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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by fascination, May 10, 2009.

  1. pygmalion

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    Hah! I see your grandmother's money-saving crazy and I raise you. My grandmother would eat the leftover butter and jelly packets rather than leave them at IHOP. She would not waste a penny worth of anything.

    I loved that old bat.
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    Ha!! You've definitely got me beat. change do you cook collard greens? I bought some at the store today, but don't actually know how to cook them. I love the, but I only ever have them out at restaurants. Help?
  3. pygmalion

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    Sure. I'll post over in the recipes thread. :)
  4. pygmalion

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    Whine. (Yes. I know this is not the whining thread. So sue me.)

    I think I may have created a monster. It's a long a complicated story, but I'll try to keep it simple. I mentioned this lady before; she's the one who, the day after a pot luck at work, claimed all the leftovers and started heating them up for a second group lunch the next day without my permission even though I'd already given the leftovers to a single Mom. That went over like a lead balloon, so I figured she'd gotten the message -- if you want the leftovers, ask; don't assume. This was a couple months back.

    Fast forward to last Friday. This lady and a few of her friends decided to share a very low-key, low-cost, snack. She specifically asked that people not go to any expense, but, if they had something to share, bring it. No problem.

    On the day of, on impulse, I told her that I had a couple of unopened tubs of hummus and some yogurt dip in the fridge that I would be willing to open. I'd already bought them and stored them in the fridge, planning to have them for lunch for a week or two.

    On Friday, I opened the dips, but I left early to go to the movies, so I didn't get a chance to take care of my dips. When I got back to work this past week, the leftover dip was in the fridge. Problem? There was also a note on my desk. "P. You know that leftover yogurt dip? I'd like to have it. Okay?" Uhhh... well. At least she asked this time. It was really awkward, though, since I had been planning to have that dip for lunch for a few days, NOT give it to this lady just because she wanted it. I decided to just avoid the conversation by pretending I hadn't seen the note. (I was out of the office a few days and, as usual, my desk was covered with all sorts of stuff people dropped off in my absence. I couldn't see the surface of my desk. It is very plausible that I might not have seen the note.)

    Anyway. So I took my dips home and decided to just carry individual servings in for lunch each day, even though it's a pain.

    So. Yesterday I happened to run into this lady right by the big communal fridge. She said,"Uhh, you know, P. When you were out of the office, I left you a note and told you I wanted that yogurt dip. Uhh ... where is it?" Meanwhile, this chick is rifling through the fridge, looking for it! I kid you not. She just assumed that, since it was left over and she wanted it, I was going to give it to her. I was relieved to be able to say, "I took it home." I'm so glad I thought to take it home, to be honest.

    Questions: Am I blowing this out of proportion or is this woman being rude (in the context of American culture; she is a Southern American woman.)

    Not that it makes all that much difference in the larger scheme of things. I just see this whole possession of leftovers thing as having the potential to steal my joy at doing pot lucks. Not to be parsimonious or anything but, when we do potlucks, most people bring a $5 or $10 dish, at most. If I'm planning the pot luck, I usually fill in all the blanks -- to the tune of $50 to as much as $150. I don't mind spending the money; I entertain because I enjoy it. But, since it's my resources that are being spent, I think I should have the right to determine where my leftover stuff goes. (I prefer to give the leftovers to single Moms, first. There are quite a few single Moms where I work and I know that many of them consider those leftovers to be a blessing.)
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    it's totally cool that this isn't whining thread...but, if you are soliciting advice, it really might be more appropriate in some other thread....I see a potential for a general "office interactions" sort of thread anyhow...
  6. pygmalion

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    I've been thinking about a similar thread myself. Must ponder what to call it.
  7. fascination

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    yea...have no clue...just know that we seem to have alot of office dynamic dillemmas and it might be more beneficial if they were in the same place
  8. pygmalion

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  9. fascination

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    thx....and by the way, I am thinking about your question
  10. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    today/sat...up off and on during the night b/c dh is sick....up for good at 7...teach "blast" at 8 and interval at 9...tan...have yummy lunch of leftovers(see dinner thread)...i am a pretty good cook....dh sleeps all day.... take down formerly live tree...a mess I can't even begin to describe...change cat litter...another mess I can't begin to describe...practice...dinner same as with favorite nephew, talk with dtr...which makes my day....df, fb while watching big bang

    NURDRMS Well-Known Member

    Okay, it was -1 degree F here this morning. Let's talk about cold!!!

    And grandmothers saving money. I may have mentioned this before, but my grandmother raised nine kids during the depression. She used to sew two worn-to-the-translucent stage washcloths together to make one washcloth that could be used for a while longer. Absolutely adored her.
  12. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Yep. The Depression was definitely a factor in my grandmom's outlook for the rest of her life. She was born in 1912, which means she was a young adult (getting married, looking for a job, having my Mom) during the stock market crash and the early days of the Depression.

    She was a food hoarder. When I was little, she would wait until A&P had canned veg for cheap (whatever cheap was when I was little) and pile it up in her basement. Then, she would keep it until the cans started to fester, then send it over to our house, "so we could eat it before it went bad." :eek: What a hoot. But, in her world, you never, ever threw anything away, especially food.

    Young people today could learn a thing or two from our old grandmoms, I think. :)
  13. j_alexandra

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    Mostly cleaning etc during the day
    Evening, a friend came over and swapped music; way fun and a lot of great stuff


    Brekkie with someone interested in me, not going to work out
    To NY with friends, to buy dance shoes; score a cute pair of Werner Kern low heel black maryjanes, adorable and comfy both, and I can wear them for swing, for English country dance, for blues...color me happy
    A quick bite and a drink
    Get a phone call from brother and SIL, they have taken father to dinner, please join them; I do; they're having pizza, which I can cheerfully skip but the company is fun
    Home, crash, Z embarrassingly early
  14. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    sun....laundry, practice, tan, coaching, dishes, couch potato/ bed around 10
  15. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Read some House of Leaves.
    6 miles on treadmill. Shower.
    Read some Last Apprentice: Curse of the Bane with Child.
    Found my favorite pair of black work pants, which had been missing. Turns out I must have gotten dressed in a different room (maybe Husband was sleeping?) A light blue sweater and my black work pants were folded and placed neatly next to the printer.

    Child and I went to Baltimore to watch a children's dance competition. The top team from her studio was in it competing in styles including tap, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary. They even did a Bollywood style number.

    Had a pretty lazy day. It was a grey, misty day and it just felt like a do-nothing kind of day. For better or worse, I did not fight it.

    Read more House of Leaves.

    Finished Last Apprentice: Curse of the Bane with Child. Started Last Apprentice: Night of the Soul Stealer.

    Took a long nap in the afternoon.

    Did a little laundry.
    Did a little research into possible plane flights for possible trips. Since apparently my entire side of the family's summer vacation is contingent on me/my family (so the first trip I will take will be a guilt trip), AND we have to visit husband's mother and sFIL in Seattle, AND I have this odd desire to go to a trip OTHER THAN to the Jersey shore, Washington state, or New Mexico, this is going to require some logistical/calendar coordination.
    OF COURSE, just to make things maximally annoying, Child and I have different spring breaks.

    Husband is feeling worse again, health-wise. Day 84. I'll bet you thought he was better by now! He should be, but he isn't. That's why so many of my updates are "Child and I went to X." I don't think we are going to MAC this year, even to watch. It goes too late and his health is too poor.

    Child got on my nerves a bit toward the end of the day.
  16. 3wishes

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  17. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Well, YES, having been a Colorado-ian,,,and remaining ski instructor, the last place I expect temps like this - is my front down - near Los Angeles. lol, wink.
    BRISK - is the word of the day.
    Finished packing, heading for Florida - 80 degree temps...and lots of gathering family members, nephews, cousins, sibilings, step-mother, bio-dad (for her 75th).
    Leaving LAX "today"
    Leaving brisk temps behind.
  18. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I wonder what your Mom would do if you boycotted the "Downa Shore" vacation altogether. It would not be pretty. Of this I am sure.

    So sorry to hear that your DH is still feeling poorly. Surely this has to stop at some point.

    Weekend: Alternately veg and sleep. Felt pretty darn good. I should do this more often.
  19. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    @Pygmalion--I'm sure boycotting would not go over well. Apparently compromising does not go over well either. My choices are ONE SOLID WEEK, at the Jersey shore...or there will be no shore house for anyone and it will be my fault. To be clear, I love the shore. It's just not the only thing I love.
    Last year, my in-laws pulled a more extreme varation of the same thing. The original plan had been one week in the Canadian Rockies...their choice of destination, their choice of dates, and they were paying for everyone. It was set up a year in advance. But then, absolutely out of nowhere, they cancelled that plan and asked everyone to do a 3 week cruise to the Arctic. My husband was like "I absolutely cannot do that, work-wise." Then it was all "Well, can CCM and Child come?" No way to do part of it, of course, and it interfered with some of Child's planned summer activities. So we didn't go and didn't see them at all...and I'm sure they are displeased about that.
    There seems to be a sense that because I don't teach courses in the summer, I "don't work." Well, that has never been true and it will be especially not true this summer.
    A) I will have 15 new advisees to advise.
    B) As head of the FYS program, I will be responsible for placing kids into their sems in the first place and for making sure the other teachers of FYSes are doing their thing.
    C) As head of the FYS program, I will also have some responsibilities with regard to orientation.
    D) I need to do my own research and writing, both for my own personal satisfaction and so I will have accomplishments to put on my resume.

    Sure, any given day in the summer (other than advising week or when I have a meeting), I may not "have" to go to work. Cumulatively, though, I have work to do.

    Husband teaches right through the summer...and though he can take his work with him since he works at an on-line university, internet connections at the shore are often iffy.

    So many years we spend all our available vacation time with family and just do weekend trips as a nuclear family. (We did a long weekend for Disney/Universal). But I have two trips I'm really jonesing to do that are hard to do in a long weekend given that we live in the east coast:

    -San Francisco (Ideally including Yosemite, Chinatown, Golden Gate Park, Sausalito/Golden Gate Bridge, Berkeley/East Bay where I used to live, Muir Woods/Mt Tam...though given that we will probably only get a partial week to do this, it won't be all of this.)

    -San Diego (Priorities include zoo, wild animal park, and Coronado. I would also like to fit in time to drive up to Malibu and see the Getty Villa, and to Venice to see my cousin, but that too might have to be a separate trip.)

    It's fine. I'll make it work. Child may have to miss some school. I just notice that the only branch of the family doing any significant compromising is mine.

    I also note that my family gets a full week at the shore and a family reunion weekend...AND usually several other weekends every summer, PLUS every birthday, every Mother's Day, and every Christmas. My New Mexico in-laws get Thanksgiving. My Seattle in-laws get nothing. Part of this is a matter of distance, but I'm sure there's some resentment, and I'll bet it is perceived as my doing. So that's fun.
  20. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    -Searched for 1000-level courses which still have openings and advised a student.

    -RSVPed to a "retreat" at work. Given that it is on campus--no doubt for economic reasons--shouldn't we call it an "in-service day"? I feel like an idiot saying I'm going to a work "retreat" at the place where I work!

    -Read some House of Leaves, including the most visually tricky section. Got to parts where what he is doing with the layout are clearer.

    -Grocery shopped.

    -Made Pulled Chicken Sandwiches, making the meat in the slow cooker. I'm starting to have a little bit of a romance with the slow cooker.

    -Child home from school and according to her, another little girl in her class told one of her BFFs that she (my child) is a b-word. I hope this report turns out to be false and that Child and this other little girl can work out their issues. (There is some tension because they both like M, one of Child's BFFs. Child will say--over-dramatically, though with good use of metaphoric language--"I have planted roots with M over the years. E is digging them up.")

    -Read The Last Apprentice: Night of the Soul Stealer with Child.

    -6 miles on treadmill. Shower.

    -Polished off a very short book The Passion of Tiger Woods: An Anthropologist Reports on Golf, Race, and Celebrity. Meh.

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