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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by fascination, May 10, 2009.

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    Dear god! 78-80? Wow. We keep the heat in our house around 60-63...and I'm one of those people who is always cold. Going to sleep when cold is a problem. Solution: cats, DH (who makes a fantastic space heater), microwaveable heating pad in bed with me, or taking a hot shower/hot bath right before bed. Works every time. I can't imagine keeping the heat at 78-80.
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    This. A certain character epitomized some of the very worst female stereotypes.

    OTOH, even though it is a mostly fun movie, I remember certain issues it raised really resonating with me at the time. Now I really wish Peaches would just watch the movie, already, so I could say more. *grin*
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    Friday: Woke up to yet another "superstorm" (that wasn't as bad as it could have been) having to drive to Indiana Challenge. Managed to get there despite getting stuck in my own driveway. As usual got there way earlier than needed. Got hair done by teacher from the studio using a ridiculous amount of product and 35 bobby pins (I know how many because I just took them out.) Danced Rhythm. Did okay in Bronze I. Might as well not have bothered in Bronze II and scholarship (I danced just fine, for the third straight year the judges don't seem to care. I will not be bothering with this comp in future.) At least pro is sympathetic (we have such nice people at this studio.) Networking pays off as chatting with emcee about HIS comp provides information meaning I WILL be going if I have to bribe pro as there'll be a judge on the panel whose opinion I value over pretty much any other's. Despite it being much too informed about my dancing for my comfort. Drove home, roads much improved, was able to average more than 45 mph without winding up in ditch or having suicidal people tailgating me. Got McDonald's. Got home, ate. One dog begins throwing up. At least that seems to have stopped for now. Headache.
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    Yesterday: Decide to focus on what my "crazy for Jesus"** GF calls an attitude of gratitude. Maybe this will help my mood.

    Great things that happened yesterday.

    The guy coworker I mentioned a couple pages ago comes over to give me a hug and a goodbye gift: laughter. He says he feels he must repay me for all the cheap chocolate of mine he's eaten, over the years. So he tells me a joke that doesn't quite make the translation. (He's from a family of Southeast Asian transplants. He has told me harrowing stories, but he knows how to laugh.) I don't care that I don't get the joke. I laugh as if I understand. I am so touched by this man whom I don't know, but who values me enough to come over and say thank you. :)

    A lady I work with calls me over and insists on giving me money to help with the cost of chocolate. She says, "You're a single Mom on your own and you do this for everyone all by yourself. I don't have much to spare, but, when I do, I want to help." I almost cry. This gives me joy.

    I devise a genius plan to avoid the Hideous Crockpot Cleaning Dilemma. I send the crocks home with the girl from Valentines Day -- the young Mom. As it so happens, she's having a sleepover for her six-year-old tonight and is happy to feed the girls leftover queso, etc This gives me joy because she's a beautiful girl (physically but even more beautiful spiritually. I love this girl.) Plus helping this single Mom connects to the mission I've identified for myself. :)

    Ask a coworker about Susan G. Komen. She's ten years breast cancer free. She agrees to think about Komen and tell me what she thinks. I value this. Theoretical is fine, but, at the end of the day, what does Komen do for men and women with breast cancer? (Also decide to call my guy friend, L, who is six years breast cancer free.)

    Spend thirty minutes or more talking with CM (clueless manager) about what went wrong for me, this week, and working to devise a plan to get some of the burden shared. On the same note, serve him notice that, the last umpteen times I did training, I literally worked myself sick, trying to do a Peaches and do right by the newbs. I tell him that I cannot do it this time. He has to find a way to offload some stuff so that I can focus on training without sacrificing my personal life. He agrees. We'll meet on Monday.

    Conversation with Mom re: beau and the fact that I don't think things are going to work out, long term. This hiatus feels too good to me. She says, "Well. You know, baby. You're never going to find a perfect man. But, if he's not the one, then, when you do go looking again, make sure your next man is young. The sex will be better." OMG. Hearing this come out of my 82 year old Mom's mouth makes me laugh until I cry. She is a pistol. And honest. *grin*

    Pick DS up. He finagles me into buying Chinese food, on a not-planning--to-buy-Chinese-food week. (I knew I shoulda kept some of that queso. lol) It's $26.50 this time. The geek in me is tempted to start an Excel spreadsheet that charts time ordered versus price. My theory is that the price depends on who's answering the phone and taking the order.

    I eat a small fraction of my fried rice. DS eats virtually everything else. Yikes. He's huge and apparently primed to get huge-er. This warms my heart.

    Watch Bill Maher. It's a rerun featuring Julian Assange. I missed this when it first aired a couple weeks back. I get stuff to think about. This is the only reason I watch Bill Maher. He's incredibly arrogant, but he often gets great guests that make me think, which is what it's all about, if you ask me.

    Drift off to sleep then awake with a start. I realize that my HS sweetheart died three years ago today. (Aside: I wonder how his Mom, wife and kids are. I don't know the wife and kids, but I do know the Mom. *sigh* ) Also realize that my grandmom, H, died almost nineteen years ago, a month after her eighty-second birthday. Mum turned eighty-two last week. Hmm. Maybe my black cloud is about grieving death in the past, not about seeing death in the future. The human psyche is a weird thing. At least, mine is. Of course, I'm weird in many other ways. I freely admit this. :D

    Zzz deeply enough to dream, for a change.

    ** She had a major substance abuse problem for a long time and found sobriety through spiritual rebirth. And now she is freakishly upbeat all the time. As much as upbeat gets on my nerves, I admire her. So. Much.
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    AM--In hotel room, grading 4 papers. Start with an A, but it went downhill from there, and I wind up giving the last person a heartbreaking C-. These are honors students. That is not going to go over well. I'm now very much NOT looking forward to handing these back. In fact, I'm questioning whether I should hand them back on Monday if I get through them all. My schedule on Monday is absolutely packed to the gills, my husband's surgery is Tuesday so I am going to be MIA from campus until Wednesday. Well, worry about that later.

    Read some of _The Lady and Her Monsters_ to console myself.

    Lunch, then 12:30 shuttle to campus.

    1:30 panel--Beasts and Ghosts.

    3:15 panel--Virginia Woolf.

    --I think I'm going to have to have my thyroid function tested. I'm cold here too. I mean, it is February and it is cold, I get it--but I'm cold when I'm inside too. My Mom has to take thyroid pills and I'm afraid that's in my future.

    Shuttle back to hotel.

    Run on treadmill 5.5 miles. Finally feel comfortably warm! A TLC program is on the tv where four women compete about who has the best wedding.

    Back to room.
    Talk to family!!! Everything going well.
    Have room service.

    Read _The Lady and Her Monsters_.
    Write in diary.

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    Well, that's why you're always cold -- your heat is on 60! :p Ahem... I have our automation system set to put the heat between 68 and 70 in the evenings, depending on the outside temperature. Overnight temp in the winter is 66, and 65 during the day on weekdays when nobody is home.
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    Put in a set-back thermostate...which will automatically control time/and temp...for your personal in.."away from house (work start and end)...and when I get home...the heat should be on.
    Let's say this,,,DH for 30 years is an AC/HVAC wholesaler....while I don't put my finger in the middle of his pie...I do learn a thing or two just by listening to what's going on. hmmm... laugh.
    Double coaching lessons yesterday...which turned out pretty well, learned alot and could apply it. Yippeeee.
    Call to step-dad...sigh.
    Walk 5 miles....and do Yoga....
    Eat freshly made Ginger Snaps which are my personal downfall...I love Ginger.
    Call off social dancing...feet are not having any part of me putting shoes back on.
    Start seriously looking at paint chips for various rooms in house...I love Spring,,,,it sooo inspires me.
    Pull out patterns for ballroom dress....ideas ideas ideas....
    DD sends pics of #1 grandson in baseball practice clothing,,,,quite,,,hysterical but we don't share the laughter with hiim,
    he's such a serious baseball player at the grand ol' age of 7!
    Gotta head to Austin to catch a few of his games we decide.
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  9. danceronice

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    Better do it with posts with content, or you're not going to be around long enough to post anything.
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  10. fascination

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    precisely...if you do that you will be banned....plain and simple
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    Wow. Not often a spammer is that blatant.
  12. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I thought he was funny, actually. In an irritating kind of way, of course.
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    I read a biography of the family which considered it likely that Mary probably had some sort of stroke after a bout of scarlet fever (or something else which causes a high fever)

    I adore the Little House books. :)
  14. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I love them, too. :)
  15. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Today: Pretty easy day. Sleep late.

    To Target, where I purchase a massive amount of Easter basket candy, under protest. I think 15 is too old for an Easter basket. DS thinks that you're never too old for an Easter basket. Ponder why "they" even make those little plastic, fillable, Easter eggs. You can't fit anything in them. Buy a couple dozen large eggs. Much more expensive, but worth every penny, IMHO. Also purchase graphic t-shirt that says Bazinga! That's right. The Big Bang Theory has made it to popular culture in a big way.If your buzz word is on a t-shirt at Target, you've made it to the big time. :)

    Head to FB for the first time in six? seven? months (I am not a FB person.) to see if HS sweetheart's page has been updated. After he died, his wife and kids would log in as him and post messages on anniversaries, birthdays, Father's Day, etc. It was really quite creepy, in some ways, but I suppose it was a part of their grieving process. *shrug* In any case, no creepy posts this year. Maybe they're healing.

    To B&N. Hang out for a while. Then stop by Walmart (Yes. I said Walmart) on my way home. Haven't been there in I can't remember how long. Feel slightly guilty, as I've decided not to do business with Walmart for a variety of reasons. But it was convenient and I was running late, so I decided to break my own rule, and was immediately punished. When I got to the check-out, the woman in line ahead of me had price adjustments for every single piece of produce in her cart. Seriously. At least fifteen separate items. So the fifteen minutes I was trying to save? Not so much. God has a funny sense of humor. That'll teach me. *grin*

    Home, where DS asks me to help with his English homework by telling him the timeline of events in Romeo and Juliet. Are you kidding me?!? The last time I read this play was probably fourteen or fifteen years ago, and you expect me to remember what happened on Tuesday versus Thursday, inside R&J's world?!? Uh uh. Not gonna happen. Do your own homework, dude. lol DS and I do, however, have a nice conversation about fate and coincidence. I also try to make a case for the importance of communication (I think Friar Lawrence could have prevented the suicides,) but I get shot down. DS thinks the responsibility lies firmly with Capulet. Myeh. What do I know? We also talk about the idea of women as chattel. My feminist son cannot wrap his mind around this. He understands being obedient because a parent is right and/or it's the right thing to do. He doesn't understand being obedient just because you're a girl. (He also is not obedient to me or his father just because. I've gotta give reasons. I deliberately raised DS this way and rarely regret it. I don't want a group thinker who follows orders without reasoning them through.)

    Also listen to A Way With Words on NPR. The word that stuck with me, this time, was anyways. The caller is irritated by the use of the word anyways, but the show hosts argue that it's widely accepted as a less formal form of anyway. Call me stuffy, but I'm not buying. Anyways is out. I don't care that they are linguists and I'm not. :D

    DS is catching a cold and coughs all over me to prove it.

    I manage to avoid doing any work at home for my upcoming training class. I know I will regret this at some point, but I honestly can't keep band-aiding the situation at my own expense to make things work. If I sacrifice myself to make things work, they'll never get fixed.

    Other stuff I forgot.
  16. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member


    My huh? wasn't aimed at you, but at a spam post immediately after yours that got deleted. :cool: :)

    Also I have in the neighborhood of 110 pink boxtop thingies for you. Do you want me to send them now? Or should I wait until April-ish and send what I have then, to get them in for the big end-of-school-year push? DS and I accumulate about 8 - 10 a week, by my estimate, so we should be near 200 by the end of the school year.

    Your call. :)
  17. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Yep. And it's not just the tenure track in academia. There are things about the structure of our society that arguably put women at a distinct disadvantage. There are, IMV, many, many examples. There's a book out there. The Price of Motherhood. I can't remember the author. It should be required reading for every woman who's choosing whether to have children, IMV. Not that women shouldn't have children, mind you. but it sure would be nice to have a clue, up front, what it's going to cost you. Literally, in many cases. *shrug*
  18. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    And no. It's not because DS is eating crappy processed food all the time. (He abominates the stuff, btw.) Green giant now has boxtops on fresh veg at Target. Celery. Carrots. COTC. etc. Pretty groovy. Veg gets us a good six boxtops or more per week, by itself. When you add in a couple treats for DS it adds up pretty quickly. By my estimate, about $50 - $60 per year, if we keep track and clip everything. Doesn't seem like much money, until you multiply it by all the kids in a school. Then you have the potential to make some serious cash. But that probably belongs in the boxtops thread. :)

    Addendum to yesterday: DS is going down with his once-a-year serious cold. I mean down. As in heat radiating out of his ears fever. *sigh* So [get this] my fifteen-year-old climbs into bed with me. He says he's cold and can't get warm. I am totally ambivalent about this. I think it's very sweet that, even at fifteen, Mommy makes him feel better. But the experience of him in my bed reminds me why I stopped all this nonsense years ago. Get in your own bed, you twerp! So I wait until my poor, feverish baby goes back to sleep, then go change his sheets and get in his bed. lol. What he doesn't know won't hurt him.
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    As another ANTI Walmart person, I think your Higher Power was trying to affirm your earlier decision not to patronize that vast suckhole of evil, discrimination, low wages, destruction of local businesses, and horrendous developing world manufacturing practices. I was just re-reading an article about the Tazreen Fashions factory fire in Bangladesh in late 2012 last year. Why was it not surprising to see Walmart's name in the mix of implicated companies?

    RE: Your point about Friar Lawrence. I was in a ballet production of Romeo and Juliet at summer camp back when I was 15. (I was Juliet!) The choreographer did something clever. Friar Lawrence marries the two wearing a kind of cassock like garment with a hood, his head bowed. Romeo and Juliet leave the stage. Friar Lawrence takes three or four steps forward toward the audience and lifts his face. He is wearing a skull mask, symbolizing death. (I was going to call it a "death mask," but I believe that term usually refers to the masks people made of dead loved ones after death, which is clearly not what I meant.) Whether that was supposed to imply Friar Lawrence could have stopped it or that marriage = death for these two is up to interpretation, but it was pretty chilling, I thought.
  20. ChaChaMama

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    Graded 3 papers.

    10--Left for conference.



    1--MY Panel: Apocalyptic Complexities I. It went well!

    2:45--Apocalyptic Complexities II.
    There was one very pompous presenter on this panel. I may have asked a question afterwards that--very politely, of course--pointed out a somewhat absurd assertion he had made.

    I was going to stay for the final plenary session, but that last session took a lot out of me.

    Back to hotel. Walked up to 4th Street Live. 4th St. currently being torn up, and lots of derelict storefronts. Got approached by panhandlers twice in two blocks. Not necessarily a problem, but the streets were empty enough that I wasn't sure opening up my purse was a great decision, walking all by myself, so I said "Sorry" and kept going.

    Back to room. Talked to family!
    Dinner, more grading.

    Wrote in diary.

    Looked at e-mail, which I have been avoiding since I came here. I got a request late on Thursday for a letter of rec--and she asked if maybe I could have it done on Friday (a.k.a. yesterday--she didn't know I was out of town), or at the latest she needs it by March 1. In a moment of weakness, I told her I would get it down by March 1st, but I cannot even tell you how much this rubs me the wrong way.
    PYGMALION! When DS applies for college, do not let DS ask teachers for letters of recommendation with less than a month's lead time! Especially do not let him ask them for it in 24 hours! That is just rude. "Oh, yeah--it's not like I was trying to grade 17 papers this weekend and like I don't have 2 other recommendations to write, plus a grad class to prepare for on Monday. Let's just jump you to the front of the queue." This person isn't even my advisee! (I had her in my freshman comp class.)



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