. We all get together and there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth and general venting. Not a good way to end this trip at all. By the end of the night one girl is in tears, two other people are planning on quitting, and the rest are scrambling trying to figure out what to say when they're asked about it (because they will be). One of DH's coworkers gets absolutely hammered (OK, several of them do, but she is BAD); I walk her back to her hotel room, make her drink water, give her advil, help her get into PJs, and put her to bed. At least she's safe. Go back to bar, get talking with another significant other. Enjoy the conversation, if nothing else. It's pretty obvious that everyone is making a concerted effort not to think about things.
  19. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    Saturday: Awesome breakfast at a great Jewish deli/bakery/diner around the corner. Again with the awesome people watching. DH and I don't really talk--we're just completely bummed by the recent news, and absolutely not looking forward to the holiday party coming up, and pretending to be happy to be there. We spend the day reading or watching TV.

    Get ready, get shuttle there, and try to enjoy the evening. End up having a deliberately-backburnering OK time. Two people have already started job hunting, and of course there are the intended quitters. Sigh. More good convo with S.O. from the other evening, who tell me to give him and his husband a call when i'm out in Cincy, because they'll show me around and host me and whatnot. That's nice. Drunk coworker from the previous night is nowhere to be found very early in the evening. No goodbyes, no nothing, except for a text saying "I'm fine." This is worrisome.

    Back to hotel. Chat with S.O. while DH and his husband proceed to drink and discuss work things. Thankfully DH isn't too bad off, but his coworker is totally gone. Go to bed around 4am.


    Sunday (yesterday): Breakfast at same place. Check out. Spend day sitting on patio at the hotel (it's a very nice patio) reading. No mood for going out, no mood for talking.

    Discuss xmas, and decide we're opting out this year. We're just not feeling it at all. There will be a small family get together the 22nd with my parents and brother, and then xmas eve dinner with his side of the family which we'll host, but we're not doing xmas. Just...not. And not apologizing for it, either. Bitterness, although we're both very pleased with this year's opt-out.

    Cab to airport, where we discover the absolute horribleness that is Spirit Airlines yet again. One of the most run down and disgusting terminals I've seen yet. Flight home is uneventful.

    Cab to parents' house, get car, drive home. We're pretty loopy, so we end up mostly singing snippits of various songs. Lemme tell you, DH singing "Man, I Feel Like a Woman" is freakin' awesome. He can't sing for [poo], which just makes it that much better.

    Arrive home, cuddle cats lots and lots and lots. Sheets on bed, read, z.
  20. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    @Peaches--I saw--and envied--your Food Porn photos on your FB wall. Way to do it!!!! I was also pleased that--even though I couldn't tell exactly where you had been--I correctly IDed Miami as your starting point and the Bahamas as part of the mix.

    I'd love to hear the name of the Jewish deli, if you don't mind sharing. My old favorite South Beach Jewish deli, Wolfie's, closed back in 2001. (This is more heart-breaking than I can describe. It's not just the loss of the terrific food and ambiance; it symbolically reminds me of the passing of my great-grandparents' generation of Miami Jewish people.)

    I'm sorry your DH's bad work news put a pall on what was otherwise a nice vacation. I don't know anyone who deserved one more; you seem like you work very hard.
    I'm also sorry you didn't get your promotion. Hopefully next round!
    -->I would say hugs, but you don't seem like you want a hug so much as a bag to punch (without hurting your neck, of course). So imagine a boxing gloves emoticon here!

    P.S. I recommend Southwest to Fort Lauderdale rather than Spirit to Miami. Still reasonably priced, and no baggage charge. Ft. Lauderdale is not far from Miami...and the car rental facility is right at the Ft Lauderdale airport. I was going to say "I used to go down there a lot, pre-kid" then realized I flew down through Ft. Lauderdale twice this year too. Not so bad!

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