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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by fascination, May 10, 2009.

  1. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    hope something good turns up for you soon
  2. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    This boggles my mind. How can you lose your job for being sick and on work restriction? Isn't that illegal?

    I sincerely hope something new and better turns up. *hugs*
  3. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    It happened to my father. Shrug.
  4. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    More or less, but as they're not making a stink about unemployment, I won't bother complaining to EEOC. And as for better, eh. I've never actually liked any sort of work, I only do it because I can't afford luxuries, as opposed to necessities, without it, I don't really have any sort of interest in A Career, just money to do things I actually care about as those never seem to pay for themselves. (I think RP is the only one who's figured out without needing to be told I don't actually rely on just wages for money and have other sources of income.) But it seems to be expected to have a job, so I do. At some point I actually might find something that isn't ultimately boring.
  5. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Must be nice, being an entrepreneur. :cool: I'm glad you're okay, DOI. I can't tell you how much. :)
  6. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    today, wed; feel fairly well rested for a wednesday, eat breakfast and have coffee, teach interval, meet with several co-workers continuing to put out fires there, home to lunch and nap, apologize to kitties for leaving them for two days, futz around on computer....tan, teach abs and interval class again....soup and wine, currently contemplating sleep again
  7. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    Oh, wine sounds nice...can't wait until I'm off the prednisone!

    Today, skating again, despite body deciding to have a sense of humor (like leg cramps from the meds weren't enough.) Rink was really crowded unfortunately, with a big group (tour of some kind, I think) with a LOT of kids (well, college-age, I think), unsteady, didn't know right-of-way rules, and inevitably their repeated attempts to do a 'train' of people (not quite crack the whip, but close enough) ended up in a pile with blood on the ice. (Fortunately I think the girl just cut herself with her glasses and hit her head; she was up with an ice pack after the session but I wish the guy in the rink shop would have been a little more proactive about rules.) Stopped at a Country Bakery I've been passing on the way to and from--cake is good. Will see tomorrow morning how the filled apricot cookies. I like little local bakery places. Stopped at the antique mall the one local animal rescue had mentioned was carrying their fund-raiser cookbook. Now I'm in the mood for casserole (I am so Midwest.) Posted two more jewelry things to Etsy. Mildly peeved at first bad feedback (that's what you get when you DON'T READ THE ITEM DESCRIPTION for condition on vintage china priced that low) but if they don't want their money ($8) back, not much else I can do. Begin to suspect Old Dog is getting Old. Still contemplating young dog since the foster leaving seems to have depressed him.
  8. Ice Bucket

    Ice Bucket Member

    I was going to say I was sorry for the loss of job, danceronice, but all in all it doesn't sound like a negative development. I hope you find something you enjoy. It sounds like there are options, at least. :)

    Tuesday night:
    Text dissertationing friend to see how she's getting on in the library and receive a reply at 2200, saying she's having a crisis and can't get anything more down on paper. Tell her to stop, take a break and come round here. She does so; we spend an hour and a half chatting, then she goes home for a shower and change of clothes, returns and is installed in the spare room. I go to bed at 0100 and she manages a couple more hours of work.

    Wish friend luck and go to work. Surreptitiously proofread and return two more sections of friend's dissertation while pretending to write VB code. Friend submits dissertation at 1430 and the world is a beautiful place. :D Really proud of her.

    Have rather an exciting journey home, because it's been snowing for most of the day. Decide to go the back way, which avoids a lot of traffic but puts me on untreated roads. Have small skid on the way down a hill and end up on the pavement, fortunately missing walls, lampposts, pedestrians and other vehicles. Have ten seconds of silent flapping, then back up and get going again. Traffic when I hit the city is atrocious, but the radio is playing good music.

    Make oat and raisin crunchies for tomorrow's Valentine's Day coffee morning.
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  9. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Yesterday: Wake up in a BLACK mood. I can't decide whether I'm in Alexander's Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day or whether I'm Winnie the Pooh with a Little Black Rain Cloud over my head. Yes. When I'm in a bad mood, I regress to childhood literary memories. Hey. It works and is even better if there's a mountain of carbs on the side.

    I cannot shake this feeling of foreboding. I know it's just a feeling/thought, but I come from a long line of *mostly* good witches, who were genuinely prescient of news, good and bad. Favorite Grandmom H, had this thing she did with reading collard green blooms. That's right. Weird, I know, but she could see stuff, especially death. And, of course, my experience a few years back, when I mentally "saw" my ex-boyfriend for the first time, after more than ten years with no contact, days before he died of cancer, has reinforced my superstition. When I feel this blackness, I look over my shoulder a lot. *shrug* Say what you will, I do believe that there are things beyond our understanding (God, anyone?) and I have come to respect my instincts. I need to keep my head down for a while, I guess. *shrug*

    Random day.

    Work: Start working my plan to work around my manager. Details in the office thread, later today, if I get a chance.

    Take DS shoe shopping and realize just how much my son is not a baby. Size 12 shoes. His feet are almost as long as he was when he was born. Only a slight exaggeration. Wow.

    While at the shoe store, DS points out to me that my nose is red. Then he insists that I view said nose in his phone since there's no mirror available. I do; turns out I have my usual hormone-related, isolated break-out, this time on the tip of my rather large nose. Thanks DS. Have I ever mentioned that raising an honest child is a two-edged sword? lol.

    I'm pretty sure I'm sick enough to break down and go to the doctor. *sigh*

    More stuff, but some is boring, some is personal, and some I forgot.

  10. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    Yesterday I went in to work, for valid-at-the-time reasons, but which ended up not benefitting me at all and totally screwing some things up. Oh well.

    No resolution on the Amazing, Imploding Tuesday issues. Gr. Seriously, seriously Gr. I don't know if it's the impending sequestration or if something happened or what, but our division director's boss is causing real problems. Every memo, every data request/response, every training (even if free and in house), every contract being paid (um...contract? hello?), every training trip (even if already approved, even if leaving in 2 days) has to be approved by her. Micromanaging to the extreme, and things have rapidly ground almost to a halt. Major freakin' gr.

    Drag my feet on preparing training. A)I don't want to train. B)I don't want to go to Cincy. C)I might not be going to Cincy after all, but no one has made a decision. It's a week away. Procrastinate by playing in SAS and Excel.

    Have meeting with boss-on-hiatus in which I basically tell her that her work was very wrong. Fun times. Well, that's what happens when you don't bother to organize [poo], never mind documenting it. She's convinced that there had to have been a reason for why she did what she did, but admits that without any documentation she can't be sure and could just as equally be flat wrong. (Given the state of the crap I started with, I'm going with flat wrong.) Get official go-ahead to use reworked method. Color me freakin' happy.

    Procrastinate some more with SAS. I know what my method is doing with the would be nice if the originator could tell me more about what he was doing with his data and how. Hm. I've now got two reworked methods returning identical results, neither of which match the original. Hm. I am not looking forward to sitting down with Mr. Guy and telling him that his budget results for god-knows-how long are wrong. He'll take it just fine, but...AWKWARD. He and I make plans to sit down together during the first week or two of March and go over things. Nothing like a deadline to light a fire.

    Home. Food (DH made a porkachoppa). Treat self to a glass of very buttery, rather tannic, hella tasty wine. Mmmm... Watch another episode of House of Cards.

    Read. Z.
  11. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    @IceBucket--You are a very good friend. You are also a more timely reader of dissertation material than at least one member of my actual committee was! :) At my graduate school, when you finally filed, you got a lollipop that said PhinisheD. (Eventually you got a diploma too, of course!) My Mom thought that was so fun that she made a HUGE poster that said the same thing and pinned it on the garage the next time I came back to the east coast. I hope you have fun celebrating your friend's accomplishment.

    9, 9:20, 9:40--Individual appts.

    10:20-11:20--Great Works II. Finished Candide.

    Lunch break, prep.

    12:40-2:10--Senior Seminar.

    2:15--Individual appt.

    Phone message waiting for me, but no time to call back b/c of pick-up. Jot down numbers.

    3--Pick up Child.

    Take care of unfinished work business.

    Learn that Husband's surgery is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, February 26th, if he is healthy enough by then. Also learn that he would like me to be free to stay with him the entire day, in case he is not feeling well. This is a reasonable request, but presents some significant logistical challenges. (I can take the day off work, but there are things that will need to happen work-wise that week which will now need to be displaced onto other days, e.g., individual student conferences.) So while again, good to have an action plan, this is a little stressful, schedule-wise.

    Write in diary.

    6:30--Leave with Child for dance.
    7--Arrive at studio and am informed studio is closing at 7:30 due to snow. Ugh. So Child gets 1/2 hr of ballet. The serious ballet master actually doesn't want to let kids go. He loves teaching. Studio secretary goes in and tells him he has to.
    Drive home.

    Child takes bath and then there is a hairbrushing session.

    Realize that Mid-Atlantic is this weekend...but that with Husband sick and with so much on my plate, we might not go. Feel a little blue at this thought. I have grading to do, a conference paper to write, some administrative work to do. My sister wants to get together, and a dance comp won't be her kind of thing. I also have to go out to dinner with the external review team on Sunday night. I have met one man on the team and really liked him the last time I met him, but it is one more item on a lengthy list of things to do.

    Write in diary some more before bed.
  12. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Up up and away.
    Head to gym, walk 3 miles on threadmill, while watching the funeral of the Riverside Police Officer.
    Continue to watch the talking heads about this entire situation that unfolded.
    Cancel skiing - certainly not a good day to go to the hill.
    run errands of this, that and the other.
    Start reading manual for new learn more than I know.
    DH and I have heart to heart talk.
    DH realized in that talk - VALENTINES DAY....ok, he never really celebrates that this was surprising.
    DH also speaks about all the upcoming trips he would like to take....which overwhelms me to the point of zoning out.
    Really? I can talk about one trip at a time....not 3.
  13. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    catching up:

    Massive interpersonal controversies and issues, changing day by day
    Lessons, gyro, rolfing
    A friend comes in from out of town on Tuesday, and we are doing all kinds of Stuff, so I'm gonna be AWOL for awhile
  14. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    NURDRMS, that is one hella nail polish. I feel a trip to Sephora coming on...
  15. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    Word to the wise: the polish is beautiful. But it is also an absolute [W]ITCH to get off! And it is not smooth. I love running my fingers over my nails when they're polished, just because I love that smoothness...and this was definitely a tactile disappointment.
  16. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    I know glitter polish is a bear to remove, but I love it for competitions; easy to apply, sparkly, and chipping it off afterwards is therapeutic.
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  17. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    Work from home in the morning. DH had asked me to take off part of the day, or work from home, or something, so that we could have a nice V-Day evening together. And then he spent yesterday on a long sales trip. Grumblecakes. Oh well.

    Work in the morning. Then do laundry, exercise, do more laundry, piddle a bit, and then get ready to go out.

    Meet DH at a nice restaurant nearby. Discovered Moscow mules! Om nom NOM! I'm currently on a ginger beer kick. I was really kind of hoping they'd have Black Seal rum, so I could have a dark-n-stormy, but no luck. But the Moscow mule was exceptionally tasty--like a light, summery cross between a dark-n-stormy and a vodka tonic. Nibble on tasty fries whil DH takes forever to decide. I try a sip of the beer he ordered--a Brew Dog/Flying Dog IPA which is absolutely wonderful. I hate beer...but this was incredibly yummy. Very, very floral tasting. Have fantastic dinner, and dessert. Conversation veers to DH's work situation and I (very nicely) kind of tear into him. Sometimes, he just needs a kick in the pants.

    Home. He shows me pictures of the three-legged cat at the vet office he visited today. I WANT!!!! I seriously, seriously want. Squee over more pictures of kittens. Beg for kittens. Give DH puppy eyes for kittens. Promise other things for kittens. No dice. DH is a jerk. ;-)

    Cuddle, Z.
  18. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    @j_alex--I'm excited for you that you have a long-distance friend coming to visit! Hope you have a great time. :)

    Give V-Day gifts to Child.

    It's ONE BILLION RISING today, the worldwide day of action to protest violence against women and to commit ourselves to renewed actions. (

    9:08--Leave Westminster and drive to Shady Grove Metro. GPS first refuses to acknowledge the Metro, and also refuses the street address I gave it. Call Husband and get a slightly different street address, which works. (I more or less know how to get there, but not the last bit.)

    10:21--Arrive. There are parking spaces that are reserved from 2-10 AM. Does that mean anyone can take them after 10 AM? I decide that it does. Sweet.

    Train to Farragut North.

    Meet one of favorite college friends for lunch at Chop't. My salad has beets, goat's cheese, chicken, and walnut pieces in it, and I have to say I had forgotten how yummy walnuts are.

    ONE BILLION RISING DC! There were speakers, posters, and dancing! Very diverse group: black, white, Asian, old, young, disabled, able-bodied, gay, straight, trans, men, and women. (Yes, there were more women than men, but men were reasonably well represented.) NOW, Amnesty International, Code Pink were all in the house, as were many unaffiliated individuals like me. The weather was cooperative--it was probably in the low 50s and sunny--and the event was energizing. I took photos which you can see on my FB.

    Home on Metro. This was less fun. First, I had trouble re-loading my SmartTrip card. Then, for some reason, I felt motion sick, even though I had not on the way in.


    Husband gives me a V-Day gift, some fancy chocolates...which of course I share with him.


    8:50--6.2 miles on treadmill, jogging at 6.2 mph pace. (That's an improvement over my 6.0 mph pace at the beginning of the year; trying to improve pace slowly but surely....)
  19. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    thurs...teach oldies those folks...mani/pedi day, which takes way too long....home to lunch ...continue to put out fires at work, and end up going back there to cover a class that someone in crisis forgot to teach, but not before meeting dtr at train to give her the keys to dh's car so she could road trip to her bf, and taking time to search for her water bottle, and also not before cooking; beef short ribs with new potatoes and sauerkraut in a barbeque sauce, pork chops baked with diced mango, celery and rosemary, a broccoli cheese noodle bake, diablo pinto beans and dinner rolls.....arrive home just in time to pick up dh who now has no car, eat dinner, exchange cards, have a glass of wine or three, skip the dessert of carrot cake and butter pecan ice cream and go to bed
  20. Mr 4 styles

    Mr 4 styles Well-Known Member

    150 times two.. carry the three... divide by seven....

    okay i gained 6.2 lbs reading that post!! that sounds delicious!!! and you clearly have mad cooking skills!!

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