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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by fascination, May 10, 2009.

  1. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I was shocked.

    Regardless of whether you're Catholic and regardless of why this decision was made, this is a historic moment. The first retirement of a Pope in 600 years. Attention must be paid.

    My best wishes and hopes that the Catholic community finds its way through this transition period as smoothly as possible.
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  2. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member


    Guy I work with approaches me as I walk into my office in the morning. He has resigned; his last day will be next Friday. He asks that I not give him a going away party. I have mixed feelings about this. I'm sad that he is leaving under circumstances that would make him want to not celebrate. I am flattered that he thinks I would give a party for someone I barely know. Most of all, I am relieved. I had no intention of giving him a party and now I don't have to tell him that. :eek::oops:

    More of the usual nonsense at work. but it could be worse.

    DS has done me proud. Ever since we had that come to Jesus talk a few weeks back, he has been on the case, school work wise. Today is no exception. He went to school early and stayed late for tutorials, made arrangements to take a retest with his AP geography teacher, remembered to take his camera in to get help with adjustments, turned all his homework in on time, turned in his class selection sheet. All in one day. For a kid with ADHD this is nothing short of a miracle. Maybe he's turning a corner in terms of time and self management. Very good.

    Work on a couple major personal projects.

    ZZzz early.

    DS wakes me up with all the noise he makes when he's getting ready for bed.

    Awake ever since.

  3. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    I thought it was the opening line to a joke..." Did you hear that the Pope stepped down...?"

    Kept waiting for the punchline, until I realized someone was passing on news. :)
  4. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    Yesterday is probably best summed up by one word: cold. It's not that it was particularly cold outside, it's that I wasn't able to warm up at all from the moment I got out of bed until the time DH came to sleep with me and we could spoon (and I could steal his body heat...I call him "my space heater" for a reason). I was cold all day at work, which just is not pleasant. Coffee, soup, nothing helped. Sigh.

    The day was mostly spent revising my latest article. It shouldn't have taken nearly as long as it did, but I hate Hate HATE HATE writing. Much dragging of feet. Also drag my feet making a telephone call to someone and writing the official follow-up email. I have really got to get this phone phobia under, yesterday. I've been staring at this item on my to do list for three days now, and I still can't make myself pick up the phone. Sigh. [*Kicks self in butt.* Today, it happens. No excuses]

    Also much attempts to provide justification for free training, offered by the organization, which was offered to us months ago, and which is considered "core curriculum" for my job series. Alas, there is zero information about this course online. Try to track down anything for this waste of my time.

    Now-boss is tickled pink at the results of my work from last week. This makes me very happy. She is amazed at my ability to turn absolute Excel chicken-scratch into a logical and workable spreadsheet. Um...I have A LOT of experience with this. As in, it's what I was hired to do in my last job, and I did an awesome job of it, from a worse starting point. (And it took me about 6-8 months to do.) If only "making pretty spreadsheets" was a marketable skill. Now-boss is thrilled at a)how organized it is, b)how little you have to update by hand, c)how much everything is linked so that it updates itself. I win. The fact that I can't make the results match my prior boss's calculations...well, I can explain and defend mine. I've got a meeting with her to see if she can defend hers. At the end of the day, I trust my numbers over hers.

    Reward myself for completing my article revisions by working more on my spreadsheet. Since having that frank discussion with my now-boss (and since arranging my schedule to have as little face-time with NPC as possible) my attitude is much better. And I'm really enjoying my current projects again. I want to give 150% again. Yay!

    Home. Exhausted. Heat frozen chili. Watch House of Cards with DH. Bed, read, Z.
  5. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Clearly, you don't hate writing as such, but rather the type of writing required by this article. Because I just looked you up, and you have 22,187 posts on DF since joining in 2005. That's a lot of writing!

    Is there any way to bring any of the fun, spirited, sometimes sarcastic voice that you have in your recreational writing to your professional writing, or would that be too much of a violation of the norms of your field? In other words, for future articles, can you re-script the task and make it more palatable?
  6. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    I'm just a chatterbox, once I get comfortable. Writing is different.

    As for bringing my own voice into my work writing...LOL. Absolutely not. Google my name and my agency, and you'll see what sort of stuff I do. No room for voice at all.
  7. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Woke up too early. "Vagina Monologues" made the local paper! A photo of me at dress rehearsal (with castmates behind me) accompanies the article. Cool.
    Went back to sleep for a couple of hours.

    Uploaded and tagged some photos.
    Wrote in my diary.

    2:30--Left to go pick up Child. (Another of the bummers about having a sick husband: BOTH ~3 hour trips to drop off/pick up Child have to be me. Not a huge problem, but that knocks out a potential workout time.)
    4--Pick up Child. Chat with parents.
    6--Home. Dinner. Yummy beef burgundy w/noodles.

    Wrote in diary some more.

    8:30--Dropped Child off at school.

    9, 9:20, 9:40--Individual student appointments.

    10:20--Great Works II.
    -Hand out paper topics...then realize I forget to add "King Lear" topics. Ugh.
    -Pretty decent discussion of Candide.

    Lunch break. Work e-mailng updating Dean on FYS recruitment and trying to recruit more FYS sections.
    Read scholarly article to prep for class.

    12:40--Senior Sem.

    2:15 and 2:35 appointment cancel on me and want to re-schedule. (They "forgot" they had other things. Ugh. Re-scheduling means my possible Tuesday workout time will get knocked out.) Run to library and pick up inter-library loan book.

    2:55, 3:15, 3:35--Individual student appointments. Ms. 3:35 is so underprepared.

    4:30--Home. Oh...forgot to mention that on the way to the parking lot, I run into a French teacher who says "How can you be leaving without a briefcase of papers to grade?" Oh, no you didn't. I explain that I'm coming back in 3 hours to teach a grad class.

    Husband informs me that he does not feel well enough to take Child to ice skating. So she will have to miss her lesson, because I have to teach my grad class. :( On a plus note, he says he will go to the doctor again tomorrow. I mention how I would like him to get a second opinion.

    Our stiletto table and book-themed table and chairs arrived! Child and I unpack the stiletto and move it downstairs, then Husband helps me with the book table and chairs...which are really nice.

    Write in diary sitting at new little table.

    7:30-10--Modern World. Teach Descartes' Meditations.

    Home. Snack. Bed.
  8. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    smooth transition would not be my hope:cool:
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  9. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    I think this is my favorite YA thread moment since Sami wrote the very first "This Does Not Warm My Heart."
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  10. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    I agree...great little moment.
  11. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I figured but I didn't want to open a can of worms.
  12. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Woke up to my DH informing me of the Pope resigning. uhhhhhhh....(him having to convert to marry me moons ago).
    DH also felt the need to inform me that Loon - Dorner is still on the loose.
    DH must be feeling good - says myself to my wits end.
    Wait on delivery of new flat screen TV - which when it was installed on "wall" wow, it made alot of walking room in our family area. DH is pleased as punch with picture and space, so on and so forth.
    DH fails miserably at teaching me about the remote, I feel eyes glaze over after he notes the 4th button on remote to, which now I don't remember but he proceeds to instruct me on everything the remote does.
    Ok, I admit, I'm "turn on-turn off" gal. Seriously. I live for the KISS factor.
    Ride bike outside, brisk weather...snow looks fabulous, make plans with my trainer to meet at a local hill.
    Trainer informs me that he snowboards....I warn him - that I have no problem taking him out if he boards
    anywhere near my skiis. Trainer proceeds to give me 60 repetitions with dumbbell work and squarts. OUCH.
    Pro calls. Askes about taking pics at California Open. Sure....would love to. So glad I'm not competing right now.
    Make dinner, can hardly lift my arms.
    Go to group standard class.
    Chat with several afterwards and head home.
    DH is still marveling at his new TV. ahhh life....some things don't take so much to make one happy. wink.
  13. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I've been thinking about whether I should say this and figure what the heck. I trust y'all.

    Smooth transition and status quo are two different things. Just sayin. :cool:
  14. Ice Bucket

    Ice Bucket Member

    Early start at work - in the office by half-seven, so plenty of time to work on the database in peace. Spend two hours trying to improve the function of one of the forms slightly, get absolutely nowhere and nearly lose twenty-two records. Am saved by my obsessive backing-up procedure and pig-headed love of ID numbers. Thank goodness.

    A colleague has brought drop scones to work in honour of Pancake Day. I have a couple with butter and honey - om nom nom. Colleague seems ashamed of having eaten five of them between breakfast and mid-afternoon; I resist saying that I'd probably eat six for breakfast alone. Girls are weird. ;)

    Proofread several small chunks of a friend's MSc dissertation in quiet moments. She's submitting it tomorrow and is in the library, in a caffeine haze, as we speak. She's one of the cleverest people I know and has had a hard time with this degree due to circumstances well beyond her control. I'm hugely proud of her.

    Go for a gentle toddle with some of my rugby teammates after work, introducing several to my moustache, which shows just how long it is since we last ran together. It must be four months. We run very slowly and chat about all sorts of things. Lovely. :)
  15. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Today, which will be over soon.

    Forced by curiosity to google Gettin Piggy With It. I find this:


    The idea of a Multiple Star General, Defender of Our Nation, with sparkly toenails, makes me happy. I am, however, a tad baffled. I've never had a pedicure in anyplace where I couldn't drive to the salon and back in flip-flops (however illegal.) How does one do a mani/pedi in Colorado in the middle of winter?

    Work. The World's Longest Meeting starts my day. Yay. I decide that any day that starts with a two hour meeting is a day in which I shall VIP (vacation in place.) So I do. Mostly. Kinda slowish, so I rediscover sudoku. What fun, and my synapses fire faster with every one I complete. Funny how that works.

    Watch the grand entrance at the State of the Union, just to compare it to the fictional scenes in The American President and The West Wing (my best points of reference.) Verdict: Fake TV is better.

    Not much else, other than goofing off at work just because I can.

    Now: Listening to incredibly random medley of male crooners of all generations that I adore, while practicing body rolls, the way Vince A taught me online eight? nine? years ago. Nine years on and still can't make left hip do what my right hip can. *sigh*

    G'night soon.
  16. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Plow through a ton of paperwork including tax pkg early.
    DH heads out to work out.
    Paperwork takes most of morning.
    Make reservation for hotel room for California Open.
    Plan on doing some window shopping at the Irvine Spectrum.
    Head off to lesson.
    Phone call to studio from other most adorned elderly gent student "they have Dorner surrounded in Seven Oaks, not Bear Big but all roads to and out of the hill are closed"
    Home to DH - who already has the news on.
    Find myself glued to TV and praying this stand off ends without anymore people being hurt.
    Oregon dd msgs - why is P.D. spending so much time, effort, money on this when there is the world.
    Ok, really? I love her but my reply was short and to the point...having worked at P.D., having been in P.D. immediate family, I sorta, kinda, let her have it in a calm voice. DH askes "did she really just ask that?"
    Move on to State of the Union address.
    Inspiration is a good word that I found in myself out of this Presidential speech.
    Find myself afterwards quite happy to read that the bloodshed of Dorner's fury will stop.

    NURDRMS Well-Known Member

    Get the pedi first and then the mani...toesnails dry while acrylic nails are being touched up. Of course, I HAVE been known to wear flip flops in the snow. When the sun comes out here after the snow, temps rise fast.
  18. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Cool polish color!

    9, 9:20, 9:40, 10, 10:20, break, 11--Individual student appts.

    11:20--Finishing touches on letter of recommendation. File electronically.

    11:30-1--Department meeting. This started with the settling out of a bet. The most junior member of the department had told the secretary he didn't like the Baltimore Ravens, and somehow, they got into a bet wherein if they made the playoffs, he would do the Ray Lewis dance. So he did it, wearing a Ravens jersey. We did do more serious stuff too, I promise, but the note of levity was fun.

    1--Individual student appt.

    Home as quickly as possible.

    2--4.5 miles on treadmill @ 6.2 mph. I felt great and if I didn't have time pressure, I could have gone longer. I love days like that.

    3--Picked up Child. (I put a towel on the car seat since I hadn't had time to shower!)

    Played with dog in the yard, as it was unseasonably warm.

    *BREAKING NEWS*: Husband has been to specialist again. He is going to get the surgery...but, first he is going to do a course of antibiotics and Prednisone (again!), as he is currently "too sick" to have the surgery. It's good to have a plan of action.

    Took Child to dance.

    5-8:30--Child danced. I wrote in diary, read, and watched.

    Thanks to a FB friend (and alumni of my school), we discovered the site dogshaming dot com and had a few giggles. (People put signs around their dogs' necks or next to their dogs "confessing" their crimes like "I ate an entire birthday cake.")

    Put Child to bed.
  19. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    tues...soak in tub, bank, gas station, breakfast, 4 lessons, drive home, dinner, teach spin to a full class, take a group tango class for advanced students, drive home, no wine...oh half a sandwich and go to dh is at the hawks game
  20. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    Did in fact lose job. However, boss was reasonable (ie will not make any waves with the unemployment office), ergo I do not need to lawyer up (still may tip the health department on principle, much as I would hate to mess with the other lines cooks' income sources.) Literally as I was on the phone with her my cell rang with the new Whole Foods calling, less than an hour after I did their online application. And there's a job fair for the new casino coming up, and I went back to MIWorks and finished Petsmart's on-line application. Tried to walk dogs. Old dog is apparently not feeling it these days. I think he's depressed since the foster dog left. I should get him a puppy. Tried to ignore cramp in right calf that is probably from the prednisone. Watched the second night of Westminster. Need to not think of this as dog shopping as I KNOW what puppies of the breeds I like cost.

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