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    An additional word to the wise...the polish is actually clear with red and silver glitter in it. Either the model has about ten coats of this polish on her nails or the Gettin' MIss Piggy With It polish is applied over a base coat of red.
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    Thanks for clarifying that. All the top hits in google have that red base coat color. But, when I went back and googled again, I found some that were apparently over a clear base coat, some that were over purple, etc. Groovy. That makes Miss Piggy more versatile.

    In case I don't "see" you again, congratulations and best of luck with your promotion party weekend. :)
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    Interesting. Mine was applied plain, two coats, and I remember it being plenty pink.
  4. pygmalion

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    Maybe there are different shades. *shrug*
  5. fascination

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    thx...I should clarify that the food was for dh...I had one strip of beef, half a pork chop and a spoonful of the beans
  6. pygmalion

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    Not a lot.

    Wonderful young lady has put together a Valentine's Day surprise for everyone. When I get to work, there's a Valentine's Day card and a little heart-shaped box of chocolates on my desk. This girl is young -- maybe 26 or 27? -- a single Mom of a six-year-old cutie, living a thousand miles away from any family. And she has time to make Valentines for us. This is what women are, to me. Invincible. Selfless. Kind.

    I go over and thank her. She says, "P. You keep saying things that make me cry inside." I make a joke to dispel the emotion of the moment, but I think, "You keep doing things that make me cry inside." This girl is something special. :)

    Make your own taco bar fund raiser at work. Junior Achievement. For once, I just buy lunch. No hassle. No running around. No care and feeding of crock pots. Feels pretty good. I do, however, donate the use of my crock pots to the team. Thank God for crock pot liners. Wish I'd discovered them sooner. That's all I'm sayin.

    Gentle confrontation with troublesome lady on my team. She wisely chooses to go with apology and plausible deniability (sp?) We'll see how things go, from here.

    DS carries through with his Singles Awareness Day plan and gives away candy bars. I have it on good authority, however, that some candy recipients were girls. *gasp* There's hope for him yet. :)

    Other stuff.
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    Not especially much of anything. Realized that hair and tanner may be a problem for Indiana Challenge next week--I can probably get away without the hair dye, but tanning is going to be a problem as I should probably not be dousing my skin with chemicals ("real" tanning is out, as I've already had one biopsy in my life for a mole and don't need more, never made I like looking ten years younger than I am.) Not quite sure how I'm going to get around that. Went shopping to get ingredients for most midwestern casserole in the world (chicken, eggs, soup, mayo, celery, pimiento, though I'm substituting oyster crackers for potato chips for the crust and I threw in curry power, because I put curry powder in almost everything). Visited Doggy Jail (as I call the county shelter.) Nothing really spoke to me, sadly, though I'm assured the adoptable dogs are there until adopted so I don't feel entirely guilty.
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    Take Out Of Town Friend to Gyro; we use two sessions of my package, she and I both go through a whole range of gyrokinesis and gyrotonic stuff, and I throw in some pilates, too; a good time is had by all, including my gyro teacher
    Lunch of salad
    Home; try to nap, no go
    Get into long argument on FB re: waltz timing; go figure
    Theater in NYC
    Home; z
  9. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    And now for the $64,000 question. What kind of soup? *grin*

    As far as tanning goes, wow. I think you're right. Tanning might be iffy, when you're still trying to work your way through a skin thingie. Good luck with your decision. :cool:

    Addendum to yesterday: Read Romeo and Juliet Act III with DS. Can't decide whether this is fun (Saying would'st and banish-ed and stuff like that is totally fun!) or really crappy. The printout of R&J that DS was given has the play written in Shakespearean English on one side of the page, with a modern translation on the opposite side. Seriously. Kids today are too stupid to get into the flow and actually read Shakespeare? TDNWMH. At. All. But we have much fun, making up voices and being the Friar, Juliet, Romeo, the Nurse, and the Capulets in turn. This is almost as fun as when I used to read DS books when he was a baby. :)

    Today: Took the day off to get some rest. Up the same time as always, to drive DS to school. Cuss and fuss through the entire process, resentful of the unfairness of it all. Inner voice grumbling: When I was DS's age, I got myself up,fed, dressed and across town (a 1.5 hour commute) to get to orchestra rehearsal by 7:30 every morning. Why in the heck can't he walk to school and let me sleep late one stinking day? Etc, etc and so forth. AKA pity party. Then I realize that I choose to drive him to school for reasons. Whether they're good reasons or not, they are my reasons and, as my illustrious father always says, you pay your money and you make your choice. I choose to drive, so I need to shut up about it. Me to self: Drive or don't drive. Just stop your whining.

    Most of the day: Noodle around and work on projects at home, interspersed with lounging. Muy enjoyable.

    Also watch The Crimson Tide on AMC. I'd never seen this movie before. Wow. Star-studded cast. Denzel. Gene Hackman. Rocky Carroll. James Gandolfini. Viggo Mortensen. And many more. Okay movie. Great cast, IMO.

    Afternoon: DS has news. One of his dear friends from elementary and middle school is in town for a week. The friend, L, moved to GA while DS was with his father last summer. The boys haven't seen each other in months. There is much rejoicing in the land. DS, his BFF, and L used to be three peas in a geeky little pod. It's good to see them back together.

    To dollar store for more felt tulips (I really get on my own nerves; I keep forgetting how many decoration thingies I need.) My decorating scheme implodes. The tulips, butterflies and Easter eggs are all sold out. How is this possible? Come up with a back-up plan on the spot. Cardboard magnolias. Yeah. That works.

    Buy a giant pile of groceries. Seriously. How much can one boy eat?

    Just out of curiosity, order Chinese food. Same order as always. $26.50 today. Cracks me up.

    Now: Straighten up a bit.
    Later: Watch Bill Maher.

    Zzz early, I hope. Long weekend ahead. :)
  10. danceronice

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    Cream of chicken. I debated using cream of mushroom as I already had that, but I've never made this recipe before.

    Needs more salt. But I probably didn't add enough.
  11. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Sounds like it would be good with a toasted bread crumb crust, as well. :)
  12. nikkitta

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    Have you tried any non-DHA temporary tanners? I think Loreal has one, and other companies make transfer-proof makeup that ought to double as tanners if you choose the right shade. I tried a bronzer from Maybelline on my face a few times (arms too) and it really didn't budge until I washed it off. And believe me, I *sweat*.
    Either that or purposely go for the goth look. Got a black dance dress? ;)
  13. j_alexandra

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    I'm wearing black for my comp next week. I am even paler than DOI, although she is plenty pale. I am white-white, scary white, "are you OK?" white. The Goth idea works for me; I"m a huge fan of being different from everyone else on the floor.

    Teach is *insisting* that I use bronzer.

    Battle of Wills!
  14. fascination

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    fri...teach a full class of bike and bench, with special surprise attendance of my boss...spend at least an hour getting information on becoming a trainer for other instructors, home to clean house and feed animals, shower and head out to see bereaved clients from previous grief group, from there head out for cocktails with friends...home late...suffering now
  15. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    Seeing you with a suntan would be surreal.
  16. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    I got a spray-on tan once, to see if it would work. Never. Again. NEVER. "surreal" doesn't begin to describe.
  17. danceronice

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    If I wear black, I look dead. (In any case, the dress is leopard-print with very heavy stoning.) I've never found a drugstore tanner I liked (of course I never darken my skin except for dance, and they don't work as well as SuperBraun/ProTan et al, so....they all dry out my skin, but the drugstore ones seem to dry it out AND streak.) I may just get a can of AeroTan Sex Symbol or whatever the closest thing the vendor has and spray my exposed skin--it'll make something of a mess for NP's hands but I'm sure it's not the first time. I'm one of the people it turns gold, not orange, and it does look sparkly. At least the dress is long and has long sleeves, and I wouldn't be caught dead without fishnets so my legs I can cheat a bit.

    My hair, well, if whatever R. uses on it doesn't make it look dark and hide the gray fading, maybe they'll give me credit for dancing down (even though I'm still a year too young for anything but A.) Had to tell her I STILL don't know when I need hair help, but the heat lists weren't up yesterday and I haven't checked yet.

    Other than lessons, nothing much, because the latest lake-effect snow warning started last night and goes until 4am tomorrow. Soooooo bored. And old dog does not walk well in snow now because he squints. Shopping shopping, avocado, smoked salmon, local-fund-raiser-cookbook-recipe will be onion pie, but I have to finsih more casserole first.
  18. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    doi...I am sure that sue bourget would be willing to give you some idea on the timing if you called her
  19. pygmalion

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    Onion pie? Yep. You're definitely a Midwestern gal. You're reminding me of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. Apples and onions. (From Farmer Boy) Hmm. I've always wondered how that tastes.

    btw, did you hear the story on NPR last week? It seems that Mary, Laura's sister, did not go blind from scarlet fever. Scarlet fever doesn't cause blindness; scarlet fever was most likely a literary device. It's more likely Mary had a form of meningitis.** Hmm. Whoda thunk? Childhood memories challenged. *shrug*

    ** People who would have been reading the books at the time knew what scarlet fever was; nobody had a clue about meningitis.
  20. pygmalion

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